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  1. Wow, what a struggle, to watch.

    That was awful, good luck to wales, a team low on confidence needed that, lets hope they build, they do have good players.

    France, WTF

  2. Must disagree, jonathan davies actually knows what he is talking about and both teams showed incredible defence skills and thats why try score lacked. What a way for wales to put it away (North is in the corner!) What a amazing kick from halfpenny to seal the game. P.S that pitch was not playable but the teams put up with it pretty well.

  3. Oh I don’t know, Jiffy was so frustrated his commentary was quite amusing today.

    Still, one of the worst games of rugby I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely abysmal from both sides.

  4. Which was worse the French or the pitch? Must be the most negative French side I’ve seen. Big win for Wales though not many sides beat the French at home, particularly on the back of a run of defeats like that. Any way congratulations to Wales on the win.

  5. Absolute disaster for England. The French will now have to rearrange their team to actually have backline players in their correct positions. I think at various stages there was a FH playing SH, a SH playing FH, a FB playing centre, a centre playing wing and a FH playing FB. The French are bonkers! Also they now have nothing to lose and a French team with nothing to lose has no pressure and thats when they play with true French abandon. Not sure that we want to play them next!

    Well done Wales, but sterner tests await!

  6. What a woeful display from both side, even allowing for a farce of a pitch.

    I am a big fan of Davies commentary, particular highlight for me was ” he really is a big Basteraud isn’t he!”

  7. Dire match but great result for Wales. I wonder whether they can kick on from here. France are a mess at the moment can they turn it around for Twickenham? Who knows. Not even them probably.

    Still a spectacle the first real disappointment of the tournament. I hope tomorrow isn’t a let down.

  8. Great result, hopefully the win will see the Welsh start to play with some belief again. As a spectacle it’s what I would expect of Georgia Vs Romania.

  9. I haven’t missed a Six Nations game for years, but this stink fest was one I seriously considered just turning off at half time.

    Jonathan Davies commentary made it all about 1000 times worse. Completely bias from start to finish, and someone needs to tell him that he doesn’t have a com link direct to the players on the pitch, the amount of times he just said one or two words was abysmal ‘go wide’ and ‘its on’ in random bursts is not commentary! Then he sits there like a muppet after the game and goes ‘it was a brilliant game’ he’s more mad than the French selection!

  10. Awful display from both sides, with France wasting good opportunities to be way ahead in the first half. No invention or creation from Wales and a cross kick that could have bounced either way produced the decisive score.
    After last weeks games this really was poor fare,and you wonder where these teams have lost their mojo in less than 12 months.

  11. If all the teams keep up their current level of performance, that was the Wooden Spoon decider and France just won it. Wales were woeful, France even worse. Biggar looked good though.

  12. Ahh it was a dire match. Dont give a stuff though highest Welsh margin for a Welsh win in Paris since 1975 and that will do .

    Two sides lacking in confidence but after 8 losses a wins a win .Oh for a bit of guile and wit but at least they showed guts and closed out the game.

    As for France you do wonder if their players can be bothered to play for their country half the time.

  13. Blimey, a couple of half tidy wins and all of a sudden the English are the connoisseurs of open running rugby. Those woeful Italy and Scotland games last year must have happened to someone else.

    Two low confidence teams defend like dogs for 75mins yet the Harlem globe trotters of the six nations demand more entertainment. That was a 100% full blooded and tense encounter, defences smashing people all over the place, the score up for grabs until five mins left. Classic welsh win in France. So happy. After tomorrow only one team will have two wins from two. You dismiss Wales at your peril for this championship.

    1. Brighty I’m fairly sure that most fans, English included, have been pretty vocal in the dire rugby displays from Eng esp in the Italian and Scottish encounters, why should Wales and France the so called purveyors of running rugby be excused from such criticism? The first 4 matches have showed some real ambition from all teams which could, if it continues, make the NH more successful against the SH teams.

    2. Blimey Brighty that was a Ferguson esque rant. Lets deflect the criticism from our own team by flagging up a problem with someone elses! I think that Benjit has made the point well so I won’t repeat it.

