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Rate the match: Rebels v Lions

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What did you make of the game? Who impressed for the Lions? Did anyone do enough to force themselves into test contention?

11 thoughts on “Rate the match: Rebels v Lions

  1. Farrell is getting a lot of praise, and he had quite a good game, but the stats show how much his defense was lacking – 3 missed tackles to only 4 successful ones.

    Lydiate had a stormer, as did Faletau. I fully accept I am biased but I just don’t understand the inclusion of Tom Croft anymore. He’s not the best in open play (Tipuric), not the best in defense (Lydiate), not the best in the breakdown (Warburton), and we have plenty of options available in the line out.

    Zebo had a cracker and must be pushing Cuthbert for the starting team. Cuthbert is a good finisher but rarely makes any real opportunities.

    1. The bias is too great, I’m sorry, i look for evidence that suggests Tipuric is better in open play than Croft. And yes there are other line out options but next to Parling he is the best, It would be like dropping Wilson when Lomu was playing because Lomu was a more deadly finisher. They were both masterful the same applies with Croft. Also being very good in 1 area does not make for a good player. Like Worsley Lydiate is a good tackler, but like worsley he didn’t have the all round game of Back or Hill so he was second choice.

      1. Worsley actually has more caps than Back & Hill. He also scored 10 tries, with a comparable strike rate to Croft!

        In his latter stages, minus some of the youthful pace, he was primarily the mad axeman. But overall he deserves more credit than he gets.

    2. I am really not a fan of Farrell’s but what does the kid have to do to please some people?

      When he plays normally, it’s “all he does it tackle and kick goals, nothing else”.

      Then he seems to really play a different style and bring everything that people as for, and he gets “oh, his tackling should have been better today”. Lay off, he is 21 and playing for the lions, all 10’s get better with age anyway.

      1. I’m not trying to undermine his performance by any means. As I said, I thought he had a good game. Just wanted to point out something which wasn’t reported in most people’s reviews of the game.

        Was definitely his best game of the tour so far.

      2. There’s an element of him being overhyped for yesterday’s game though. Credit where it’s due, he had a much better game than his usual and attacked the gainline better. This is an improvement, but he’s just coming up to the level of most international fly halves in the way he plays. I don’t think he necessarily had an amazing game, just better than I expected.

        He may well get better with age, but he’s not aged much over the period of a Lions tour. Come the next Lions tour, hopefully he’ll be a better player but at the minute I just don’t think he’s the class act he’s been built up as

    3. With regards to croft.

      Warbs and Tips are both 7’s, so you can’t count them against croft, as he is a 6. (They have been told by the management that they have been selected as 7’s, nothing else).

      Best in open play is Tips? I think both croft and SOB would have something to say about that.

      Lydiate is the best defensively, but he offers nothing else. One game this tour he had 6 carries and managed 1m gain TOTAL!

      Croft is the best all round flanker on that tour. That is why he is being chosen.

      Zeno probably is pushing Cuthbert for a starting spot, but neither are going to be pushing Tommy Bowe. Bowe and North are the best two wingers by a country mile.

  2. Easy to make a good case for any one of Croft Tipuric or Lydiate. All are class acts with different skill sets but Croft is possibly the out and out best lineout jumper in either squad and that edges it for his selection. It would be much easier to build a case for Tipuric, SOB or Lydiate to replace Warbs as I’m not convinced on last Saturday’s showing that he is that good a captain and certainly didn’t have the ear of Pollock. Such a pity about POC I would have put a few bob on a Lions win this week if he had been captain.

  3. All this arguing about Croft, Tipuric or Lydiate is funny. They’re all excellent players but Sean O’Brien is the man who should be starting in the 6 jersey. Then you can make a case for Tipuric at 7 and Croft offers more impact off the bench. Sorry Dan.

  4. I’m a Croft fan, but I’ve been more in favour of SoB starting throughout most of the tour and today probably leaves him just in front. Not saying that he is a better player, but just because I think that he might bring better balance if Heaslip starts. If Faletau starts probably Croft edges it.

  5. I am not a Croft fan but he has impressed me with his performances on tour. However after yesterday’s game and the needed improvements needed for the next test, ie Philips should be spectator for the next test with ‘poundland’ on the bench. Fatelau has to start at 8. He offers more around base of rucks and mauls, offensively and defensively. I also think that Fatelau’s inclusion would open up more channels for JD and ‘BOD-MT-or JR’ to attack. He always makes ground. The backrow I would love to see start would be Warburton, Fatelau with Heasilp or O’Brien at 6 with Croft on the bench. We can all dream.

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