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Which players impressed you today? Was there much improvement from last weekend’s defeat to Argentina?

Rate the Match: Wales v Samoa

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63 thoughts on “Rate the Match: Wales v Samoa

    1. Dear oh dear. Can’t quite believe this to be honest…

      I did think Wales were overrated after RWC but didn’t think they could go from Grand Slam winners to losing to Samoa so quickly.

      Lions selection looking slightly different these days.

      1. Wales were not overrated after RWC. If it hadn’t been for Roland the cheating French Irish twat oops i meant rat, Wales would have played in the final. Certainly not overrated but cheated. I wouldn’t expect you to disagree as you obviously aren’t welsh, I bet you are a banker!!!!!

        1. Look even with 14 men Wales were the dominant team. Roland is a complete berk but Wales failed to take a match the should have won Stephen Jones absolutely bottled it.

          Anyway back to tonight. Maybe Wales arent as good as they thought. At least from a squad perspective. Really missed Adam Jones tonight.

        2. Lifted hips above shoulders AND dropped from the air. Rolland red carded a player earlier in the year in a Heineken cup match for the same offence. Sam should have done his homework.

          1. Strange how Rolland has never red carded Southern Hemisphere player for similar and even worse offences.!!!!!!! Mind you, if he did, he would probably never have another invite to referee a Southern Hemisphere game!!!!. I watch a great deal of rugby on sky, bbc 2 Wales, sc4 Wales. Even my English friends agree that a welshman or welsh incident must have affected him badly in the past as some of his historic decisions have been so against welsh sides at all levels that they were tantamount to cheating. If you find this hard to believe then please look at previous games he has officiated in over the last number of years. What beggars belief is that he is still officiating. Mind you, even the government are still fiddling taxes in the form of expenses so why should I be surprised that the rat is still practicing his skills!!!!!

  1. Warren missing=pathetic welsh performances looking unfit and playing without any fluidity in the backs. Realisation is that Howley will never make an international coach and Priestland has lost it since the rugby World Cup. I am no expert but the evidence is overwhelming. I am a Welshman living in England. I will not be playing golf tomorrow as I am not in the mood for the expected crowing from my English mates.

    1. Don’t feel like crowing at the moment. I’m pretty gobsmacked at the Welsh performance. I’m actually feeling sorry for you at the moment. You might feel that’s worse than crowing!

  2. Wow. Did not see that coming. Wales look very flat. Clearly a different set up without gatland. Priestland needs to drop out of the 23 imo. The passage of play where he turned the ball over and kicked it to the dead ball area with an overlap begging summed him up at the moment.

  3. Well I don’t think I underrated Samoa, I overrated Wales. Front 5 were awful and back row got outmuscled. Phillips was OK, Halfpenny is probably the Lions FB, but rest of the Welsh backline were pretty anonymous. I think Howley has coached himself out of a job!

    1. And the players out of Lions selection, not one Welsh player would i choose presently – Oh how the critics of Welsh rugby will love this

  4. I don’t really get these questions. Rate the match for what? Entertainment? Quality? Effort? Commitment?

    I put 8 because as a neutral i was glued to the screen but it wasn’t an 8 for quality.

    1. Good point. I gave it a six on balance. Some pretty poor play on occasions, but as you said, as a neutral, I was glued to my computer. Why didn’t the BBC show this live in England (moan, grumble).

  5. Yeah, I don’t think we were overrated. We missed the final by a whisker, beat everyone in the NH then narrowly lost down south. What we are now though is very very rubbish. Physically not in the game. No rugby sense which is the most depressing thing for a Welshman. Hard to remember us being so clueless, weak and gutless.

