10 thoughts on “Rate the match: Ireland v France

  1. Thought it be the first to comment on yet another poor match due to the weather recently. Well first opening minutes and the first half actually, ireland looked the more confident, the more better side. Their pack combined making it hard for france. Ireland still started to look stronger 20 minutes into the second half, they continued to make wise tactical moves. But the last bits of play was held by france forcing them into the irish half which completed the draw. I think england vs wales will be the match of the 6 nations

  2. What is it with the Irish? They can’t seem to get their heads around playing a full 80 minutes, and I thought that the French were meant to be the flaky ones.

    Heaslip might be edging in front of Faletau. Kearney looked back to his best today. Poor old BOD, the mind is there but the body is falling apart. Can’t see him lasting a whole Lions tour.

    PSA has to go. What has Michelak got over him? Can see the French beating Scotland though.

  3. After such a good opening weekend the quality since has been dismal. A fair few games have been impacted by conditions and pitches, but even so it’s just one turgid start stop affair after another at the moment. Today the French didn’t look like they wanted to be there during the presentations, anthems or 65 mins of the game. We have always watched with anticipation to see “which French team will turn up” each week. Now the question is will they turn up at all.

    Picamoles is a 1 man team at the moment, second weekend running I thought he deserved to be MoTM.

    Credit to BOD for managing to finish on the pitch, clearly in a condition where he shouldn’t have still been there.

  4. Fair play to England. The slam is on. Wales have impressed me too. However, this is the worst 6N I’ve seen in a decade. Crap weather..

  5. I noticed BODs wife was crying when he went off (little did she know he was coming back on…) I would say that her crying proved the rumours that this will be his last 6Ns.

    Great player, great leader, great bloke.

  6. Hard to enjoy a match where one team don’t want to play and the other team can’t play. Dreary stuff. I pity the Lions selectors – at the mo it’s who’s least crap rather than who is best.

  7. Rated a 6 for the great Irish display in the first half.
    Although Ireland seemed to severely dip after the hour, I do think France were lucky to get the point.
    The two Debaty incidents should have been penalised by Walsh. The first was standing in the front row, which should have been an Irish penalty. But instead France got a penalty, which then led to Picamoles try.
    And then second was the shove on Earls which was EASILY a penalty, some sterner refs would have even awarded a penalty try. Utterly shocked that Walsh let that slide.
    France were extremely lucky to not have lost a 4th consecutive game. And I must say I am disappointed that they didn’t.

    1. For the next seven days Steve Walsh a true gent who is always right and always makes the right decisions. I won’t hear a word against him.

    2. Here’s how I’ll spin it: France are crap this year – shameful 2nd rate crap. Only Kidney could fail to deliver a solution to beat them. You’re ok Kidney but time to move on, with a new head coach.

    3. Have to disagree with you about the second incident. It was a marginal call as to whether it was a penalty at all, and if it were, it certainly shouldn’t have een a penalty try, as there was clear doubt as to whether he would have got to the ball first (not before Debaty obviously, but before the covering player – Clerc?).

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