Rate the Match: New Zealand v Argentina


Let us know what you thought of the All Blacks v the Pumas in Wellington today.

Which players stood out? What were the key talking points from the game?

Give the match a score out of ten below and then share your thoughts in the comments below.

Rate the match: New Zealand v Argentina

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8 thoughts on “Rate the Match: New Zealand v Argentina

  1. It wasn’t the greatest of spectacles, but Argentina were a lot more competitive than I expected. I was willing them on, but a couple of late tries flattered the All Blacks on the scoreboard.

    The Pumas will fancy their chances at home, particularly against the Wallabies.

  2. Argentina were the better team for a lot of the first half. Up until the yellow card I thought they could still do it. All Blacks looked sluggish but as ever as soon as they were given a sniff they did enough to finish off the game. That’s the main thing the SH teams do that the NH Teams can’t match at the moment. I don’t think there’s a big gap in the skill sets.

  3. Argentina did more than enough to earn respect from fellow Southern Hemisphere rugby nations and have raise many eye browse about their potential in what would they become in years to come.

    Remember the game is still played at amateur level in Argentina and many players are moving to Europe to harness their game. With that, they’re bring a different ball into the table.

    They serve an explosive cocktail which combines the best of Northern and Southern Hemisphere rugby.

  4. Mad pressure from Pumas in the first half. AB are the best TEAM in the world, and today they had to show it in order to win. The yellow card helped, but even without it AB would have won. Final word: Pumas gonna be up for it at home in three weeks. That will be a true – the kind a real new zeeland rugbyfan and player love – test for AB.

  5. The Argees played well. The best game for me in this championship so far. AB’s took a while to break their defense down but in the end were the best team. Not the perfect performance, none the less a pretty good effort. Including the interchange. This is where I think the AB’s have the greatest asset in this tournament.

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