  6. LMAO again. No flair, initiative, passion. We will be competing for the wooden spoon in the 6 Nations – wanted a 4th ranking position – joke, pathetic. Looking like a very poor English Team from the 90’s ( sorry to any English reading this an insult i know) Without Halfpenny we are lost. Don’t know the rules, bad decision making, could not score a try if we were there all weekend ( a try that was compiled and worked for ) All the critiscm over the last 18months of the Welsh Team deserved – Rest of the world laughing at Welsh rugby at the moment and who can blame them

      1. I did apologise Nick, they were, i did say a poor version – crash ball through the mid field, three quarter line poor, and relying on goal kicks to win the games. We don’t have a front five though and are just clueless on every level

  7. Staggy, right now no amount of crowing from anyone could make us feel worse than we all do. Crowing after a decent loss would be painful but right now we are, and I know this word is strong, ashamed of our team because they committed two cardinal sins. One, they didn’t want it. Unforgivable. Two, and this hurts the welsh, clueless back play. Even in our darkest days we always looked like rugby players, we don’t anymore.

  8. Great game Samoa!!!! Malo lava le taalo malosi ! Would have loved to have been back home watching this. They would be goin absolutely crazy.

    1. Imagine if Samoa had had a fair shot at wales in the RWC by scheduling the games so they had equal preparation time. Perhaps things would have been very different. Maybe Fuimano-Sapolu was right.

      1. I agree – would have lost that game defo – Samoa had no real preparation for this game and still showed us how to play rugby

      2. Feel you are clutching at straws. We Welshmen realise the formula for current welsh rugby is : Gatland in charge = fitness, good back play backed by fit forward play. Howley in charge = Poor back play backed up by unfit forwards. Don’t believe me??? Results back me up. Disgruntled proud Welshman

  9. Dear me, that was terrible from Wales. James Johnston ruined Jenkins. As for Tipuric – makes me wonder what all the fuss was about…

  10. The wales team as i see it since the start of the RWC (i see that as the start of this team). A young side puts in a few good performances. Never actually win that many of the hard close games (RWC v SA, RWC v FRA, RWC v AUS, Aus at home). Good 6N but that’s become pretty standard for Wales, they needed to make the next step and beat the southern hemi. This young side starts to believe some of its press. Go to Aus and miss the best opportunity for a win down there in years (Aus side was so disjointed for the first test) loose 3-0. Slightly underestimate Arg (who i rate as probably 4th/5th best in the world) and loose. Pressure on the young side and they lack a bit of character… Still beat NZ and its all back on track. pretty negative perspective i admit.

    1. I feel like adding to this that they still can and should be a world class outfit by the next world cup. They’ve gone through all this and they’re still such a young team. I still think they have a shed load of class they just need to build character they have 3 years to do it. So chin up boyos!

      1. Nick, unfortunately we still have not found that next gen tighthead. Jarvis was mutilated last night (though it all started after Hibbard went off). Without a tighthead we will keep floundering around like salmon without a stream.

  11. Ever since the watching the ’91 world cup as a kid Samoa have been my second favorite team. Beasts coming from a place I hadn’t heard of, 120kg props who literally had “profession: piano mover” on their player profile and wingers like Tagaloa that ran over people and not round.

    This result shouldn’t be seen as a massive shock, Samoa beat Aus last year and despite corruption, missing donations, and essentially self financing their attendance at the RWC (no cryotherapy chambers for them!) they faced a schedule of playing Wales on 4 day recovery and the Boks after a 5 day recovery. Both games still being very close.

    Looking at how motivated they were before (and during) today’s game I think they came on a revenge mission. Mission accomplished. OK Wales were not good, but it’s not easy to look good in the face of such a physical assault. Wales did not lose this game, Samoa won it. They have some world class players:
    – A pair of Johnstons – that’s as good as any country’s tighthead propping resources. Factor in Mulipola (not sure why he wasn’t involved) and it’s a fearsome front row.
    – A pair of Pisis – Tusi was awesome in the RWC (missing for the Wales game through injury) and with George they pose as much attacking threat in those positions as any international team bar the ABs in my opinion.
    – Fa’asavalu – Ripping up trees for Quins, and his backrow pals weren’t too shabby either.

    With the players they have at the moment I think Samoa are capable of getting a win against any of the home nations. Against Scotland I think it’s a 50:50 game, Ireland and England more like a 60:40. No disgrace is losing to this Samoa. Go the Manu!

