Rate the match: Scotland v Italy


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Rate the match: Scotland v Italy

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14 thoughts on “Rate the match: Scotland v Italy

  1. What a difference a week makes.

    Scotland were agressive and their defence was great, good line speed. I was really impressed with Harley and grey looked more like the man we were waiting for.

    The scotland back three scored , which we knew they could. Scotland are in a unique position, for them, they know that they have the backs to score tries if the forwards show up.

    Scotland have 2 homes games it will be interesting to see what happens.

    Another really entertaining game. This 6N is really exciting, who needs bonus points.

  2. Great game

    Scotland werenintense and showed they can finish, the created at least 6/7 try chances so they were well worth their tries.

    Grey had a good game, about time, hogg is looking at a lions place.nhogg has more pace than halfpenny and carney it is getting interesting. If scotland play like that, they could imploude yet, they could beat ireland and wales at home.

    But they have good performances before, but I have never seen them so deadly i front of the try line.

  3. I was due to be on a plane when this match kicked off, but it was cancelled: thank god, as this was not to be missed. What a sensational improvement on last week. Scotland looked much stronger at the break down and the tackling was monumental. They picked up on every Italian mistake and made a try scoring opportunity out of all of them.
    Italy looked to struggle with the damp conditions, but looked just as dangerous in attack as last week; Scotland put their tackles in and that was enough. The biggest scotland win in the six nations, and very well deserved. Bravo, lads!

  4. poor game i must say! (pure boring) Although Scotland Scored alot it just was not entertaining, credit to scotland they deserved it none the less

  5. Hogg is just on fire. Great performance from Scotland, best they’ve played in years.
    Maybe things really are looking up.

  6. Battle of the breakdown and Scotland won it. Congratulation Scotland a much better performance. I certainly wasn’t expecting that score line.

  7. Winning the battle in the contact is becoming the mantra of this Six Nations I think. Scotland bossed it all day and constantly asked questions of a shaky Italian defense. This was the kind of win they needed to give them some confidence. Hogg was magnificent and if he keeps this form he simply has to be on the plane down under. Likewise, Grey was on fire and seemed to be everywhere and Harley proved he deserved a first start. Haven’t seen many plaudits for one other man, however, and that is Euan Murray. He took a little bit of a bruising last weekend and came back superbly yesterday I thought.

    I think Parisse, Cannelli and Masi were the only positives for Italy. Orqueara was shown up unfortunately and Botes often found himself isolated. Is this another false dawn for the Azzurri?

  8. No matter how much discussion on individual matches rugby will
    never rival soccer as an international sport whilst the game itself is
    so flawed. The fact that the ball is in play for less than a quarter
    of match time speaks for itself. There are far too many petty
    regulations which constantly impede flow of play for reasons which the
    crowd invariably cannot see or understand, and which so often mean the
    game is won on negative scoring (penalties) rather than through tries.
    The outcome often therefore depends simply on whichever team has the
    best goal kicker. Let’s find a way to stop scrum collapses, and get rid of all the petty regulations (especially the accidental knock-on, which time and again stops a promising flow of play because of an inconsequential fumble which usually disadvantages the attacker anyway). It’s time for influential commentators and journalists to take the wider view and start campaigning against entrenched views.

  9. To those who are getting over excited Scotland have NOT turned a corner, they beat Italy arguably the second best team in the 6 Nations, to be honest the proof is in the pudding if they beat Wales, Ireland or France which I for one cannot see happening.

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