      What I would say is that I love watching enjoyable rugby, and over quite a number of years that has included Wales and rarely included England (who I doggedly watch for entirely parochial reasons). However over the last 6 months England have probably played the more enjoyable free flowing rugby. Wales game yesterday was a pretty dire tv experience and many a welshman has criticised England’s defensive grind it out for results mentality in the past. You should be enjoying the fact that this shows signs of changing. As stated I enjoy watching Wales in full flow. Didn’t enjoy their game yesterday.

      1. Staggy, I should write a note to myself – do not go on rugby blog after eight pints and a magnificent win in Paris. Impartiality may suffer.

        Not sure about the last six months though for England – the last two matches more like? I remember stodgy SA and Aus games in the autumn?

        Anyway, you are right that comparing doesn’t matter. I loved the match yesterday – tense, nail biting, couldn’t take my eyes off it stuff. Huge commitment in defence. Magic try (lucky someone called it – which is plainly rubbbish).

        I would say that it’s a brave man mind who talks up his teams performance and entertainment value a few hours before they’ve even played. I know you’re not doing that but some of the drivel on here about how magically England have been playing does tempt fate today.

    3. There’s no such thing as a classic Welsh win in France, because Wales don’t tend to win in France..

      Sure Wales won the game but playing like that they’ll be lucky if every other team don’t smash them off the park by 20 points. Fortunately for Wales France just seemed like they couldn’t be bothered.

  14. good for the welsh to be back to winning ways, there are good players in that team, and they need to fulfil their potential if wales (and the lions) want to do well in the summer.

    i didnt get a chance to watch the game, as i was busy in a match myself, but it doesnt sound like a missed a classic. i shall leave my comment on the standard there, as it seems that opinions are split.

    have to agree with a few comments above, shame for england now, as the welsh will start gaining momentum and confidence. but more immediate is the fact that the french will probably make wholesale changes and actually turn up at HQ.

    i am a big believer in picking your best 15 players, then finding a way to slot them in, but i think that PSA may be taking it a bit too far… (also it doesnt really work at this level either…)

    fofana is a centre. i dont have too much issue with freddie playing 10, as that is where he spent the majority of his test career, but Huget is primarily a wing, and Trinh-Duc is not a fullback. its time to make some tough decisions made and pick people in the right spot.

    also, i am not going to go blowing the english horn, because the mantra of having pride in the shirt and you only keeping it warm for the next bloke, was originally from the ABs, but the french could do with taking a leaf out of this book.

    1. Look Id rather play a Wales side with something to play for than one purely out to spoil (as in 2007). Likewise I’d rather play and beat a good France side than a dire one which would make any such win almost redundant. After years of one or two sides dominating we are now close to a genuinely competitive 6N, where winning the championship whether by 3 or 4 wins will be a genuine achievement and a grand slam a rare but (even more) incredible achievement.

    1. Nothing has happened to St Andre – same old stodgy rubbish as when he coached Sale and Toulon. Another ex player without a coaching clue.

  15. Great Welsh win but that was a snore-fest. It felt like I was watching the England of old. I think the problem was that neither side were pushing the ball wide with any sense of purpose. Some times try to go wide without earning it. This was the complete opposite.

    Oh, and Jonathan Davies’ commentary; woeful. Bias, boring and droning. I understand that he can be a good analyst and that some people like him, but he just isn’t my cup of tea (much like Brian Moore must be to others).

  16. With regards to Jiff’s commentary I think people are missing the point if they complain about bias – it’s meant to be biased. Whenever a British team plays a non British one we get partisan commentators in the six nations. I enjoy it, feels a bit like watching it with a fan.

    1. Finally someone with the right idea. A colour commentator is supposed to be biased. Brian Moore, Jiffy, Keith Wood they all are. It’s part of the fun. That’s why they often have one of each for games between 2 home nations.

      Anyway on the game, I thought it was a hard fought and scrappy win for Wales and a far more interesting game than a one sided thrashing like the Scotland Italy game.

  17. Absolutely dire game. I think on this form todays england vs ireland game will be the decider,as both sides look far and away better than anyone else. As for davies’ commentary it was driving me mad, every half decent welsh tackle was greeted with gushes of praise. Perhaps wales will now get out of their rut, but france were simply terrible. Good news for england.

  18. Not a very entertaining game of rugby.Poor handling skills,ping- pong and a lucky Welsh try. Halfpenny is a good goal kicker.

  19. Not a very entertaining game of rugby.Poor handling skills,ping- pong and a lucky Welsh try. Halfpenny is a good goal kicker.Scrummaging a shambles.

