Rate the Match: Wales 15 South Africa 24

What are your thoughts on the Wales v South Africa game in Cardiff?

Let us know who you think played well and where there is room for improvement.

Give the match a score out of 10 and then justify your selection in the comments below.

Rate the Match: Wales v South Africa

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24 thoughts on “Rate the Match: Wales 15 South Africa 24

  1. Hibbard was an animal same as Faletau warburton and lydiate, but we made some awful handling errors that cost us chances. We bullied South Africa in the second half up front but our backs let us down. Hook for priest land next weekend and get Henson in the centre! Hope liam Williams is back of not call up Jordan Williams. Samson lee to replace Adam jones

  2. Too many errors. Wrong decisions at times. SA killer blow try had a touch of luck to it but they took it well. Small margins again but yet again we come out on wrong side of each telling moment in the match. Still not good enough. Must do better.

    On the plus side back row were awesome, Hook played well going forward (but suspect in defence), Priestland got the backs moving well and J Davies keeps improving. Dealt well with some killer injuries.

    7/10, entertaining match. Must do much better.

  3. So disappointed, a number of factors cost Wales the game, not least losing influential players so early in the game, having said that there were just too many errors & you can’t afford them against the Boks. The record books will show 3 tries to nil but that doesn’t tell the whole story, I actually thought Wales were getting on top and at 17-15 were gathering momentum & looking good for the next score…..until….. the third ‘try’ which knocked the stuffing out of them, it, of course should never have been allowed, what the officials were doing I don’t know & that was the turning point……penalty to wales in a kickable position…probable 3 points…18-17 to Wales & a different game. Yeh, I know, ‘pie in the sky’ but I would just like the Welsh to get the breaks in a big game for a change :( .
    I thought Rolland had a fair game on the whole but really needs to look up the meaning of the word straight !

    Rant over.

  4. springboks well deserved win with 3 tries to nil..wales forwards did well physically but lack of creative attack let wales down..still a lot to do on attack..all 3 bok tries were unique and showed flair..big difference is what a team does with possession

  5. Wales were flattered by the score and a Bok team that seemed to fall asleep after 20 minutes. It’s a testament to the mindset of both teams that SA think they played so-so while Wales thought they played ok.

    This was akin to a game where the big schoolyard bully was holding the little upstart by the scruff of the neck and trying to avoid wild swinging attemped blows.

    1. I haven’t seen those interviews where Wales thought they played ok and SA thought so-so. Please share Jay.

      Of course, SAY would give up after 20mins as they were so far head at that point. 10-6 up, miles ahead. ‘Twas in the bag.

      1. The player ratings on Walesonline.com for the Welsh team are 6’s to 8’s. The player ratings for SA on SARugbymag.co.za are 5’s and 6’s. The opinion of Welsh commentators versus SA commentators usually mirror the dynamic within the teams themselves. My interpretation of the Wales management comments is that while they are disappointed, they just have no answer, and are blaming the usual constraints. Perversely that seems to imply they are comfortable with the loss, sort of expected it but hoped it would be otherwise.

        SA never looked liked losing, despite the fact that many Welsh supporters seemed to think Wales had a chance almost up to the end. The commentator above who thinks the SA forwards were bullied is surely dreaming. Maybe you were watching a game with your own set of subjective thought processes. However the game I watched appeared in the bag for SA from minute 10.

        That’s opinion unless you have not noticed. It’s subjective which we all interpret with our own set of subjective thoughts. Disagree all you want if you wish, that is your prerogative.

        1. “The opinion of Welsh commentators versus SA commentators usually mirror the dynamic within the teams themselves” – not true, but the clueless tabloid hacks over at walesonline would love it that people thought they had such legitimacy. So to be clear, you’ve gone from saying that the welsh were happy with their performance to now saying it was one welsh online hack mag and your interpretation of the managers comments. Which comments? The ones that said we were woeful in the aerial battle? The ones that berated our positioning, our tackle technique?

          Umm, Wales were 2 points down for a considerable period of time. Anyone thinks their team has a chance in that situation. Anyone. To rubbish anyone acknowledging that chance is just some sort of anti-welsh prejudice. Everyone in the stadium near me breathed a sigh and said “oh well, there we are then” once SA got that final score. Only at that point was it game over. I’ve seen enough rugby matches where penalties keep a team in it and then they sneak a win at the end to not discount such a victory. Everyone was fully aware that we were holding ourselves in there, but that’s rugby.

