12 thoughts on “Rate the match: Italy v Wales

  1. Bad conditions and ordinary rugby,

    Wales are building some momentum but the still need to show moreif they are to have a chance of retaining the chaampionship.

  2. Difficult to tell. Mixed bag – some good and some not so. Poor weather, but ultimately Wales seem to be improving as the 6N goes on. Backline learning how to run again, and scrum looking better. Worrying signs for England.

  3. I think given the conditions that was a pretty good result. Shame to see Italy return to type after such a good start to the championship. From an English perspective I’m glad to see Wales improving. I fboth sides have something to play for it.will make for better match. The last thing I wanted was to face a side whose only goal.was to thwart an English GS and have no pressure on them.

  4. Wales looked decent, well played to them… much improved from previous weeks, look half-decent now. Would have been interesting to see how the game would have gone if the penalty try had been given… but it wasn’t, and you can’t really blame the ref for that, it looked like a fine tackle.

    I still believe Italy can easily get another win in the rest of the tournament… just hope it isn’t against England.

    1. Wait, just read that, realised how that sounds… I meant that Wales are much improved from previous weeks, look a lot better than half-decent now (which they did against Ireland and France).

  5. Terrible conditions, just the sort of game Wales of old would have lost so a good result but raft of subs at the end killed any chance of scoring more points

  6. Italy lost without Parisse. Banned for 40 days for talking back to the ref. Red card – yes, banned for a couple of matches – yes; but 40 days? Cian Healy, stamping on an opponents ankle which could have caused serious injury – no yellow card/red card and a ban of three weeks!
    What sort of justice is this?

  7. Mike it’s the kind of justice that stops players running at refs swearing en masse like a certain round ball game long may that continue .

    On the game considering the conditions I’m pretty pleased .The scrum destruction of Italy was particularly well constructed in an area of the game which the Italians take pride in . The groundsman should be congratulated on the state of that field in those conditions after the sliding rug farce in Paris .

    Still a pity it wasn’t dry a couple of more tries would have helped the points difference .

  8. Conditions obviously impacted the game, however very impressed with Wales. Didn’t expect Italy to get beaten up by Wales, that doesn’t happen to Italian packs anymore (or so I thought). Jenkins looks like he’s been on some fat to fit transformation program, looking like an athlete again. We see a performance from Jones again that reminds us why he has been the best rated tighthead in world rugby.

    Pre-match in Paris Howley looked like he hadn’t slept in a week, the win has worked wonders and he just seemed happy, relaxed and confident before this weeks game. I’m sure they will fancy their chances of 4 wins now.

  9. It’s an artifact of the irritating “Points difference” system that we Welsh fans are looking at a 17-point away win and thinking “Hmmm… not enough.” I’m also an Ospreys fan. This weekend my two teams won by an aggregate of 50-16, and I’m a bit deflated about both results. Can we please just go back to winners win and losers lose? :-)

    1. I’m long enough in the tooth Rob to remember the good old days of shared championships even the 5 nations season in the early 70’s where every side won it’s home games and it was a 5 way tie (ok I was in short trousers at the time ).

      I suspect the sponsors and supporters need the excitement of an overall winner and you have to have some way of breaking the deadlock .Personally I’d favour the results between the tied teams route ie if you beat the team that your tied with in the table on games won then you get the trophy . You might still get three teams tying and then have to go to points difference but it would happen less often and avoids the weather/pitch condition lottery to some extent.

  10. Very difficult to gauge how Wales are performing.

    First game they were terrible for 40mins, but then came storming back in the second half.

    France were dreadful in their first two games (and possibly the last 20mins of the third when they played their weaker players!), but winning in Paris at any point is not to be discounted.

    Italy were awful. BUT, Wales did an excellent job on their scrummage, which was very much against all expectations. So considering Italy have no number 10 that knows what he is doing, and little much else behind him, then Wales Nos 1-8) certainly contributed to Italy’s performance.

    So, with the exception of the pack’s performance against Italy, it is hard to know whether Wales are playing well or not.

    Now they go to Murrayfield. Who would predict that one? Particularly as the Scottish scrum is showing signs of strength, and they have a back 3 who can threaten.

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