RBS 6 Nations Team of the Week: Round 2

RBS Six Nations

1. Cian Healy
Held his own in the Irish scrum, which was a real concern prior to the game. Carried well in the loose and just edges out debutant Alex Corbisiero.

2. Dylan Hartley
England’s lineout was almost immaculate again, and Hartley deserves a lot of credit for his throwing. He’s becoming an authoritative member of England’s pack.

3. Dan Cole
One of his better games for England against a strong Italian pack. Was conspicuous in the loose as well, which is no mean feat for a tighthead in a fast game.

4. Donncha O’Callaghan
Provided good ball for Ireland at the lineout, and he must have been pushing hard in those scrums to hold the French. Always plays with passion and power which is great to watch.

5. Julian Pierre
O’Callaghan’s opposite man was the most impressive member of the French pack, securing plenty of lineout ball and carrying well in the loose as well. Edges out Tom Palmer who had another strong game for England.

6. Sean O’Brien
After a relatively quiet game in Rome, O’Brien showed why there has been so much talk about his efforts for Leinster this season. He was slowing down French ball at every breakdown, and looked dangerous with ball in hand.

7. Sam Warburton
Warburton’s performance was one of the best of the weekend for me, even though he didn’t score four tries. His work at the breakdown was reminiscent of David Pocock, getting low but staying on his feet to rip the ball away in the tackle.

8. Sergio Parisse
Jamie Heaslip deserves a mention for his efforts on return from injury, but as the only Italian that could claim to have played well, Parisse gets the nod. How good would it be to see him play for one of the top teams in the world?

9. Morgan Parra
The ‘irritating generale’ kept France in the game, and ensured they could still win the game, despite scoring one try to Ireland’s three. Quick ball was in short supply thanks to the Irish back row, but he did little wrong.

10. Toby Flood
James Hook clearly made a difference to Wales, but Flood was the standout fly-half once again. Line breaks seem to be his new specialty, as well as pinpoint goalkicking and much-improved kicking from hand.

11. Fergus McFadden
Shane Williams scored another two tries, but McFadden’s all-round performance was more impressive for me. Hugely physical defensive efforts to help shackle the French backline and took his opportunity well when it came.

12. Jamie Roberts
We know he was playing 13, but what an opportunity to reunite the outstanding Lions centre combination! Killed any spark of creativity from the Scottish backline, and was back to his usual marauding self with ball in hand.

13. Brian O’Driscoll
The talisman for Ireland again, and the determination was etched on his face throughout the game, marshalling the defensive line and always looking to give his side a lift. Did not deserve to be on the losing side.

14. Chris Ashton
Four tries in a Six Nations match from a player that seems to be getting better and better. I don’t expect too many arguments here.

15. Sean Lamont
Probably the first sub to ever make a Team of the Weekend, Lamont was arguably Scotland’s best player after coming on for Hugo Southwell. He seemed to be the only one taking the game to Wales and trying to inject some forward momentum.

Supersub: Leo Cullen
What an 8-second cameo from the Leinster lock!

19 thoughts on “RBS 6 Nations Team of the Week: Round 2

  1. An Irish front rower makes team of the week after their scrum was prison shamed by the French and only clueless reffing stopped it being a complete joke? Not for me!

    The rest is a pretty fair call though

  2. ‘Prison-shamed’ is a bit of an over-statement! The French were expected to be much more dominant than they were…agree that the ref was opting for the ‘random penalty’ technique for controlling it, but the Irish pack held up pretty well and Healy had a good game.

  3. To be fair I thought Paul James had his best game up front for Wales so far, whilst Jonathan Davies outplayed Roberts for me.

    Cian Healy – not a chance, completely agree with Rugby Nick on that one.

  4. Just had to go back and check – is that a 2nd 1-15 count?
    Well done, maybe a 15-1 next week!
    As you say, it would be great to see Parisse in a top team – not just team of the weekend, but I’ve long rated him as the best 8 in the world.

  5. They were shunted backwards any time they didnt either cheat or the ref decide to play random whistle. They were completely outclassed in the front row and a decent ref would have pinged them to kingdom come.

    Just my take on it of course

  6. Surely Wilko with “that” tackle gets not for SuperSub? Also isn’t he now level again with Carter on points?

  7. “prison shamed”?

    Do you think Darcy and the irish coach are having an affair? thats the only reason why he is keeping james Downey out of the team.God,i wish Downey was English!

    The welsh are criminal for not getting enough out of jamie ROberts.

  8. Also, how on earth does Duastoir make so much ground in the tight? hes only 95 kilos yet somehow he breaks tackles and stays on his feet, never getting turned over even when isolated.and tackles like a dump truck.

    And how good is Harinordiqy? why isnt he in the above. never seen a number 8 do what he does.Made Heaslip look just ok. what an athlete!

  9. Ben I think Wilko is 1 point behind Carter. I’d have had Tom Palmer in there, he was excellent again.

    The scrum is such a lottery at the moment. So much talk about sorting it out before the tournament and it’;s still completely random. And I’m also quite fed up of Brian Moore, who has become so grumpy and cantankerous that he’s well on his way to being the next Fred Trueman, banging on about it so much that he misses everything else that’s going on in the match.

  10. ” And I’m also quite fed up of Brian Moore, who has become so grumpy and cantankerous that he’s well on his way to being the next Fred Trueman, banging on about it so much that he misses everything else that’s going on in the match.”

    I thought he was superb at highlighting the problems there. His comments right at the end about how Ireland might as well collapse the scrum because they would lose it otherwise, but a collapsed scrum seems 50/50 were spot on.

    He is highlighting just how woeful so many of these ‘top’ refs really are at what is an important aspect of the game. By just guessing they rob teams with a superior scrum of their dominance in that area – and Ireland vs France was the perfect example of one team being far the better team at the scrum, but cheating and ref guessing made it far closer to even

  11. nick i didn’t think ireland’s scrum was that bad. yes we arn’t a force but the days of getting annihilated are behing us i hope mike ross and healy will give us a platform maybe u are thinking of the last 30 mins of the match when court was on cos it was useless then.

    think the super sub is spot on just shows how stupid kidney is leaving cullen on his arse for 80 mins so experienced a leader and a workhorse!

    Downey is a good club 12 but hes not young and don’t think he will do the job people believe at 12 at international level i would like to see mc fadden and bowe able to switch between 12 and 14 for the differebt plays bowes strength and mc faddens step offload in tackle and speed he is also a brilliant defender who smashed back rougerie in HCup

  12. Rugby Nick, I’m not saying Moore is wrong about the scrum, although he does seem to think he knows everything that is going on on both sides of the scrum all the time which is physically impossible. I have generally enjoyed his explanations of that part of the game. It’s just I wish he’d talk about something else and talk about it accurately because he and Butler get so much wrong. Perhaps the fact that he knows bugger all about back play means he retreats into his comfort zone.

  13. Hutch, just read that link. Extraordinary. Moore’s got way too much time on his hands. Agree with some of his points but frankly got completely lost about half way through – more rambling and aimless than some of his commentary (better be careful, might get sued).

  14. I am rather concerned that Wilko has been released to play for Toulon this weekend, you just know he’s going to pick up an injury and have a feeling that he will be very much needed against France. Must be an inside job!

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