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What were the main talking points from the game?

11 thoughts on “Rate the Match: Italy v Ireland

  1. Gutted, although italy thoroughly deserved it, they showed some real grit to close this one out.
    That’s the end for Kidney. He has done well, but it’s over. Time for a coach to inspire some consistency, this was not the showing Ireland should have had, especially with BOD possibly bowing out.
    Still not over this, guess i’ll post some more collected thoughts afterwards, jesus!

    1. I concur with your assembly of thoughts. You were kind in a way that I cannot be. Ireland was a leaderless rabble and Italy played like a team that did not consider losing.

  2. Really proud of our guys (italy) .. We are improving …
    Lot of kids here in italy have started playing rugby instead of football in the last years , in a couple of decades i think we ll be competitive for the title
    Respect for ireland .. England overvalued …

    1. Sorry the British and Irish lions you mean , show some respect please. Anyway the whole lions thing should be opened up to the italians to give them a real outlet and exposure into big time rugby. Look what happened to the ryder cup when people broke with tradition and brough in the continental european players and the same would happen here .

  3. I had a feeling this may come to pass. The key point in Irelands six nations was Sexton getting injured. In no way am I blaming Jackson, I thought he played well yesterday. However, why was he not subbing in autumn if he was the back-up to o gara? It comes back to succession planning and hence Kidney.

    My only hope is that there is succession planning in place for the coach. Schmidt, Conor O shea (wont happen though) and Mike Ruddock would all be good choices.

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