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Rate the match: Scotland v Australia

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10 thoughts on “Rate the Match: Scotland v Australia

  1. Social Responsibility for Scotland

    In completing a fine fight back against what could possibly be one of the better Southern Hemisphere squads – Scotland’s finest have made a statement which is not limited to the world of sport – but belongs equally to the increasingly aware and self determined Scots.

    With a pragmatic and deep thinking leader at the helm, content not to own his players but to watch them grow he is more good shepherd than coach. We can only admire his stance and wonder who we can compare him to. He is out on his own.

    We can only wonder at the performance of a cohesive and able side setting such a good example for Rugby.

    At a time when options for ravaging a few crofts have long gone we can now look forward to Scotland achieving better things in the Six Nations as well as its political aspirations. Certainly these young men struck a significant blow for social responsibility in Scotland by restoring Scottish pride. There was only enjoyment to be seen on Scottish faces on the day. It was a sight to see and cannot be taken away from them.

    1. So Scotland as a country is happy with the plucky loser tag. Nice to see such high aspirations in a nation!

    2. And how many tries were scored by Scotland? you cannot win by kicking alone, oh not to menion five of the Australian side missing through going on the pi$$ suspension……..

      Referring to The Six Nations enjoy your finish from this year as you will be back scrapping for the wooden spoon in 2014!

    1. The problem with Scotland is it’s full of Scots. Just kidding. Australia had significant injuries and still outscored Scotland 2-0 in tries. Scotland have no teeth. They will be crushed in the 6N as per usual..

      1. I will respond to this. A typical mistake and underestimation. And it sounds like an English remark. There is no invincible side as witnessed today – where the looks of anguish on the faces of the kiwis said it all. To win your backs must be against the wall. Ireland could sink no lower – so rose to new heights. Altogether there is plenty of fight to keep us entertained in the six nations – and you southerners get a good workout when you come to the UK. When were the blacks 19 nil before? – yes many a clever word will have to be taken back in the end – and it goes on!! IT IS NOT ABOUT WINNING BUT IT IS ABOUT HEART.

          1. Right thanks for the insight into you. We can all see who you are now. When making a posting at least you should have the responsibility of being civil – otherwise please do not waste our time with remarks that are not related to the game. Whether or not Scotland finish with a grand slam or with the least points does not demean them at all. They are as good as anyone else and I do not see why you and others like you are using this forum to insult people for trying their best to entertain us. I am ashamed of you – I am Welsh not Scottish but still a Celt and proud of it. Good luck Scotland and well done from me.

  2. It takes someone of little or no intelligence who thinks using a lot of big words makes them better than others AKA Elsdon Ward.

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