Rate the Match: Wales v Australia

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Which players impressed you today? What do you think of Wales’ ?

Rate the Match: Wales v Australia

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24 thoughts on “Rate the Match: Wales v Australia

  1. pretty poor game between two tired teams not helped by mr consistently inconsistant wayne barnes. when banres has a twisted knee and wales turn him over he stops play and gives aussies a scrum but when halfpenny is unconcious and needs a neck brace and five min stoppage to stretcher off he allows aus to continue play and score then winning try :p

      1. johne, you’ve made enough comments on this blog to indicate you have a specific agenda and habe a problem getting over things. So let me fix that sentence for you … “Massively overrated wales, who beat the supposedly better Irish twice this season, lost so get over it”…

  2. mantra to self throughout game watch us bollox it up in the last minute just watch us oh yes we did of course .79 mins keep ball keep ball keep ball Warburton lions captain don’t make me laugh .Halfpenny Lions fullback yes I think so .

  3. I have never been so close to throwing the tv out of the window.I thought it was a poor game with both teams not playing that well.But how can we be so bad at lineouts and closing a game.Two minutes of up the jumper stuff.
    Biggest worry is where do we go from hear,except for injuries they are our best players.

    And on top of that England putting 38 points on the Blacks

  4. Great game! very close, i agree with staggy the rwc rankings dont mean a thing, wales will be looking to win the six natiosn which i think they will, well played by wales they really should of held onto the ball in the dieing minutes and they would of won 9-12

  5. Wales need to work on their game now to try and sneak a win against Italy to avoid the wooden spoon. I think we can assume that the Italy game is the only one that is achievable. Shambolic. Unless we get a 10 other than that lunatic, we have absolutely no hope. Warburton has again demonstrated how poor he is as captain. Even the most basic of rugby brains would have told you to retain possession in the 79th minute of a game and not give the opposition the opportunity to run back at you. Sam just go and take the loony with you.

    1. they had enough chances against australia. how many tests was it they playee in tue last year? 7. with thay kind of statistical probabilty i would expect evem italy could have taken at at least one win. i do admire australia above all other teams though. i think theyre wc wins were the most emphatic by far ahead of any other team. i dont believe theyve ever really bottled a game and theyre never beaten – kind of the polar opposite of wales in that regard.

    1. He’s fine thankfully. It’s always worrying to see a player get hurt around the neck or back area as it’s so dangerous, as we saw with O’Driscoll’s injury a few years back, but Halfpenny is completely fine and has already been released from hospital.

  6. Things are never as bad or as good as they seem. Somewhat amused to see Warburton getting stick, a week after Robshaw got stick for not doing the right thing at the end of a game. As long as they learn. Robshaw looked OK as a captain this week!

    On the evidence of the AI’s, I can’t see Wales winning the 6N, but they won’t be battling it out for the wooden spoon either. France still the team to beat in my opinion. England improving. Still not sure about Ireland. Wales will be better as will Scotland and Italy will be tough at home.

    Interesting to see how many English players would have got into a combined Wales England team at the start of the AI’s, and how many Welsh would get into the same combined team 4 weeks later! Personally, I would still rank the teams fairly evenly, with all of the starting players available. Lucky for England that we have more depth due to greater numbers.

  7. Staggy you are clearly the ultimate optimist. Wales have no shape, no idea and no number 10. What is a real worry is there is no 10 in the making. The big problem with Welsh Ruby is the leadership and it si no more than the greed of the WRU that has put us in this position. That Roger Lewis and his cronies such as Pickering should not be allowed to get away with what they do. Mark my words Wales will contend to the Wooden spoon and If we played Italy today they would shit all over us.

  8. Not trying to get a reaction here but I have to say Jonathan Davies got right up my nose for taking the hump with Jerry Guscott for questioning Sam Warburtons recent form based on statistics against Richie McCaw.

    He had a very valid point and it was like Jerry had insulted his Mum, he needs to take critiscism of his fellow country men with a pich of salt as at the end of the day Warburton is an excellent player going through a rough patch and it is only opinion based on fact which is what the match analysts are there to do!

  9. Onto the rugby …

    Oh, that was painful. I think Staggy has a point, we’re not as bad as we have looked, we are especially missing key players – Lydiate, Jones, AWJ – key defensive players for us. A fully fit Gethin would have also been nice.

    Confidence was very, very low. This time last year we would have (and did) scored tries from those Halfpenny and Cuthbert breaks, or one of the few other breaks we made. This year we froze up (watch the replay and you can see Cuthbert about to chip it, then he questions himself, and the moment is gone…) as we are painfully low.

