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  1. It was pretty turgid stuff wasn’t it. It set a new record for number of penalties in a 6 Nations game, and there were lots of very sloppy errors. Hope Ireland V France is a bit better!

  2. very scrappy and not a really good game of rugby however wales would be pleased with a 10 point gap between the scots as they battle hard.

  3. Welsh pack looked ominous. Warburton and Tipuric looked great in combination. Provided Eng don’t slip up it should be a cracker next week.

  4. Nice to see Warburton back in form, I thought he was outstanding, even better when Tipuric came on. Shame the backline did’nt function again, I’m pretty sure Davies and Roberts only touched the ball 5 times between them!! Is it time to give Hook a go? Maybe if it was’nt such a big game next week??

    1. Interesting comment. Do you think Phillips could have something to do with the ball rarely reaching the centres?

  5. Nick, I know he likes to take the ball on a lot but, Biggar saw enough of it today, both running and kicking. I’m not saying that Biggar’s been poor, I’m just wondering if Hook might offer something a bit different?? Although saying that,the way Jamie Roberts has been playing I don’t blame him for not passing!!!

  6. Pathetic game, but Wales’ defence looked fantastic. Unfortunately, it would appear that we may be set for another all-penalty affair next week then… hopefully not!

  7. A pudding of a game, not helped by the ref. Actually thought Wales played very well today, and Scotland’s limitations were brutally exposed. England are going to have to up their game against Wales. Scrum looked very good, and breakdown and defence were fantastic.

    North had his best game of the 6N, and AWJ and Warburton are both back. Even Phillips looked better! Interesting to see if Tipuric starts next week – I hope so as I still believe he’s better off the bench, when he can use his speed against tired legs, but tends to get worn down by the breakdown if he starts.

    As for Scotland, Visser might have just played himself off the Lions plane – has the skills, but poor decision making time and again – how many times did he get tackled into touch. Felt a bit sorry for the Scottish front row as the Welsh did a number on the ref. I thought they delayed the hit several times meaning the Scots got pinged, and then of course took advantage when the Scots delayed their hit. Laidlaw, Scott and Hogg have all got good chances of Lions berths, and quite like how Harley has been playing as I think the harder quicker grounds may suit his game.

    1. Agree with you on the scrum, seemed every time Scotland got the better hit they were pinged for going early and every time Wales got the hit Scotland got pinged for not taking the hit.

      Inconsistent reffing along “crouch ……………….. touch ………………….. set” taking a ridiculous amount of time deprived us of what should have been an excellent contest between 2 really good tight 5s.

  8. 97% tackle completion rate for the Welsh and no tries conceded since the first half against Ireland. The line speed, physicality and organisation looks good. Scrum looks much better with Hibbard as well. Despite the midfield misfiring it’s going to be a tough assignment next week. Wales were priced at 9/1 to retain the championship prior to the weekend, anyone who got there money on at that price is probably feeling fairly good at the moment.

    More and more players are starting to repay Howley’s loyalty/faith.

  9. i beleive hook should always start in the welsh number 10 jersey, we have seen what he brings, he is not just a all round kicker but he is vital and amazing on the pitch as he connects with the back line, making the welsh backline one of the strongest in the world on form

  10. Maybe having the weight of captaincy lifted has freed warburton up a bit. He did say in the build up that it was nice to only have his job to focus on, not all the other stuff. If he can find form again then that’s great for the lions, but I would be hesitant to have him captain the lions.

    I would even look to keep Ryan jones as skipper for Wales, or maybe have someone like alun-Wyn as captain so Sam can just focus on him.

    I didn’t get to see the whole game, as I had it on in the background, but tipuric seems to be proving that he is an impact player for Wales. He looks a lot better off the bench than he does starting.

    This 6Ns seems to have been very costly for Roberts and Davies’ lions chances.

      1. very true. but the few times they have had the ball neither has set the world alight. wales seem to have a similar problem to england, in that they dont really have a passing centre.

        i expect i lot of bashing about in the midfield next week in cardiff. it woud just be nice to watch a player who can create some space. davies is a bit less of a battering ram, but he is still a carrying centre, and i think that this has been part of the reason for north and cuthbert coming under criticism in recent weeks. (fortunately- for the lions- both seem to have found other ways to get involved and are returning to form)

        i felt roberts should have been benched for this game just gone. not only would it mean hook to play 12, adding some creativity, but it might give roberts a bit of a kick up the backside. i think there are a few similarities between england and wales at the moment. there are a few players who are not playing well, but are still being picked, and it seems to make a mockery of the idea of picking on form. wales have been fortunate that a few players have come back into form, but guys like roberts (and ashton for england) seem to be allowed to play poorly.

  11. This competition is getting ever more disappointing every time the ball is picked up. Every team looks scared to attack, and the referees are simply refusing to let the games flow. The disastrous scrummaging is responsible for the penalty count reaching outer space, where it is unclear who is to blame. the simplicity of it is: what was wrong with “crouch, touch, pause, engage? this new technique is causing uncertainty among the beefy men at the front, and ruining the classic continuity of the not so beautiful game.

    this leads to a lacklustre of running rugby, where backs leave the pitch with stiff limbs after watching forwards scrap out the remainders of what was a fascinating game to watch.
    Let’s hope the magic returns in the final round, the stakes are at a peak, and every team is gunning for different spots. bring back rugby!

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