RBS 6 Nations 2011: Scotland Player Ratings versus Wales

15 – Hugo Southwell: 4/10
Poor and unsteady opening minutes, with several mistimed and misjudged kicks. Incredibly lucky not to have been sin binned for the late tackle on Lee Byrne. Taken off due to facial injury requiring stitches in the 19th minute. Replaced by Sean Lamont.

14 – Nikki Walker: 5/10
Made a good start, but deteriorated as the game progressed. Sloppy passing from him allowed Wales to break through and score their second try.

13 – Joe Ansbro: 5/10
Definitely not as good a performance this week. Very quiet in the opening 10 minutes, seeing virtually nothing of the ball. Spilled the ball several times under the force of the Welsh tackles.

12 – Nick De Luca: 6/10
Like Joe Ansbro, had a very quiet opening quarter. Good effort at attempting to liven up the back line, but ultimately it came to nothing.

11 – Max Evans: 6/10
As with last week, Evans was determined to break through the opposing team’s line. He very nearly did it this week, but was stopped by a high tackle. Can be a great player, but was rarely utilised effectively by his team mates

10 – Dan Parks: 5/10
Kicked 2 out of 3 penalties. Lacked strategy in his general kicking, sending balls awry across the field, rather than controlling the play.

09 – Rory Lawson: 5/10
Another player having a quiet game. Lacked any real flair or quick thinking as scrum half. Replaced after 46 minutes by Mike Blair.

01 – Alan Jacobsen: 5/10
Had a better second half than he did first half. James Hook showed his defensive failings during Wales’ first try. Had more support in the scrum this week compared to last.

02 – Ross Ford: 6/10
One player that performed better this week than last. Coped well in the line outs with accurate throws, as well as having some more cohesion in the scrum. Despite this, he was still outshone by his Welsh counterpart.

03 – Euan Murray: 4/10
Not as many problems with the scrum this week, but not a performance of note from Murray either. Replaced by Moray Low 46 minutes in.

04 – Nathan Hines: 5/10
Scotland were missing the presence of Richie Gray, and Hines’ performance was low-key at best in this position, attempting to accommodate for Gray’s loss.

05 – Alastair Kellock (capt): 5/10
Just about managed to keep a lid on his temper at the end of the first half, however it was clear that Kellock was becoming increasingly frustrated with the team’s performance. Was not leading from the front like he was last week. Replaced by Macleod after 70 minutes.

06 – Kelly Brown: 5/10
Effectively neutralised by the Welsh, Brown added to the passing errors with several sloppy offloads to his team mates. Another player determined not to be outperformed by the Welsh, but failed in this.

07 – John Barclay: 4/10
A poor showing from Barclay riddled with mistakes that we do not normally see. To counter this, he did make some turnovers, but overall his contribution was minimal. Substituted for Rennie after 66 minutes.

08 – Richie Vernon: 4/10
Crucial mistake in allowing Hook to go untackled led to Wales first try. Played a part in Scotland’s stronger passages of play.


16 – Scott Lawson
Quiet game for Lawson, only moment of note was when he lost the ball after a promising phase of play from Scotland.

17 – Moray Low
Had more impact on the game than the man he replaced, but this was still not a performance of note. Another player that perhaps Robinson should start instead of having on the bench.

18 – Scott Macleod
Outstanding hair, not an outstanding game.

19 – Ross Rennie
Came on with 15 minutes still to play, but could not stand up to the Welsh.

20 -Mike Blair
Was more decisive than Lawson, made an effort to liven things up amongst the backs. Did the best he could with a mediocre result.

21 – Ruaridh Jackson
Not used.

22 – Sean Lamont
Brought on as replacement for Hugo Southwell, 19 minutes in. Showed Andy Robinson why he should be starting on the pitch as opposed to coming off of the bench. Best performer on the field for the Scots, playing with determination, making some excellent breaks, and made a try saving tackle on Jamie Roberts.

By Christine Lester

2 thoughts on “RBS 6 Nations 2011: Scotland Player Ratings versus Wales

  1. hugo southwell is utterly useless, ive never seen him have a good game.
    Lamont is your best back, why is he on the bench?

    whats happened to Euan Murray? a few years ago he was a Lion potential before injury, now he looks average?

  2. Lamont definitely showed Robinson that he should be starting for his country on Saturday, he was their best player on the field without question.

    Perhaps with a couple of Sunday fixtures both he and Moray Low will get their chances.

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