RBS 6 Nations 2011: England Player Ratings versus France

15. Ben Foden – 8
The sole try scorer, never troubled by the high ball. A confirmation of his international class, Foden is now up there with Beale and Muliaina. His best performance so far this year.

14. Chris Ashton – 7
Perhaps unlucky with the disallowed try, but another assured performance. Was never going to have the same space to operate in as against Italy, but worked hard. Arguably squandered a great opportunity with Clerc ahead of him.

13. Mike Tindall – 8
Relentless. Huge physical presence, his pass may not be the greatest, but his runs and hits were massive. Really impressive.

12. Shontayne Hape – 6
Far from perfect, he and Tindall appear too similar to really work in tandem with each other. Some crucial missed tackles, but generally good defence.

11. Mark Cueto – 7
Once again England’s Mr. Reliable. Big with the boot, his juggle nearly ruined the try but all in all a good innings.

10. Toby Flood – 7
His worst game for a while. Goal-kicking was perfect, but looked rushed and hurried and did not like it.

9. Ben Youngs – 6
Worst performance in an England shirt. Some really bad distribution and knock ons cost his side field position and momentum too often.

1. Andrew Sheridan – 7
Good scrummaging when he was on the pitch, but another injury is a concern.

2. Dylan Hartley – 8
Should consider spending less time out wide, but loves a scuffle and a battle and relished this one. Maturing.

3. Dan Cole – 8
His South African nightmare was banished. Faced the best loosehead in the world, and beat him. The first scrum was a joy to behold.

4. Louis Deacon – 6
Can’t deny how much effort he puts in, as much as anyone else if not more. Found myself wishing for Lawes’ extra physicality though during the second half.

5. Tom Palmer – 9
Deservedly man of the match. Made the try, ruled the skies. Not now just one of England’s best locks, but becoming one of the world’s best.

6. Tom Wood – 7
Big, big effort from Wood. I’d expressed a concern about him facing the ominous French back row beforehand, but had nothing to worry about. Up to challenge of test rugby.

7. James Haskell – 6
No Moody, but a more than able deputy. Kept pace with Harinordoquy and grafted hard, but committed a couple of handling errors.

8. Nick Easter – 8
Loves the big games doesn’t he? Like Hartley, much more suited to the trench-like games such as this one, and put in a great performance.

Substitutes – 8
Corbisiero overcame a tricky confrontation with Mas, confirming what has been suspected that he is good enough to play at this level. Jonny’s kick was simply world-class. As many said afterwards, there’s only one person who can do that. Good effort.

18 thoughts on “RBS 6 Nations 2011: England Player Ratings versus France

  1. Agree with majority of the ratings, although think you’ve been rather harsh on Flood and Youngs, and in particular Deacon who had a top game.

  2. Have to say i think you’ve been very harsh on Deacon and Haskell – and i really don’t like Deacon. Both had very good games (Haskell had the top tackle rate for England). At the very least they both deserve a 7, if not an 8. Otherwise quite fair ratings.

  3. I know gents, it’s just a personal thing, the guy bores the hell out of me. Puts in a load of work though.

  4. Largely agree, some points I’d say though:

    Tindall’s passing alone should take him down to a 7. I think too often we’re quick to give him good ratings when he plays well by his standards, when by the standards of an international centre he is lacking in certain departments. He did play well and looked more threatening with ball in hand than he has done for a while, but I think that 8 is a bit generous.

    I think Haskell had a good game and should be moved up to 7 or 8.

    Ashton was unusually quiet, I read that he only touched the ball 5 times? He didn’t do anything particularly poorly but he’s probably more deserving of a 6.

    Agree on ratings for Youngs, this story is interesting..http://www.espnscrum.com/england/rugby/story/135519.html

    He does have a point with regards to his half-breaks around the fringes, but he was quite poor away from that too.

  5. I second and third the above points im not a Deacon fan (at all) but he had his best game for England,

    I want Hape to do well, but im starting to agree with the doubters, Tindall was superb shame the try was ruled out.

    Hartley was immense, 3 brilliant games after harsh words pre tournament.

    Nice to see such a young front row competeting if not beating perhaps one of the best front rows in the world.

  6. Stephen Jones doesn’t really seem to give ratings for individual performances anymore, he just tells us what he thinks of the player generally. You can predict them before the game. Tedious.

    Looking forward to watching the game this evening. Got away with listening to it on the radio at the wedding but not quite the same.

  7. Rory, stewart

    I love to read the papers the day after and England match but now really struggle to read Jones, Ackford – even barnes.

    They are so bland. I think they are all bored after doing the job for so long.

    We are building a team, i never expected the perfect game , only an improvement which is what we got.

    My only disappointment was Hape, what a total disaster. is Flutey fit?

    in fact, my 13 year old nephew is a tidy outside centre, he would have made the overlap count that Hape fluffed.

  8. “Tindall’s passing alone should take him down to a 7”

    agree tom. You would expect better distribution form a back row. If he has to pass more than 10 metres he floats it too high/low/not in front his man. Hes only useful when presented with a brick wall.

    from the original post on Foden… “never troubled by the high ball.”

    Uhh apart from that one on one with Rougerie that the frenchman took off him easily.

    from the original post on Jonny’s kick “there’s only one person who can do that.”

    ha i think Morne Steyn (and a plethora of other international kickers) might have something to say about that.

    otherwise not bad.

  9. From what i’ve been hearing, the consensus is that MJ really needs to reinstate Flutey or Barkley at 12.

  10. I disagree about Tindall. I can’t watch the game again as i haven’t got it recorded but i recall a few absolutely shocking passes. Even when the receiver catches them they almost always stifle the attack. It must be the yips. Otherwise he’d just practice it an hour a day and get it right.

    Plus he’s slower than your average centre. Anyone running on his outside shoulder gets around him and makes 5m before he tackles them (but granted he almost always does tackle them).

    I thought the Youngs comment was a bit harsh but then i remembered how few caps he’s had so that probably was his worst game! But it wasn’t too bad. I really like having Care and Wilko on the bench, they’re both great subs.

  11. BArkley’s well out of the picture I’m afraid Matt. He plays too deep for the way England want to play. He needs time on the ball and there’s no point in having Flood play so flat if Barkley is going to sit deep. And he’s not quick enough to make up for that. The same argument goes for Wilko at 12, although perhaps less so because Wilko is more physical.

    If the consensus is that the Sunday newspaper writers aren’t up to it anymore, how about a campaign to get The Rugby Blog writers instated en masse to their jobs? I’m happy to make that sacrifice if that’s what the people want.

  12. I agree with Stuart , re Barkley. the Wilko-at-12 experiment has tried and failed.

    I am totally bored by all rugby writers in the papers with the exception of LOL & Greenwood, both i find extremely amusing and insightful. Greenwoods piece on Ashtons diving in the Tory graph was very original amid the rubbish.

    Reading the papers after an England international used to be a total joy for me and im sure many other rugby fans.

    Picking over the match, players and generally where the team has come from and where its going. Also insight into combinations within the team and how they work / dont work.

    This has now totally lost its appeal. Ive ranted on here before about Stephen Jones (hes welsh writing about English rugby!). Even Paul Ackford who, despite a degree from Cambridge and England / Lions experience, is frankly boring.

    its easynt o forget that these guys have been writing about rugby for 20 years+, with no real pressure on them to be good.

    So we need some fresh blood – The Rugby Bloggers should step up!

  13. Sheridan is out for the rest of the Championship! Which is actually a blessing in disguise as Corbs will get 2 more full caps and be much better prepared for the RWC! If stevens is back in contention then as well we are really going to be spoilt for choice in the front 3!

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