RBS Six Nations 2012: Ireland Player Ratings v England

15. Rob Kearney – 5
Did his best to get things going, but awful conditions for a full back didnt help. Worst game of the tournament.

14. Tommy Bowe – 6
Flashes of his ability, but all too often ploughing a lone furrow

13. Keith Earls – 6
A couple of scintillating breaks, but seemed to be unable to control the wet ball

12. Gordon D’Arcy – 4
A poor performance in the image of his tournament.

11. Andrew Trimble – 5
Worked as hard as ever, but definitely more perspiring that inspiring

10. Jonathan Sexton – 5
Picked as the man who had to play well for Ireland to win. He didn’t do enough, but playing at 10 behind such a retreating pack is a thankless task

9. Eoin Reddan – 5
Again, not easy when you’re protecting you fingers from your retreating back row, but outshone Dickson comfortably

1. Cian Healy – 5
Met an England pack in fine form and was soundly controlled by Dan Cole

2. Rory Best – 4
Hard to think of any positives here really. Lineout, scrum and loose all a real struggle

3. Mike Ross – 4
Replaced after 36 minutes, but had been well and truly taken to pieces in the set piece by Corbisiero.

4. Donncha O’Callaghan – 4
Another who kept to the level of his performance of the whole tournament; unfortunately for Ireland. Should be over and out now.

5. Donnacha Ryan – 5
A couple of sparks aside, he struggled, but then who wouldn’t have done with the non-performance ahead and alongside him?

6. Stephen Ferris – 5
A huge backwards step versus the first 4 games.

7. Sean O’Brien – 6
Possibly, somewhat ironically, his best performance of the tournament. Certainly the best Irish forward.

8. Jamie Heaslip – 4
Would the real Jamie Heaslip please stand up? Poor in almost everything he did.

Tom Court replaced an injured Mike Ross before half-time and somehow managed to do even worse in the scrum. O’Leary and O’Gara entered the fray shortly after half-time without really having the desired positive effect. The other replacements used had around 10 minutes to perform miracles, but none were able to counter the second half wave of white shirts

11 thoughts on “RBS Six Nations 2012: Ireland Player Ratings v England

    1. Agreed. Penalty try and a good few other penalties. Marmalised in the front row – I don’t see how they could have been much worse so an average middle range score seems generous.

  1. If my recollection is correct 27 of England’s points came from scrum penalties and opportunites taken as a result of scrum penalties, it was still a contest when Ross was on, but I think minus one for the others ….. and very kind of you not to rate Court

  2. While the scrum was as uneven as it used to be when a good rugby school played a bad one at U13 Level, the front rows job doesn’t end there. I thought they all put in a decent shift in the loose in the first thirty minutes, but when Ross went off they all seemed to lose something. I thought Healyoffered slightly more which is why I gave him a 5.

    If I was purely judging on the scrum, there would have been 2s for Healy and Best, 3 for Ross and 1 for the hapless Mr Court. In mitigation, as I have said elsewhere, I think Corbisiero and Cole were the two best props of the whole tournament (I mark each game privately and give an average, and Corbisiero edged out Poux and Healy while Cole nicked it from Adam Jones).

  3. Disappointing scrummaging but some evidence that one or more of the England front row were coming in at an angle which lifted the Irish lock and hooker. BBC overhead camera showed this clearly but missed by referee; of course, no comment from the commentary team.

    1. I am no scrummaging expert, but is there ever an entirely legal scrum nowadays? Coming in at an angle, driving upwards, pulling down, intentional wheel, feeding, breaking a bind – isn’t it always a case of bending the rules sufficiently to exact an advantage but not fall foul of the ref?

      1. This wasn’t about illegal scrums, this was about one pack totally outclassing the other pack. Mostly with technique as I doubt the English pack really are simply ten times stronger than the Irish pack. Rowntree deserves a lot of credit.

        1. Unless I am dreaming things (and I had been in the boozer for rather a while at this point), it was actually mentioned by the commentary team.

          Moore pointed out that Court couldn’t handle the power coming through Corbisiero and that it was causing him to fold inwards. Although, I don’t think it was actually boring in as such

          He said that Court and Best should be trying to catch Corbisiero in a pincer movement and attempt to force him up and out

          If you watch the hughlights on rugbydump and in particular, the scrum before Youngs’ try, you can see that Moore was correct. Court just folds inwards, despite Corb. pushing pretty much straight

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