    1. Good point about the scrummaging. Interesting to see whether Jones just had an off day, whether it was the pitch that ruined any cohesive scrummaging (I think that this is most likely) or whether Jones is struggling, and that would be bad news for Wales.

  20. No matter how much discussion on individual matches rugby will
    never rival soccer as an international sport whilst the game itself is
    so flawed. The fact that the ball is in play for less than a quarter
    of match time speaks for itself. There are far too many petty
    regulations which constantly impede flow of play for reasons which the
    crowd invariably cannot see or understand, and which so often mean the
    game is won on negative scoring (penalties) rather than through tries.
    The outcome often therefore depends simply on whichever team has the
    best goal kicker. Let’s find a way to stop scrum collapses, and get rid of all the petty regulations (especially the accidental knock-on, which time and again stops a promising flow of play because of an inconsequential fumble which usually disadvantages the attacker anyway). It’s time for influential commentators and journalists to take the wider view and start campaigning against entrenched views.

      1. Liam, I was in the middle of some long winded response to this odd post when I saw yours pop up. You’ve captured my thoughts exactly and far more succinctly.

        1. Robin, if you think ball in play time for less than a quarter of the match is some odd anomaly and somehow makes the game rubbish then it is you who doesn’t have a clue about rugby and perhaps you’re better off watching something else.

          Which crowd can’t understand the regulations?

          Penalties are negative scoring? Penalties usually come from an attacking team applying pressure, the defending team buckles and offends. It’s as much part of the game as scoring tries.

          I am guessing most people’s main problem with your post is the “rugby will
          never rival soccer as an international sport” part. Why would you think a comparison like that is worth making? Rugby is already way ahead of “soccer” as it is simply the best game on the planet; we don’t feel any need to change rugby to “rival” footie. Lady Gaga might sell a gazillion records but that doesn’t make her better than Husker Du.

          1. Fine. If you like sitting through eighty minutes for only twenty minutes of play, that’s OK. I’ve got better things to do. Much as I have enjoyed rugby over the years it’s still a huge source of frustration for most fans I know.

          2. @Robin, as opposed to in football, where half the time is spent watching the players either rolling around on the floor trying to milk a foul feigning injury, or arguing with the ref on a decision he isnt going to change…

            if you want to spend your time watching children throw their toys out of the pram every 2 minutes because they are overpaid, uneducated fools who dont understand the concept of sportsman like behaviour, then be my guest. i shall stick to watching the rugby.

        1. computer messed up there… will continue my point!

          this idea of “negative scoring” is ridiculous.

          would you refer to a goal in football coming from a penalty or a free kick being negative scoring? probably not, because a goal is a goal.

          rugby just has multiple ways of scoring, because the game is more complex, and requires a greater degree of strategy. clearly this is inevitably start a debate about how football is a “thinking man’s game”, but i will preempt you with 2 arguements to counter that notion.

          exhibit A- as a 15 year old i played centre back at school in the B team, our coach employed the tactic of big lads in defence, and fast boys up front. we were told to smash the ball up field, and the fast boys chase it. we ended the season undefeated.
          Exhibit B- Wayne Rooney.

  21. After that first half I’d say that was my point made – wait until your team has played before criticising the supposed lack of quality of other teams matches. Poor skills, handling and decision making from both teams in that half.

    1. England and Ireland second half was even worse. Nothing it for the neutral to enjoy. Hilarious to now read all the comments in this post about how Eng and Ire show Fra and Wal how to play….

      1. 2nd half was not great rugby but both sides were playing to the conditions. I didn’t see much rain in the Fra v Wal match.

    1. Tend to agree. Brighty – Wales France wasn’t a great game and got some flak for it. England Ireland wasn’t the best game either although conditions were even worse. You’ve made your point, the essence of which was probably fair, but lets look forward to three more weeks of 6N, in which France and Wales can certainly stop England (I hope not obviously) and there will be plenty more Lions head to heads and speculation. And lets hope the conditions and pitches are better!

      Reasons to be cheerful:-
      Wales found their mojo.
      Wales got a win.
      You play England in the final week at the Millenium stadium and you can dream not only of wrecking our Grand Slam or 6N chances but also you will quite possibly be in with a chance of winning the whole thing.

      So get rid of that wooden spoon and remember why you love rugby so much!

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