  12. I’m a Welshman who lives in Australia, and my God am I happy that I had 1 two many pints at the pub so I couldn’t make it till 3:30am. Where has the pride and passion for the red jersey gone? Even if the dark days of the 90’s and early 2000;s we bled for the jersey, put our lives on the lines if you must. But now they’re just trying to earn a gig in the south of france for a few extra quid. Bugger that off. How can we put performances out like this two weeks in a row? I can cop one off week on the chin, IF we come back the week after raring to go and wanting to give up everything to win that game. Everyone in that Welsh squad, including coaching staff, need to take a step back and realise what everyone can see. Pure commitment is what we are lacking. We have skill, we have the squad to take out big teams, but we can’t even beat part-time Samoa. AB’s will put a record score on us if we turn up like this, it;s a given.

  13. Well… that was a bit of a shock…

    Wales seem to be without direction at the moment, particularly missing Jonathan Davies at 13. And what was up with the welsh scrum? Set piece should have been where Wales dominated but they didnt. Looked like a one man show out there, poor Halfpenny looked like the only welsh player really trying to win that match. Also the breakdown, the samoans managed to turn the ball over a few too many times.

    But I guess Samoa can no longer be considered an easy game.

  14. Wales are an average team who have been well coached to play to the best of their abilities, and as a country have made the best of their player pool.

    I’d either England or France hadn’t been lumbered with inept coaches over the last 4 years under previous regimes and had made the use of the players at their disposal, Wales wouldn’t have had a sniff of a grand slam.

    Wales are going to struggle even more with the mass exodus of players abroad, coupled with a resurgent England and France in the 6n and southern minnows finally realising their potential.

    I love Wales and welsh rugby, but they have been hyped up beyond realistic expectations due to a couple of decent performances.

  15. Firstly congratulations to Samoa fearsome attitude , bone crushing tackles ,no little skill and demolishing the Welsh scrum which is the one bit you couldn’t see coming.

    Marks for the game I suspect it was exciting for a neutral as a Welshman I’d probably give it 0 .

    Howley is not a head coach , a reasonable back up man but he clearly can’t inspire the players .However to be honest we’ve been on this rollercoaster so many times before that you didn’t need a crystal ball to see it coming.

    A third generation of Welsh players suffer a Samoan indignity in Cardiff about sums it up.The All Blacks game doesn’t bear thinking about the players will probably get up for it though and only lose by 25 points !

    1. Dazza, lets see how the other games go first, this may turn out to be the high watermark for NH for the weekend?

      I very much doubt it of course but seeing as Wales have reverted back to the 90s I am getting into the spirit of it and returning to blind optimism, copious drinking and ignoring final scores, just as I did to get through the Woodward era.

  16. Don’t know what has happened to our back line seem not to be able to break through anyone’s rush defence at the moment – this must be coaching as basic skills which they clearly have don’t just disappear??

  17. A nice dose of reality for the british press, and Wales fans. Before the Welsh played Argentina and got whacked, and then got pummeled by the Samoans they were being talked up like no tomorrow. Warburton for Lions captain, of which will be full of Welsh players….oh please shush now shhhhhhhh…..the whingeing Welsh be quiet now! England will wallop you in the 6N.

    1. I have lots of English friends and honestly most are ok although not Welsh and then I read forums and comments like yours and I just understand why, everyone hates the English. Not Welsh, not Scots,not Irish, but Aussie, Kiwis, South Aficans, Samoans, Fiji, even Candaians and the Swiss

      It take as special nation to be able to do it.

      Richard you are special

  18. What a wally you are Richard. Can you tell me why you, or anybody else, didn’t wallop us last season then as we are so rubbish, overhyped and now finally found out? Wales are rubbish at the mo – lack of direction, no power game, etc. But only a rugby ignoramus still bitter from seeing his own team get beaten by Wales would try and backdate this into claiming we were rubbish all along. We beat everyone, you can talk as much as you want about smashing us next year but right now you’re just going to have to live with the fact that we beat you and we are the reigning grand slam champs. Bring on the six nations.