    I thought Priestland started playing better. He was playing flat, zipping the passes right in the faces of the Aussies.

    As for the kicking it away … I dunno if it’s clear cut that it was a bad idea. We were 3 points ahead, Wayne Barnes interpretation of the rules was a lottery for both sides, so Aus could have got a pen and we would have drawn. Our defence had held firm all game to that point … on such small margins this game turned.

    As for the future – the players we have are still class, and we have more of them coming through. We finally unearthed some depth up front with Jarvis, Samson Lee and Andrews.

    As for all the talk of the six nations – only once in the last 8 years have we gone into the 6 nations with anyone (especially the Irish who have always hated the fact that with their supposedly better players they still can’t perform like we can) expecting us to do anything, and that was this year just gone. 3 slams in that time. I’m sure there will be a lot of cheap talk between now and then, again, mostly from the Irish, about how Wales are rubbish and we are going to get hammered. We’ll see when it kicks off, until then you know nothing. Until then we’re still the champions.

    1. Your opening game v Ire will be very tasty for sure! Then away to France in week 2 – yikes! No doubt the team can bounce back but is Howley the one to do it?

      1. The Howley factor is a problem. He’s show a lack of gameplan, lack of man management, lack of anything really. He’s never managed a team so we have no idea what he is like but his track record is very poor.

        Yep, tasty first match. I can’t wait as it’ll finally put all of the cheap talk to bed. The Irish have loved slating us after every loss, moaning about us being overrated, conveniently forgetting that we got our rating based largely on defeating them twice last season. They’ve never forgiven us for the Slam in 2005 – all those nearly’s for them while we were perennial bottom table boys, then we slide in and do the business. Then do it again… The Irish see themselves as the preeminent Celtic side due to their HC performances, but they do not have a record as good as ours at international. So I for one cannot wait to finally play them again, beat them again, so they can stop talking about it for a few days…

        1. You mention the Irish here but how do you explain the amazing success of the provinces in recent years. Ok the national team have come up just short on occasions , but overall we are still slightly ahead of Wales like it or not. And have beaten all S H opposition except N Z in recent seasons unlike Wales. We merely have a go at the Welsh because the so overhype themselves , goin to win 2015 world cup and be a top 3 side on a regular basis they tell us. No problem with Wales beating us but please stay realistic . Ireland and Wales are both at best world cup semi- finalists and are behind France and England in the s n as we are both quite small rugby playing nations, Ireland know this and get on with their rugby but Wales i feel have at times totally lost the run of themselves and this is really affecting the pro-game in Wales

          1. The national sides and the provincial sides are different things – to turn the question around, how do you explain the amazing success of the provinces but the poverty of success of the national team? Wales regions are unloved, unsupported and largely irrelevant to the fortunes of the Wales team because the Wales team is in effect out fifth region. Almost ten home games a year, play in Cardiff, etc. People outside Wales just don’t get this.

            Please Johne, as you keep banging on about, show me the articles where Wales players and management are quoted overhyping themselves. Quoted saying they will win the next World Cup. Quoted saying they are amongst the best in the world. Don’t just repeat that you’ve seen it all over, links please. I suspect you will find nine because it is your paranoia and dictates for Wales that puts this into your mind, no actual articles.

            Ire and Wales both at best semi finalists? No, Wales are semi finalists, Ireland never have been. Realistic? Last year – Grand Slam, WC semi final. No hype. No shouting. They are facts. Beat Ireland twice to achieve both of those.

            Ireland know what? Ireland are the biggest self promoters around. All this talk of the “golden generation”, you doing it yourself here by banging on about the provincial success as if that has anything to do with national success. It does not, as Wales and France have proven.

            You know nothing about the pro game in Wales – you keep equating it to the Irish model that has led to provincial success but that is different for us Welsh. As I’ve said in here before, why would we listen to countries with less international trophies than us?

          2. I’ve also just realised your complete lack of self awareness – you say we hype ourselves yet you also say Ireland are slightly better than Wales. So, we beat you three times on the trot in our last three match ups. We get three grand slams in a decade, you get one in fifty years. We reach two World Cup semi finals and you reach none. But you are still slightly ahead of us because you beat Aus in recent seasons – a game you followed up by comprehensively losing to us. Deluded.

  10. im all fairness we played ok.
    we should have won the game
    but yet again time after time priestland made a wrong call
    i hang my head in despair

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