          I am disagreeing, completely. Opinion is one thing, a blinkered desire to rubbish the undoubted bright spots in the welsh loss, a laughable claim that being 6-3 down (you say it was in the bag after ten mins, SA didn’t score their try until the 11th) just highlights that yes, it is your opinion, but it is an ill informed one that for some reason seems desperate to paint this as a one sided match that everything except the score showed complete and utter SA dominance which was plainly untrue. It also goes beyond opinion when you state it as fact what the welsh and SA teams thought of their performances.

          1. Dear Brighty!

            You should perhaps take some time out and work through your anger and inferiority complex. I’ll stand by my comments as much as you want to disagree. This was not a close game and you are delusional thinking it was, but if it comforts you then so be it. It’s this inability to front up to the very real difference in class between NH and SH that leads to continual disappointment for NH teams time after time. While everyone was writing up the Lions/Welsh victory against OZ, everyone forgot just how close the first two tests were and how on another day Oz could have won that series.

            In 107 years Wales have beaten SA once, coming within points of victory many times but never quite getting there. That tells one about the relative mindsets prevailing in each camp. SA fans are always complaining about the ref when they lose to NZ, which is simply a poor mindset to have when you cannot beat your opponent. Similarly Welsh fans are always just minutes away from victory, always convincing themselves how close they got to beating SA/Oz or NZ.

            Now regarding my supposed anti-Welsh sentiment. That is just pure over sensitivity on your part and something you should work through. If having an opinion that Wales were comprehensively beaten despite the 9 point difference, and stating that there is a mindset issue, qualifies as anti-Welsh, then I think my point is just proven, by your mindset. The fact you don’t agree with me does lead me to believe that you may be anti-English, just that you are perhaps too pro-Welsh (assuming you are) to be objective about your teams performance.

            Have a good evening!

            1. You really are hilarious. Throwing around insults and assessments of other peoples characters. Ignoring half of what people say, choosing which bits you want to perpetuate your incoherent and clueless little arguments. Not worth a response to your rugby points as you are incapable of discussing rugby without arrogance, petulance and ignorance but I’ve got a cup of tea and a spare five mins so I’ll indulge anyway.

              So to address your ignorance one last time – “a close game as you think”. Fact – two points in it for a sig time. That is a mathematically unarguable fact that Team A were within one penalty score of team B until team B scored a wonder try. Said try was also offside but theme the breaks, nobody here is claiming the ref cost us the game, but it’s a recorded fact that we were in it until that point. Fact – I never said it was close. But you wouldn’t let either of those facts get in the way of your juvenile name calling.

              “Everyone forgot just how close..” Wow, now there is a superiority complex. Yes, you are the only one who didn’t get caught up in the Lions hype. The only one who saw through the sham that was Warrenball. How clever of you while *everyone* else was misguided. Fact – you’re not the only one to point out how close those matches were and how the entire series could have gone the other way.

              “Leads me to believe you may be anti-English”. I didn’t even know you were English. I’m anti you but that doesn’t extend to your entire country. It’s massive hubris to assume I dislike you simply because I dislike your country. No, I’m quite specific here in my dislike.

              “your anger and superiority complex” Jay, a little tip, things you think and things that are real can actually be two different things. Maybe you’ve got a degree in psychology but even that wouldn’t back up your constant appraisals of exactly what everyone else is thinking. You apparently know that I am angry, Wales team are happy, SA team are disappointed and it’s all from “tells one about the relative mindsets prevailing in the camp”. No it doesn’t.

              I can see from your comments when Eng beat Aus that you have some sort of beef with NH teams and their relative, as you see it, mindsets when compared to the SH teams. It comes a cross as an appraisal that believes itself of great insight – the lone true voice railing against those rubbish NH teams and their inferior mental strength. Pointing out that the despite wins, despite mathematically close times on the scoreboard, the NH teams are not even in the game. It’s not a great insight. It’s not factually correct. It has no basis in reality. It shows no empathy to understanding of the game.

              1. Good luck Brighty! You’ll spend another 107 years having delusions about beating NZ or SA. At least though you know something about the game which is a comforting thought to tide you over while you hope for that that elusive win.

