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Which players impressed you today? What were the main talking points from the game?

Rate the Match: Wales v Argentina

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28 thoughts on “Rate the Match: Wales v Argentina

  1. Wales scrummed ok line out ok, missed Phillips at 9, Priestland poor, slow to support breakdown, not sure Warbs is right sort of capt too.

  2. Ok, where to start. We need to pick players who know the rules, too many players at the line out, going in the side over the top, hopeless decision making – if Wales have a three quarter line to threaten world rugby where were they. Lost ball in crucial territorial positions, not exceptable – school boy errors.Wales were looking for a top 4 seed we will be fortunate to get a top eight seeding. Argentina showed Wales for what they are – average. The regional rugby performance has been passed onto the National Team. Howley must go – Priestland – bored of bringing him up.Wales were inept, pathetic and incompetent at best – can’t see us improving from here – Wales are going backwards at a rate of knots – poor selections, poor decision making – poor Wales – long hard season. British Lions will be easier from now on – can’t see who i could justify choosing from this side – Falatu maybe, struggling.

  3. Very dissappointed with that performance. What’s happened to our backs. They seem to have a habit of either running down blind alleys or looking for contact. It’s very worrying to see the lack of bite and invention in our play, aspects that we have been well renowned for in the past. Our kicking game is very average and the kick chase game non-existent. The back row struggled to contain the far more aggressive Pumas and discipline was also poor. Wales were outplayed across the park today….no excuses! I’m hoping that this result will act as a sobering reality check.

    1. Agree, performance very poor, Welsh fans prepare for the bad day’s – talent, what talent – a loss of 20 points at home – no excuses, a display that will never be tolerated, disgusting, vile – we were dreadful hope the display will never be repeated – but think it will – who in their right mind would be willing to pay the prices the WRU want for a average Team – i am totally gutted.

  4. Well, “disappointing” from Howley is not nearly strong enough to describe that performance. Here’s hoping that the game was a blip (crossing every digit I possess as I say that), and we manage a win (at this moment, I don’t care if it’s 3-0) on Friday.

    However, to do that we might need to actually pick the form players in the squad, rather than still selecting players on performances at the World Cup. Assuming they’re fit, I’d like to see Tipuric, Beck, Jon Davies, Biggar, Ryan Jones, Liam Williams, Philips and Charteris starting against Samoa. That said, I think Gareth Davies at the Scarlets is the scrum half for the future and I would love to see Matthew Morgan in the squad, on the grounds that he offers a real attacking threat. Still, that won’t happen and I guess we just have to pick up the pieces and try to play to our potential.

    And if we make just one change, please let Tipuric start. He’s the form seven in Wales, played well in place of Warburton in the Six Nations and is also a quality footballer on top of being a great jackal. I may be making this up, but as far as I can remember, he made more turnovers in 5 minutes than Warburton did in 75. Food for thought.

    But hey, if we turn it around, we’re still on track for Jonathan Davies’ 3 out of 4. Not too hopeful of that though, I wonder why?

  5. Was great to see Fernandez Lobbe play Warbuton off the park today, He showed the Welsh how a real captain should lead a team. The man was everywhere today, taking contact, making tackles, holding his hand up and saying ‘yeah i’ll except responsibility’. Where was Warbuton in the same role? Nowhere.

  6. Difficult to disagree with all those comments already posted.
    I’ve watched and supported Wales for just about 50 years, can’t afford the ticket prices any longer and am finding it hard to stomach the endless excuses for the lack of a satisfactory performance.
    Frankly, Wales are barely a top ten side, they’d struggle to beat Georgia on current form.
    These are all professional players who played like a poor club side – without pride and seemingly little emotion.
    Howley was only ever a decent scrum half and the WRU is an insult to fans (no change there).
    Sadly, after yesterday’s performance I feel just about done with our national side, fifty years of some great highs but plenty of lows is probably enough for anyone.

