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Rate the match: Ireland v Wales

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25 thoughts on “Rate the match: Ireland 26 v 3 Wales

  1. Was a bore fest due to the conditions. Wales never really looked to get going and have nothing if their first runner doesn’t break the gain line. Thought Phillips came close to getting sent off too. Don’t agree with how o’mahony spoke to the ref either. Trimble and sexton were massive as was O’Connell. Then again, that’s expected from the big Munster talisman.

    1. agreed, as an Irish man I don’t condone some of O’Mahoneys behavior but Phillips was even worse don’t know how he avoided a booking,

  2. Ireland played well but didn’t really seem or need to get out of third gear. As an England fan this worries me, was relying on Wales to prevent the French grand slam as I don’t fancy Ireland to do it away in Paris.

  3. Just one more thing. Do we have to have Eddie Butler doing his best people’s poet at the start of every programme? It’s getting a bit tired.

  4. as a welsh fan, I expected a lot more than this , out thought, out played no creativity, bish bash with the centres and north etc, not enough any more. Phillips time has come to an end, Jenkins and Jones, great servants to welsh rugby, but creaking now, time to move on. Why Hook and Tuperic didnt come on earlier I dont know. Should beat a poor scottish side but France and England will be trouble, unless they find plan B. Well thought out Ireland…

  5. Wales where just out thought and played ireland set the tone and played into all wales weakness and wales just didnt have the answers. Think wales will pick it up and win the rest of there games now though. As an irish fan i am very happy just pray for good conditions in twickenham in 2 weeks time and we will give england a real game.

  6. Very disappointing performance by Wales, completely outplayed & out-thought by Ireland, couldn’t handle the rolling maul, forwards outplayed & Sexton & Murray ran the show. Didn’t seem to be the passion you would expect from the Welsh. Credit to Ireland though, they were up for it from the start & used the high ball to their advantage all game.
    Pains me to say it but I cannot see any pluses for this Welsh team today, just glad they have a two week turnaround before the France game, need to do something drastic if they have any hopes of saving the championship.

  7. Well that was one in the eye for all those doubting JS before the game. Completely outfoxed Warrenball.

    As an Irish supporter I don’t think you could have asked for much more from your players. Go away and watch the video every night this week and twice next Saturday and revel in it.

    This game was billed as the deciding game of the 6N. By me as well as others. Don’t know if Wales believed their own hype and strut but they just didn’t really turn up. Quite a number of their players are just not rewarding Gatlands faith in them. Lydiate was anonymous again today as was most of the pack. Warburton, Hibbard and Faletau aside. Phillips looks slower with every game and I think he knows it given his frustration today.

    Still Wales do have talent throughout the team and no doubt Gatland will get them playing better, but they have to be able to get up for 6N games other than England if they want to justify their perennial billing as tournament favourites.

    So Ireland France now becomes my game of the tournament. I hope I don’t give the kiss of death to that one as well!

  8. Quality looking stuff from Ireland. Just wouldn’t let Wales do anything and when they tried they lacked the composure to do anything with it. Wales made to look amateur today and Ireland looked like team of the tournament.

    I’ll have to see how France play this tournament. I wasn’t convinced by them last week as many others thought England/France was a great game by 2 great teams. I thought it was 2 sides looking unsettled with a lot to prove. If they play that against Ireland I only see Ireland winning it.

  9. Exceptional forward display, Springboks would be proud of some of that driving work. Sexton taking a lot of plaudits, but thought Murray deserves a lot of credit as well (if DC can learn to kick like that England will be sorted!)

    Warrenball doesn’t work if the opposition are better conditioned. Expect Wales will be back to full speed for games 4&5

  10. Ireland were fantastic. Completely Solid in every way. Sexton was brilliant. The Welsh team were dreadful but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t all Phillips fault as seems to be implied by many above.

    1) Priestland was consistently kicking possession away.
    2) The line out was awful.
    3) The scrum was a joke as usual (not just the welsh but the whole scrum in general).
    4) Lydiate gave 3 penalties away in the first 5 minutes.
    5) Warburton was anonymous
    6) as was Faletau.
    7) Roberts, North and Cuthbert were nullified by exceptional defence.
    8) Gatland didn’t bring on either Tipuric or Hook (both creative players) when he should’ve.

    That’s 8 things wrong before you get as far as blaming Phillips. If you think getting rid of Phillips is the answer to all the Welsh problems you’re sadly mistaken.

    As a Welsh fan I’m furious.

    Tipuric at 7, Warburton out
    Biggar at 10, Priestland out
    Hook in the centres maybe for some creativity.
    Give someone else a chance at scrum half.

    1. Moggy. Disagree with much of what you have said. I thought Warburton and Faletau were two of the better players in a beaten pack, albeit that isn’t saying too much.

      With regard to Phillips, what has he done over the last two years. The odd decent game, mainly because he was behind a dominant pack. Just hasn’t deserved his place but Gatland keeps picking him because he picks players for a scheme not because they are necessarily playing well. Same goes for Lydiate. SL has come in for a great deal of stick for wasting caps. Can’t see that Gatland can be immune from the same criticism. At least Warburton can play 6, but who have you got to play 9? Maybe that’s why Gats keeps picking Phillips.

      With regard to Priestland, I thought that mentally he has been better this 6N, and that comes from someone who prefers Biggar. Still making mistakes, but look at how Farrell has improved for England with backing and game time. Just saying.

