Rate the match: Italy 11 v 52 England


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Rate the match: Italy v England

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13 thoughts on “Rate the match: Italy 11 v 52 England

  1. Ah so close but England really paying for missed chances earlier in the championship. Oh for Ford on the bench against Scotland who knows what he could have done.

    Still looking at the progress from last year 52 points is pretty impressive considering he struggled at home against them last year.

    Feel May really hasn’t done enough and thought Manu should have replaced him. Youngs still costing us at crucial times. Ford looks a real talent though.

  2. Great end to a really productive tournament. The Manu try set us up perfectly for the end so to screw it up immediately was frustrating but leaving points behind against Scotland is what ultimately cost us in points difference.

    Amazing how we came into the tournament with such uncertainty and leave it with a pretty settled team. There’s a debate to be had about Tuilagi/Burrell, and I don’t think either of the wingers have done enough (I want Yarde and Wade), but in the other 12 positions we’ve got a clear starter and in most cases a clear replacement. And the 13 spot isn’t exacty a problem.

    Don’t expect France to do us a favour. In a funny way scraping a 3 point win might have been better for us in terms of the Championship, it would’ve meant France went out with a chance of winning the whole thing. Sticking 50 points past someone away from home will be good for us long term though. And 1st or 2nd we’re in a great position moving towards the World Cup.

    1. Agree. 11 nailed on starters, centre debate but not a problem – all four current options, with Burgess to come, are pretty good – and the wings, which we hope will be sorted by Wade and Yarde. If they do end up disappointing, Foden could do a shift there, and Nowell and May have looked good if not world-class. All in all, looking forward to NZ and roll on the upcoming fixtures!

  3. One of the biggest plusses are the strength in depth that is emerging. We had our third and fourth choice loose head props on the pitch and both put in a decent shift. I dont know who will start and who will be on the bench when corbs is fit, hel certainly have to be playing well for saints by june.

    Attwood looks bloody good too, and wev still got Parling as well never mind the uncapped Slater.

    Lets see what wade and yarde can do on the wings, and maybe Watson is worth a shout on the bench as well.

    My only slight concern is flankers, croft to come back but we dont have a like for like chris robshaw or tom wood as of yet

    Great win and a really encouraging tournament for England.

  4. Agree that in the pack the only area of concern in terms of depth is at 6/7. I really rate Croft but he needs a top class southern hemisphere style 7 alongside him. He’s great at Leicester with Salvi, and internationally has played better for the Lions than for England, and I think that’s because of the style of backrow we’re going for. This isn’t a criticism of Robshaw/Wood, just an observation that it’s not particularly suited to Croft.

    Kvesic is the hope I suppose. Maybe with Gloucester signing a front row for next season we’ll see Kvesic start to live up to some of the expectations.

    Webber for Youngs on the bench and I think you can say every other position in the pack is sorted though.

  5. We need a numbet 11! Ashton can’t tackle and May runs across the field instead of towards the try line and never looks like scoring a try at international level. Rest of team coming together.

  6. Think criticism of jack n is very harsh and the calls for wade to come in are overly premature. Jack really impressed me, has made good yards, apart from one miss on George north has made his tackles and gets through a lot of work. He is just 20 and now has more caps and international experience than wade. I think a back three of brown, yarde and nowell is our strongest, good variety, solid and dangerous. Then having may, Watson and wade fighting it out for the 23 shirt is making our backs look exciting. Tuilagi and Burrell slugging it out can only be a good thing, Farrell is really developing into an all round performer.

    1. He gets through a lot of work, but he showed what a fair few of had said, he doesn’t have the out and out pace of an international winger. I’m more than happy to rest safe in the knowledge that he’s out there as backup, but I hope we can do better. Lets hope Brown gives him some tips (and Margots number) to help his pace.

  7. Where to push on from here then?
    1) Wings, the incumbents have talent but are still very raw. Nowell has a knack of making silly errors and May of making poor decisions. A WIP but I would replace with Yarde and Wade for a run of games when fully fit.
    2) Find out the most effective combination of 12T, Burrell and Tuilagi. I personally say Manu’s credit in the bank earns him the chance to finally play with 12T but Lancaster has little say in it as one of Tuilagi and Burrell (possibly both) will likely be unavailable for the first NZ test.
    3) Find a back up 7. Preferably a genuine one, to best compliment Croft when he returns from injury.

    And somebody give Attwood a pat on the back. Has been excellent off the bench and with Lawes already running a near perfect lineout, Parling will be hard pressed to shift the big man from the bench.

    1. Reckon Parling and Attwood would start for quite a few countries, such is our strength in depth at this position, but England are not the finished article yet.

      1. Never mind there’s always next year and then the year after and the year after that too.

        Low lie the Fields!!!

        But lower lie England in the table…….. again! Just like lasy year and the year before that.

        Come back Martin Johnson all is forgiven!

        1. Mock all you want. I’d have taken second and playing well at the start of the 6N so not unhappy at all. Personally think England have come out the best. Yes we lost a game – it happens – were not NZ you know!

  8. I found this a thoroughly enjoyable game and thought England were clnical when they really needed to be for a change having been written off by many that they would not get anywhere near the points target required.

    I feel that Johnny May is a busted flush and when Yarde and Wade are fit shouldn’t even grace the bench, Nowell deserves to be in the side more as he has grown with every game.

    I was a bit miffed at why Burrell was bought of for Tui, in an ideal world to crash ball centres doesn’t work but when your needing to put an Italian side to the sword surely its worth a gamble for the last 20 minutes especially when tries are being scored by the likes of Mako and Robshaw?

    To sum up the campaign I am happier with our second place finish this year than last as eventhough we finished in the same place I think the improvement has been massive, oh for a better first 5 and last 5 minutes against France………

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