  7. The most disappointing effort I have ever seen. Thank goodness I did not travel to Cardiff to see this rubbish of a team. Priestland can’t play rugby at all. Neither can the others!
    Won’t watch the next matches. Too embarassed!
    I can’t believe the boys were wearing the Welsh shirts!!

  8. Wales at the minute are far the best home nation out of the lot (ireland,england and scotland) but today they missed a few key players and also have just been to poland training so they will be tired however the dragons will be back for sure!

  9. COME ON GUYS! really your giving up on Wales over a 80 minute match. Against a good team. They proved a point in the world cup they won the six nations and then just played a bad game. The other nations cant compete with george north,Adam jones,Gethin jenkins,Halfpenny and all of them. Bobby is correct they will have highs and lows but they will be back, support WRU because they do their nation proud whatever the result

    1. I think it’s less giving up and more annoyance at how much of a step back yesterday was. Tactically Argentina were far better than us across the board, although I’d pick out their kicking game as one of the best aspects of their play. Also, the fact that our defence crumbled by the end of the game. In the first half we were driving their ball carriers backwards but by the end they were picking holes in and smashing through our line far too easily. The trip to Spala was meant to increase fitness but I’m not entirely convinced after yesterday that is has done.

      Also, we need to pick the in form players, persisting with what has worked in the past is a dead end if those players are not the best men for the job. I know I’ve said it before but I really think Tipuric should start next week, in place of Warburton if Ryan Jones can come in a 6, or with Warburton at 6 if not. It’s not as if we lack for leadership on the field, Ryan Jones, Gethin Jenkins and Matthew Rees have all captained Wales and Alun-Wyn is captain for the Ospreys. This is nothing against Warburton, who in form is a world class player, but Tipuric is simply playing better than the incumbent right now, as is Dan Biggar at 10. I’m also praying that Jon Davies is fit for next week, the back line looks an entirely different proposition with him at 13.

      In short, I’m not giving up yet but if we keep passing over the form players I fear this will be a long month for us.

      Final note, if we are not going to play Hook at fly half then ditch him. It would be very sad because he is such a talented player, but I think the game proved he is not a centre any more (if he ever was) and he’s never performed at fullback.

        1. Good point, at the moment we are really blessed with talented fly halves, Rhys Patchell at the Blues, Jordan Williams at the Scarlets and Matthew Morgan at the Ospreys all look quality, on top of which Biggar was superb last season and has been good in the last few games for the Ospreys. If he doesn’t get his chance next week, then when will he?

  10. Anyone like to comment on Jarvis’ performance? Not too sure how he played, averagely at best IMO, we need Adam Jones to produce a tidy performance. Priestland, Warburton, Hook useless.

    1. Jarvis did pretty well in the scrum and won a turnover on the ground, but missed tackles and was pretty anonymous in the loose in my opinion. We do miss Adam Jones and this was just more proof of that. I agree, Priestland has started every game since the world cup and been average at best, Hook is not a centre and Warburton was utterly invisible. Picking on form rather than reputation should ensure a win next week, but I have a sneaking suspicion Howley will persist with Priestland and Warburton, despite Biggar and Tipuric playing much better than they are right now.

  11. Didn’t see the game so can’t comment, but have seen a few reports that claim Wales were beaten up front and this starved the backs of much quality possession which is what you guys quite often get and thrive on. From what is being said here it sounds like the backs were poor. Can anyone help shed some light on this?

    As an outsider looking in, I cannot understand the insistence on playing Warburton when Tipuric is playing better at the moment. It smacks of England and Borthwick – and look how that turned out! Wouldn’t wish that on you (except maybe at Twickenham – sorry, can’t help but be a little bit partisan!)

    1. To be honest, the set piece was fairly solid. We lost a lineout at a key point, but aside from that we went fairly well and Jarvis was pretty secure in the scrum. The problem came when Warburton, whom we prize as an out and out openside didn’t make even one turnover as far as I can recall. Tipuric made two in 5 minutes.

