RBS Six Nations 2011: Scotland Player Ratings versus England

Chris Paterson 7/10

Some good solid kicks from Paterson. Worked hard throughout the game, but did not have real impact until the second half. Made a fantastic try saving tackle on Ben Foden 65 minutes in, and successfully converted Max Evans’ try.

Simon Danielli 6/10

I do not think that Danielli made the impact on this game that he would have liked. We saw some excellent runs from him in the first half, much quieter in the second half though.

Joe Ansbro 6/10

Neutralised a try attempt from his Northampton Saints teammate, Ben Foden. A strong, but quiet, performance from Ansbro.

Sean Lamont 7/10

Really utilised his bulk and speed in this game, however was isolated and without support a lot of the time meaning that his efforts ultimately came to nothing. Very good in defence as well as on the attack. Better performance this week.

Max Evans 8/10

Excellent interception at the 30 minute mark, and excellent turnovers. However did not work as a team with Lamont, leaving him isolated. Still looking for the work, and was rewarded for his efforts with a 73rd minute try.

Ruaridh Jackson 8/10

Better clearances from Jackson, and excellent drop goal at the end of the first half to equalize. Replaced by Dan Parks after 54 mins

Rory Lawson 6/10

Probably kicking himself for fumbling the pass from Kelly Brown, thus ending Scotland’s first real try scoring attempt. Penalized for a crooked ball at the scrum. Replaced by Mike Blair after 54 mins

Allan Jacobsen 6/10

Became increasingly frustrated with the scrums, and was penalized for an illegal bind, allowing Flood to put the first English points on the board. Made some ground during Scotland’s passages of play on the attack.

Ross Ford 6/10

First two line outs where somewhat sloppy with an overthrow and an under throw. Let down slightly in the scrum by his loosehead and tighthead. Replaced by Scott Lawson 65 minutes in.

Moray Low 6/10

Low sent out a strong message in the first scrum, however he was slipping and sliding in the scrums that followed and was also penalized. I do think that he struggled a bit in this game. Replaced by Geoff Cross after 51minutes.

Richie Gray 8/10

Key player with the ball in the loose. Definitely a candidate for Man of the Match. Absolutely everywhere on the pitch once again. Good in the line out and working really well with Kellock in the second row.

Alastair Kellock 7/10

The partnership between Kellock and Gray is really coming together, the two are working well in their positions. Again Kellock was leading by example, and ensuring that he got stuck into everything, he kept the team driving forward and did not allow them to give up. Much better from the captain this week.

Nathan Hines 7/10

Conceded a penalty for not rolling away in the first quarter. These attritional games suit Hines, and you can see with the way that he was making the tackles and involving himself with all the play that he really does relish these encounters. It was not a starry performance, but he worked hard to help his teammates. Replaced by Strokosch after

John Barclay 6/10

Worked a lot better with his teammate Brown this week, and there was a lot more strength in his performance, especially at the breakdown. Appeared to be giving Poite advice at several moments during the game. Was given a yellow card 56 minutes in for trying to wrestle the ball free from the attacking player on the 5m line, although this was a very close, and some would say harsh, call.

Kelly Brown 7/10

Excellent work from Brown from the off, he made sure that he was a key player in all of Scotland’s play, and was instrumental in their defence. Took a massive hit from Banahan, resulting in a quite serious injury. Replaced by Richie Vernon following that hit 42mins in. Awaiting further details of his injury, but early reports say that he was conscious and talking to the medical staff treating him at Twickenham.


S Lawson replacing Ross Ford 65 minutes in. Made an excellent throw for his first line out. Another quiet performance, but it was a good one.

Cross replaced Moray Low after 51 mins. Conceded a penalty for offside at the ruck, however proved strong in the scrum, especially when Scotland were a player down.

Vernon replacing injured Brown 42mins in. A pair of safe hands at the far end of the lineouts, he also made some impressive runs to challenge the English backs when chasing down kicks. However did make a wild pass allowing England to intercept the ball.

Strokosch replacing Hines on the 68 minute mark. Did not really have too much time to make an impact on the game.

Blair replaced Lawson after 54 minutes. Fairly quiet performance from Blair, however it was one in which he displayed his characteristic quick ball and managed to instill a sense of urgency in the play leading to Evans’s try.

Parks replacing Jackson 54 minutes in Parks did not have a good opening few minutes, badly missed attempt at drop goal 59 minutes in. Another player with a low-key performance but contributed well to the team effort.

De Luca on for Joe Ansbro 72 mins in. No real impact on the game of note.

Overall: 7/10

Survived the first ten minutes without conceding a try, and some brilliant early turnovers from the line out. Some excellent passages of play from them in the opening 20 minutes. And the first half was definitely theirs, with more men in the breakdown and effective slowing down of the ball they were able to turn over English possession far too easily for England’s comfort!

Second half was somewhat scrappier, but really made England work hard for their victory. Plenty of positives to take away from this game, and overall was much better from the Scotland team. This was definitely more about a team performance, rather than a few stars. Can come away from this game with their heads held high.