                It should be painfully obvious that NH teams don’t cut it against SH teams. The stats tell all. But hey call me a superior, stuck up, not very insightful, stupid or idiotic. It’s much easier to do that than to deal with the constant losing against SH teams. Whats Wales record under Gatland against SH teams – 28 losses -1 win or something like that? Oh sorry I forgot, that is meaningless – the games were all very tight, mathematically speaking that is, and the stat shows a lack of insight.

                1. It was thoroughly depressing reading down this thread and seeing that whilst the Welshman was making well constructed arguments about the game and rugby itself; whilst my fellow English resorted to petty comments that are becoming far more common on this blog.

                  The NH vs SH debate is one that Jay seems to be having with himself. I am quite sure that every fan of rugby union acknowledges SA and NZ are the best teams in the world right now. Are Wales and England closing the gap? I’d like to think so. But to throw around insults to a guy who simply acknowledges that he had hope that Wales may be able to get over the line is simply childish and narrow minded. Wales could easily have won that game on Saturday had a few breaks gone the other way, and whilst it pains me to admit that, it is simply a fact that can not be argued against.

              2. What a cock-up! Never heard such rubbish!! – “but I’ve got a cup of tea” – Tell me it ain’t so. Tell me it was a pint of BRAINS.

                Your friend


  6. One class moment from yesterday that buried the Rolland thing forever. Just before kick off the big screens close up on him for the first time. Cue boos. Cue Rolland looking at the screen and cracking a little grin. Everyone in the crowd sees him do this and joins in. Lovely little moment. As I said last week I expected boos in a pantomime crowd kind of way and this is what we got.

    As for his refereeing – I found it annoyingly fussy. A few times both teams had advantages and it didn’t carry on. The prop sin bin – hard for anyone in the stadium to understand it but that’s more the problem of being at a rugby match than an issue with the decision. Anyway, his refereeing didn’t affect the result. As I said in my first reply, Wales not good enough.

    I do think its worth mentioning some of Wales high points though. Not, as some people think, in some misguided attempt to underplay how far off we were; but rather in the general way that anyone who has ever played rugby will understand – we were not good enough but these are the raw materials we have so we need to build on them. Take whatever good we can from the game and expand it into a full gameplan.

    1. “Not, as some people think, in some misguided attempt to underplay how far off we were; ….”. Glad you think I was underplaying how far off Wales actually were. Very funny!

      Oh and quite funny also that you deem my attitude superior but you punctuate your comments by saying that only those who have played the game will really understand. That sounds mighty superior to me.

      1. If you read it properly you will see that I was forewarning that although my following comment could be misconstrued as false optimism I wanted to be clear that it shouldn’t be read as such. In short the comment was about me, not you. You’ll find that lots of things are not about you.

  7. Great game, SA are very impressive at the moment.

    As for Wales, well they are a very good team, however, I worry that their development has slowed over the last couple of seasons. They have the power game and they are very powerful, his is enough to best most teams but Gats needs to develop something else.

    They have an awesome pack, Hibbard, AWJ, Warbs, Lydaite, Faletau are all excellent players, nevertheless behind the scrum they are lacking cutting edge. Hook needs to play either at 10 or at centre if Gats doesn`t trust him, but they don`t get the wide men into the game enough.

    Play Hook at inside centre and try to get some variety in the backline.

    But this is to improve, they look very good, better than England have so far.

  8. Great game – as a neutral, i really enjoyed it. Thought Wales played some good rugby in fits and starts. SA had a few moments of brilliance interspersed with some mixed play. Shame Davies came off as he was running some exquisite lines. Thought Hibbard had his best game in a red shirt and AWJ was quality as usual.

    However I have to agree with a couple of the comments above that after the SA try and the injuries, I never thought Wales were going to win. I sat there and enjoyed the rugby but without ever thinking Wales could pull it off.

    Also, (and Brighty I genuinely am not trying to wind you up) I have no idea what Lydiate brought to the team. I think he got his first mention at 27 mins and 58 secs. Now I know much of the work of a 6 goes unnoticed, but I cannot remember any big tackles or anything else of note. I thought Wales were much better when Tips came on.

    Thought the rest of the pack were decent, and Philips was better than I thought he would be. Not convinced by Priestland, and North had a rather mixed game. 15 looked much poorer when 1/2p moved to the wing.

    Thought Rolland was at least consistent. Never seen two props sent off at the same time before, but I rather like it as a tactic. He warned them it would happen and then followed through with it. If this happens more, we will see much less collapsing. Impossible for the ref to really tell what is happening in my opinion, so put the onus back on the players. There were some errors from him. Did it affect the winner. Don’t think so but it might have affected the margin.