      To be fair, Argentina were superb in the second half, Fernandez Lobbe was incredible and they were tactically superior as well.

      The backs had plenty of ball, possession and territory were roughly equal, Argentina’s defence was just too good. For Wales to not make a single line break is ridiculous with the talent we have. The ball didn’t make it’s way to the likes of Cuthbert and North often enough, but even when it did they were well marshalled by Argentina, same is true for Roberts when he was on.

      Taking injuries into account, this is the 15 I would like to see playing next week.

      1. Gethin Jenkins 2. Richard Hibbard. 3. Aaron Jarvis 4. Luke Charteris 5. Ian Evans 6. Ryan Jones 7. Justin Tipuric. 8 Toby Faletau 9. Mike Philips 10. Dan Biggar 11. George North 12. Ashley Beck 13. Jonathan Davies 14. Alex Cuthbert 15. Liam Williams.

      I doubt that will be the team, but I think that is the 15 that offers the greatest attacking threat with the available players. Assuming someone finds and destroys the creativity vacuum that must be occupying the Welsh training ground now, we will win if we play like we can.

      Final note, Barry John’s blog on Wales Online sums up the feeling infinitely better than I can, well worth a read if you have the time.

      1. Interesting article, although it always seems to me that ex Welsh players like to criticise a current team even more than Clive Woodward likes to criticise English management. Personally, I would wait to see how Argentina play against France and Ireland before writing yourselves off. I think that playing the SANZAR countries has probably taken them up a gear and they are coming in as a settled unit with a huge amount of game time as a team behind them. Have to say that I still expected Wales to win. Sounds a bit like the game plan was a bit off more than anything. Might not be good news for Howley in the long run.

        1. Woodster, apparently Tipuric shewod up really well in the pre WC training camps, and given his form for the O’s so far he can feel qite unlcky not to have made the trip. Doesn’t it smack of poor planning by the coaches to have taken a squad with only one 7, when we have plenty of cover in other positions.Personally, I wouldn’t have taken Byrne, but at that time there were concerns about 1/2p fitness, Rhys P is not a great 15, and Hook was still possibly the starting 10. That probably swayed things in Byrne’s favour. The other obvious ommision could have been Brew. He’ll play against Namibia and spend the rest of the trip holding tacklebags. Lets keep everything crossed Warburton survives Monday, because flying out a new 7 before the Fiji game isn’t ideal.

  12. This game was played at home – and we played badly against a average Team, lets not sweep our problems under the carpet AGAIN – the Australian tour was spoor and we are getting worse – back to the 80’s again. Howley is no coach must go. Six nations will be poor at this rate and i am not looking forward to the hammering we will recieve against NZ and the Aussies – we just never seem to half a plan B or anyone who can captain the side – maybe Gethin again but Sam is no captain and should not be in the Team – sad day for Welsh rugby – and Richard it’s not just one game lol.

    1. Calling Argentina average is something of a disservice but I agree, we should have beaten them and we should have beaten Australia in the summer as well. On this basis Howley should not be made head coach after Gatland leaves. We must start picking inform players rather than the same old faces who have been poor ever since the World Cup.

  13. A disappointing, lacklustre performance. Lacking in leadership and imagination. The excellent Warburton is not a leader and the promise of Priestland has faded. Constant kicking and giving possession to the opposition thus allowing them to come back at you is not a winning strategy – see the All Blacks and keeping possession

  14. Howley is no international coach – say goodbye to him sooner rather than later. I agree with most of the comments guys,we need to pick in-form players, dispatch some of the tired-out ones like Mike Phillips and Wyn-Jones, they add nothing now and in Phillips’ case he just slows the whole game down and is a liability. Overall we were poor, tired, inept and believe we are better than we currently are. I love Wales, but I can’t watch them

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