Rate the match: Italy v France

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Rate the match: Italy v France

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How did Italy and France play? What are the main talking points from the match?

18 thoughts on “Rate the match: Italy v France

  1. What a match! (France did play pretty well, but not up to standard) The italians will be very pleased with this, they have only beaten France 3 times and to do it in style in the olympic stadium is magic.
    Italy proved they deserved to compete and gave France a challenge which was not expected. And they may have found a good number 10.
    unexpected by a 10 star match, the best of the opening weekend for certain.

  2. The french arrogance cost them the game they should have won , it was clear to see that the french thought they had won the game before even stepping on the field , well done Italy .

  3. Well that just happened! Blew the 6 nations right open!

    btw brighty, loving your sense of humour!

  4. Yes.. Italy for grand slam, and congratulations to all foolhardy enough to pick orquera in their fantasy team. Man of the match performance from absolutely nowhere.

  5. Awesome job Italy! Although Italy pushed Australia pretty close in the autumn I really thought France would put them to the sword to avenge the 2011 result. So impressed with the manner of the victory as well, played some excellent stuff. I would not be happy if we had France away next week as I do expect a reaction!

  6. Did I really say that France were going to win the championship – of course they still can, but the England Ireland game is looking even tastier now. Wish it were at Twickenham! Haven’t decided who I reckon will win the game yet. Ireland had a very good win away and looked superb until they took their foot off the pedal/Wales started playing (can’t decide which of those it was either).

    Anyway well done Italy and also a fan of Brighty’s new photo – although I don’t think Wales will be anywhere near the wooden spoon this year as it looks like they might be remembering how to play rugby again (and at last!)

  7. i think Parisse was outstanding. i also felt that he outplayed Picamole, thereby proving he is the best European (and maybe even world) number 8.

    Orquera was fantastic too, and his offload to Castro was unreal!

    fantastic spirit from italy throughout, and especially for holding on at the end. i think the cap presentation ceremony helped them get up for the game.

    dangerous for scotland next week, as an italy team with this momentum and confidence could be a danger. i also think that if the Italians can win next week, and the welsh dont get themselves sorted, then the italians could be on for 3 straight wins!

    week 1 has made the england ireland game one of the most important games of the 6Ns

  8. i was impressed by their counter attack by far the best on display this weekend. maybe it was lazy french players not getting in a line but Italys back 3 seemed to make a lot of ground and the hole team offloaded very well very few knock ons.
    Think england will beat us (irish) they will just walk up the field with their massive pack come the 60th minute after ross has ran out of steam their defense is probably one of the best in the tournament as well from set plays.

  9. Wow, what a game. Italy played the best game ever! The French were rather overconfident and sloppy, a bit like the Welsh were. Now, if they can beat Scotland, things could be very interesting! I expect Saint-Andre teams to play with more spirit than that, and their defensive line was very ameteurish at times. However, I wouldn’t fancy playing them this coming weekend!

  10. Fantastic result for Italy (& the 6 nations)but,although they are a different animal away from home , cannot see them winning any of their away matches, think Scotland will see them off next week.

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