      With regard to the remainder of the players, I think most have credit in the bank. Criticism should be directed at Gatland. No plan B even though it is obvious he isn’t going to win a RWC playing Warrenball, and picking players out of form.

      Ireland did play a blinder yesterday, just as you did against England last year. Never as bad as it seems and never as good.

      Are your team going to make it to the RWC intact? There may be players going off the edge agewise, although England managed to win the RWC with a dad’s army! However they had gone over the top, but still just had enough. Was the last RWC your high point (6N aside)?

    2. Moggy. Have also just reread the posts above. 2 people say Phillips was lucky not to get sent off, I accused him of getting slow, and one person said his time had been and gone like some other players. Not one person accused him of being at the root of all Wales problems!

  11. Utter rubbish from Wales-spent the whole 1st half kicking away what little possession they had. Even that was awful as every kick was in-field and allowed Ireland to run back time after time.

    Kicking to touch–wonder if they’ve every heard that idea before?

    Almost as bad as the 2007 performance in Murrayfield but still the worst team effort for several years in the 6n.

    Gatland needs to pick some players who are match-fit.

    Warburton must be replaced even with his new WRU central contract. As captain he has led Wales to 10 defeats in 11 games!!!

    Gethin Jenkins clearly not fit also.

    Why on earth pick guys with injuries/long term layoffs/loss of form for 6n games?

    It is just plain stupid but with Gatland once you are a ‘chosen one’ that is that. You are picked regardless. He took an injured Gethin Jenkins or tour and sent him home without playing a single game.

    Wales must now consider Paul James, Hook, Biggar and Tipuric.

    If JD cannot play a full game for his region why should be play for his national side?

    Same goes for Warburton and Jenkins they MUST play at least one full game for the region before playing for Wales again this 6n.

    Still as I say Warren will pick his team his way regardless of form or fitness-he picks his favourites. He’s got away with it till now but this time it exploded in his face and his interviews pm suggest he will give his ‘chosen ones’ another chance to redeem themselves against France.

    Just glad I did not waste hundreds of pounds going to Dublin to watch that rubbish. Still could be worse-I could live on a flood plain in England rather than a hillside in South Wales!!!

    1. Still could be worse-I could live on a flood plain in England rather than a hillside in South Wales!!!

      Don’t see the misfortune of people losing their homes and livelihoods is anything to draw comfort from, regardless of where they live.

    2. Poor taste that last comment. I know a number of the farmers who’ve been flooded out of their homes, had to move their livestock and are facing financial ruin. It’s just a game Enoch – get things into perspective.

      1. My final comment was directly related to the fact that we Welsh often regard rugby results as a life or death situation which they are not, hence my reference.

        There again if you want to take the wrong inference from such a comment it is up to you.

        And as for livelihoods being ruined …..I grew up in a community with 34% male unemployment in the 1980s and had school friends who bathed in tin-baths in front of the fire as late as they lived in homes with no bathroom.

        Don’t lecture valley people about economic hardship as you probably know nothing about it

        1. Well Enoch as one of those Valley people perhaps I’m ok then to say that your “joke” was in exceedinly bad taste and even a fellow Valley-ite can see it.

  12. No excuse but understandable player bad behaviour in the face of continued feckless officiating which is endemic throughout the game as a whole. If you want to avoid the football scourge of player intimidation then we have to get to grips with the poor ref./linesman decision making – often little better than guesswork – and use the technology available. The linesman(call him what you will) can’t possibly give a true judgement if he is behind the player and the ball is close to and in front of the player – a possible seven points gone begging as a result!!! If the officials want the players to get it right then they should lead from the front by example.

  13. Hats off the Irish team and coaching staff. Not a great game from a Welsh perspective but the Irish worked to and stuck to a very simple game plan that paid dividends. If Gatland wants to get the best out of Preistland, Roberts, Davies/Williams and the rest of the BIG welsh three quarters then Phillips has to go, to slow getting the ball moving from rucks and mauls, takes two, three steps backwards before delivering a pass. Clearly part of the Irish game part, get to Phillips, wind him up, and boy did it work. 10/10 for Ireland, 1/10 for Wales and that was for turning up.

  14. Big Dia ,I’m not sure if most of the Welsh team did in fact turn up ! I blethered on here last week about some master plan for Wales to be running around like Spring lambs in the last 20 mins while Ireland were be-knackered well got that wrong big time as it looked like we were nackered for the whole 80 minutes to me .

    Simple coaching from Ireland as follows ,crucial Welsh players at the turnover (Lydiate ,Warburton,Jenkins ) short of game time so blast Wales at the breakdown .The Welsh line-out (never the best internationally ) even more dodgy due to a combination of missing players at lock so Ireland kick it off the field whenever they can pinch it more than not and oh yes a crap weather forecast so don’t bother passing the ball just maul them into the ground . Well it worked a treat and the Irish coach should get the credit for this and the players for performing it to perfection .

    As for Gatland’s Ireland didn’t play any rugby pass the ball nonsense ,well grow up man I wish that Wales had been coached to play the conditions .

  15. Genuine question – was this an 8 or 7 due to a) being irish and loving the win or b) being not-Welsh and loving watching them lose or c) it was a genuinely 8/10 quality game of rugby?

    I find it impossible to judge matches I’m so invested in BUT to me it looked awful?

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