    Am in total agreement on crooked put ins. I thought they were banned. Does annoy me too!

    1. I know what you mean Staggy but the thought going through my mind was Wembley in 99 or, as it had been on TV in the pub, the NZ Fra game from the 99 WC. Teams outgunned and losing but somehow hanging in there and then turning it and getting a win. We kept pinching ourselves in the crowd that there were only two points in it. One penalty and who knows. The better team won, but they don’t always.

      I remember Lyds making a few low tackles and Warbs going in high to force penalty or even get a turnover. Agree though that when Tips came on we seemed to go up a speed. Would love to see Warbs/Tips pairing again, worked pretty well the last time we tried it….

      Due to scheduling and pubs without Sky I didn’t see any of the Ire or Eng games so I was surprised by the emphatic score lines for the home teams. Sounds like routs in both.

      1. Didn’t see the Ireland game but the result looked fairly clearcut. England put together a very good first half which essentially ended the game as a contest (scoreline wise) and then drifted. Bit like Australia, I’m not really sure how good England were and how bad the opposition. I think another round of matches may answer the question further.

        I think England probably have a pack to keep scores close against even the best, except for on the odd occasion when our pack gets properly beaten, ie Cardiff, and then we dont have the backs to compensate. So how good are we – don’t know!

  9. That was a thoroughly enjoyable game of rugby. Fast and brutal. Habana and De Villiers seem to get better with age!

    For Wales to lose their best back – Davies – and their best forward – Jones – within the first 15 mins or so was a damn shame. To keep the game so close until the last try shows that the team’s mental toughness has improved. Had that been Wales of even 2 years ago, they might have got steam-rollered.

    Davies in particular was a massive loss. In that first 10 mins he seemed able to slice through the Bok defence at will.

    As for the poster above who thinks this shows a gulf between the north and south hemisphere, I’d say it showed exactly the opposite.

    On the one hand, we have a battle-hardened Bok team, that’s just come out of the Rugby Championship and some very tough matches against the best team in the world.

    On the other, we have a Welsh team who are playing together as a team for the first time since the 6 Nations and who are bound to be rusty.

    And yet, despite 2 crucial injuries in the first 10 mins, the Welsh still manage to keep the game in the balance until the 65th minute or so. Even the crucial try required an element of luck, both with the favourable bounce of the ball and an off-side that wasn’t spotted.

    There’s no doubting that the Kiwis and the Boks are the top 2 teams in the world currently (‘tho its a shame that SA aren’t playing England) but the gap between SA and the chasing pack is not that big and certainly not insurmountable

  10. Good post Pablito, accurate assessment & well worded, Davies & AJ will be hugely missed for the upcoming games, just hope Wales have enough to beat the Aussies & get that spectre off thier back.

  11. Not the result Wales wanted but it certainly gives a promising outlook on the rest of the series. To remain within two points of a very powerful Bok side despite debilitating early injuries is testament to the squad’s will and determination. Let’s not forget that this is the first REAL Wales game since Cardiff. The Boks however have just come off the back of an impressive Rugby Championship campaign. I for one am eagerly looking forward to comparing their next performance against the Pumas to that of our own.

    The key now is to just put it behind them and draw from the positives as inspiration. Of which there were many:
    Davies must have made close to 70m in the opening 10 minutes thanks to his two exquisite breaks. It would be impossible to prove, but also very reasonable to hypothesise that had he (and Jones) remained fit; the result may have been different.
    Hibbard could have easily won MotM with a monstrously physical and borderline selfless display that made Hartley’s similar performance against Argentina look just slightly short of vigour.
    Not to mention Halfpenny’s impeccable goal kicking and Warburton’s guile over the ball.

    Look on those to improve, hope Adam Jones stays fit (any news on his injury?) and Wales should comfortably chart up 3 wins from 4. And it would be foolhardy to consider that a failure.

    And may I ask what is with all the anti-(English/Welsh) sentiment? Last time I checked; my passport said I’m British. I support all Celtic nations in all their matches, except when playing England. I’m quite surprised (and disappointed) that my fondness for a bit of camaraderie and rivalry seems to put me in the minority.

    1. Tom. I think you will find it was only one individual. The rest of us want to talk about rugby, disagree about rugby and have some banter. The only thing better is going down the pub and doing it!

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