Rate the match: Ireland v Italy


Rate the match between Ireland and Italy, and leave your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

Rate the match: Ireland v Italy

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5 thoughts on “Rate the match: Ireland v Italy

  1. great game! bod was awesome he had a great last game glad he lived up to the occasion like he always did and does.

    thought sexton and kearny were brilliant redan really played a great game

    jackson had a good 15 mins passing and kicking out of hand but he needs too be able to place kick or give mc fadden the kicking duties.

    1. I hate to do this but….
      Could have been from his own 10 metre line on the touchline with a cross head wind so strong he needs someone to hold the ball in the snow at murrayfield with their worms :p

  2. What a thoroughly entertaining game, and Italy played a full part in it. So pleased to see BOD bow out on a high.

    It looked like the players were enjoying it and the fame flowed. Obviously the Italians wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much, but in Sarto and Campagnaro they’ve got some good building blocks in place.

    Reddan, McFadden and Jackson all looked good when they came on. When replacements come on often the flow breaks down, but not this time, and this(again) speaks well
    Of Schmidt as a coach.

    Ireland have been consistently the best team in the 6nations this year. If they beat France in Paris they will have deserved the title.

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