RBS 6 Nations 2012: Ireland team to play England

Declan Kidney has named his side to take on England in the final match of this year’s RBS 6 Nations.


15. Rob Kearney, 14. Tommy Bowe, 13. Keith Earls, 12. Gordon D’Arcy, 11. Andrew Trimble, 10. Johnny Sexton, 9. Eoin Reddan, 1. Cian Healy, 2. Rory Best (c), 3. Mike Ross, 4. Donncha O’Callaghan, 5. Donncha Ryan, 6. Stephen Ferris, 7. Sean O’Brien, 8. Jamie Heaslip

16. Sean Cronin, 17. Tom Court, 18. Mike McCarthy, 19. Peter O’Mahoney, 20. Tomas O’Leary, 21. Ronan O’Gara, 22. Fergus McFadden

18 thoughts on “RBS 6 Nations 2012: Ireland team to play England

      1. There are lots of calls for D’arcy head, but hew has been pretty solid since the Wales game (so has Earls). It is a new partnership and currently going well and really stood up to the French midfield. Who would you replace him with?

  1. No surprises there. From an English perspective i just hope we can match Ireland in the back row then hopefully Tuilagi can do some damage to the Earls/Darcy axis that is probably the weakest part of Irelands team. Ireland do seem to have a bit of a psychological edge against England. Should be an absolute corker.

  2. When was the last time England had the beating, on paper, of Ireland in both the second row and the centre?

    While to a surprising selection, it is somewhat disappointing to see Kidney trawl out D’Arcy and O’Callaghan as if there were no other choices.

    As to O’Mahoney vs O’Brien, O’Mahoney had his chance to oust O’Brien with a star turn against Scotland. He didn’t so no surprise there for me either.

  3. I think they’re going to be very evenly matched. Ben Morgan is playing better than Heaslip outright, Croft is in excellent form, the battle of the sixes will be eye watering and then the two work horses shoe horned into the 7 shirt, Robshaw and O’brien. As for the centres I can see Tuilagi running all over Keith Earls again. If Ashton was playing as well as Tommy Bowe this would have been one of the most even match ups in the tournament.

    1. They are indeed very even. In fact both of their games vs the French were very similar. Start well, rack up some first half points before the french claw their way back in…

      1. Agreed James, in the front row, all very even, scrum half even, fly halves not that different

        In fact the only difference seems to be in the centres and on one wing.

        Watch for Tuilagi targeting D’arcy

        1. He may target Earls but will find Darcy up to the task
          This will be a cracker expect Ireland to win, but it will be close,
          both sides improving but Irish back row should make the difference

  4. Heaslip and D’Arcy both lucky to stay in the team after average to poor performances – if Tuilagi has a run at D’arcy Ireland will be stuffed

  5. England don’t have an out and out seven so O’Brian was obvious, he’s class as well.

    I’m surprised with Darcy as well, he doesn’t deserve it, I like Earls though he is a cracking tackler and is no weak spot in defense.

    Forward battle will be all important, the irish front row is really good around the park and the English boys are going to have to work hard.

    England can and need to upset the Irish lineout, the Irish love to attack from the lineout, that has been the underdoing in this 6N so far, go Crofty and Parling.

    Very interesting game, although I give it to Ireland, they are at home and I think they are better than their results show so far.

    It’s anybody’s

    1. Ronnie,
      It’s at Twickenham, not in Dublin….. England’s props have been excellent so far, and I thik the front row battle will be a great one to watch.

    2. Ronnie, O’Brien isn’t an out and out 7 either – he’s a blindside being shoe-horned in because Kidney doesn’t feel he can leave a player of his calibre out

      O’Brien hasn’t had a great 6 nations, because teams have partly worked him out a bit and because being buried at the bottom of rucks gives him no chance to show the bullocking runs that made his name.

      It’ll be very interesting to watch him vs Robshaw as neither of them are in their best position. Think Robshaw will shade it though, as of the two, I think he’s the better 7 (but perhaps not the better 6)

  6. Well its refreshing to read some genuine rugby comments , that are both thoughtful and only concerning the up coming match , unlike many of the comments on other storys which all seem to be a forum for racial abuse ,it seems most Wales fans can’t add a comment without the standard “english arrogance” shoe horned into every point of view, non of which seem to reflect the actual games that where played . Anyway rant over , I think your all right this weeks match is going to be a close run affair with two developing sides hammering
    each other for 80 minutes I can’t wait.

    1. Not sure how develeping Ireland are surely their problem is they are over develeoped.

      Still this should be a great match however despite how well we’ve played I always go into Ireland games assuming we are going to loose. I know we’re at home but it’s Paddy’s day which makes it almost on neutral turf. With it very evenly matched in most possitions it is going to be interesting to watch the centres will Earls dance round Manu or will Manu steamroll through Earls? Also Ashton is due a big game and if he can turn it on it could be the deciding factor.

      What ever happens I’m st the game so just hope it’s the humdinger it has the potential to be!

  7. Really looking forward to this one, more so than all other games. I think this is the one we will learn the most from in terms of how far we have come and how much is still to be done. It’s a very good test of the tactical skills of the coaching team, e.g. the French seemed to have no idea what to expect from Ireland in line speed, umbrella defence, competition for the ball and choke tackles. The Welsh may have reason to argue, but I think this is the most difficult game for us because the Irish have been far better at imposing their game on us than vice versa in recent years. Hence why I think this is biggest test our coaches rugby intellect this 6N.

    – 2 very even front rows in the tight. Healey and Best carry very well. Englands defend very well.
    – Hadn’t seen much Donnacha Ryan, but I thought his performance last weekend vindicated all who thought he deserved a starting place, even so I think edge to England.
    – I worry about getting outworked and outmuscled by the backrow in the tackle area. I think it is unlikely to come off second best here and get a win. Croft and Morgan may offer more offensively if we have enough ball (or any kicks without good chase to Morgan)
    – Scrum half – I can’t pick.
    – Good test for Farrell and what he can do against Sexton (who would be my Lions 10 if we picked the teams now) I hope we see what he can distribution wise, my sphincter will be twitching if too much ball is kicked to Kearney. Edge to Ireland but I wouldn’t bet against Farrell stepping up.
    – Midfield, Wales knew where to get the power runners and support runners. We know England have the power, when the 3rd or 4th man in green manages to bring Tuilagi down I hope to see Ashton (assuming he keeps his place) in a smart place to pick up a pop pass or offload. Clear edge to England.
    – Back 3 on form has to be edge to Ireland.

    A good performance (win or lose) with a game plan that deals with the Irish threats and I think I will be having to break out a “Lancaster, I’m a believer” t-shirt.

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