  19. I can’t believe we are persevering with Ryan Wyn Jones. Have we no one else who can fill that role. Record breaking captain!!! My arse! Record breaking transgressor more like. He looked like a lanky 15 year old who didn’t understand the rules and when he got caught (which he invariably did) he just put on that inane grin of his as he walked off. Not once did I see him trying to rally the troops or inspire, never mind lead from the front.

    The truth is he’s trying to do a Richie McCaw, getting in the mix and spoiling rucks, when really he has neither the skill or rugby intelligence to do so without constantly getting caught.

    As for lack of passion………………….don’t get me started!

    1. Who would you have instead of Ryan then? He’s a very all-round back rower so he provides a lot of options in different institution during the game (breakdown, ball carries, line-out jumping etc.), so imo, he’s a very useful player to have on the park.

  20. The WRU need to look at itself. Too long has the likes of Roger Lewis and Pickering had the call in what should be a Union. They are to blame for the Welsh demise, lack of funding to the regions whilst they fill their pockets with record profits through outrageous gate prices and excessive wages for board room staff has led to a drain of players to France where they can earn a fair days pay. Howley should have never been left in charge of the National team. He has no experience of being a principal coach in even a club side let alone the National Team. Again this is down to poor management. Even if Gatland has a fractured ankle he should still look after the National team. Its not as if he has to be out there throwing the ball around. To add insult to injury the WRU management then pledge him to the Lions when our National side is in disarray. We will also drop to the bottom third of World rankings which will give us no chance at the next World Cup. Mr Lewis, do the right thing and GO and take that sponger Pickering with you. Mr Howley, theres a job going as attack coach in Cross keys, they might give you an interview. But dont rely on your CV.

  21. This wales team is totally over hyped and over rated The pro teams in wales are simply dreadful and the recent welsh revival is based on two wins over ireland , rwc q final and s n in dublin . ireland i believe have better players and have had wins over s hem oppisition ( aus r w c 2011) in recent times. Welsh rugby needs to stop talking b s about winning the next w cup in 2015 and start getting their professional game in shape or their future could be bleak.

    1. Ireland would love to feel so important. The pro teams performance is not relevant as there is a totally different approach in Wales – most top welsh players hardly play for their regions, when they do its well known that it is not with the same intensity. This overrated stuff is hilarious – we won 3 grand slams and got to a WC semi final so we do not need anyone else’s subjective “ratings”. We know we can do the business. Ireland on the other hand have talked about a golden generation for years yet only have 1 Grand Slam to show for it in decades. Yes, the odd win against SH oppos which is then always follows up with a load of rubbish, just like the last World Cup.

  22. They say to achiveve success you need a bit of luck.

    Now lets look at both sides of the argument.

    It is arguable that Wales were lucky to win in Ireland this year with that last minute penalty being awareded.

    However, the three superb tries were not lucky, they were a mix of composure skill and power…alot of power.

    In the world cup it is arguable that Wales were lucky that a very impressive Samoa had a tough schedule in the pool stages and could have been a little tired when facing Wales, giving them the advantage.

    However, it is also arguable that Wales were unlucky in their semi final with France with the whole Warburton red card issue and should have actually been in the final.

    My point is in sport at any level luck is needed to succeed.

    Therefore there should be no more accusations that Wales were lucky to achieve what they have and are simply overrated.

    There is a wealth of talent in that team. And if Dan Biggar would start at 10 they would most likely have the strongest backline in the Northern Hemisphere.

    A mix of pace, power, youth, experience, skill and composure.

    Yes they have lost to Samoa and Argentina but these teams should not be underestimated.

    Argentina are battle hardened against the best and Samoa boast a wealth of natural talent in their starting line up.

    We expected Wales to lead the way for Europe this autumn and so far they havent done it.

    But we will be singing their praises when they go and beat us all in the 6 nations next year.

    I will be tuning in to watch the All blacks game this weekend and with Gatland around im expecting something very different…

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