RBS Six Nations 2012: Ireland Player Ratings v Scotland

15. Rob Kearney – 7

Didn’t reach the heights of recent weeks, but still performed well.

14. Tommy Bowe – 6

Another who was quieter than in recent weeks.

13. Keith Earls – 7

Seems to me to be growing in stature and confidence, slowly but surely.

12. Gordon D’Arcy – 5

Another poor, anonymous performance. England’s Tuilagi will be licking his lips on this form if D’Arcy makes next week’s XV.

11. Andrew Trimble – 6

Took his try well, and performed reasonably, but he isn’t throwing in the world-beating performances yet.

10. Jonathan Sexton – 7

Kicked well, controlled the game reasonably well, but he doesn’t have that masterful air that he seems to have when wearing the blue of Leinster.

9. Eoin Reddan – 7

A lively performance, with good quick passing. Took his try very well and led his opposite number a merry dance.

1. Cian Healy – 7

Backed up last week’s performance with another solid one, both in the scrum, in defence and in the loose where he carried well at times.

2. Rory Best – 7

The captain for the day rounded a solid performance off with a try. Line-out much improved versus last week.

3. Mike Ross – 6

Slightly less effective than in previous weeks.

4. Donncha O’Callaghan – 5

Another average performance from DOC who must be on borrowed time.

5. Donnacha Ryan – 7

A great effort from the replacement for O’Connell. Proved what many believe, that he is a better option than O’Callaghan to start when everyone is fit.

6. Stephen Ferris – 8

Another all action performance from Ferris, who continues to show the rest of the pack the way forward.

7. Peter O’Mahony – 6

Stepped in to O’Brien’s shoes well enough, without ever really staking a claim for wearing them permanently.

8. Jamie Heaslip – 6

A game that mirrored his tournament really, short periods of influence followed by longer periods of invisibility.


Cronin, O’Leary and O’Gara all steadied the ship when they came on with 25 minutes remaining, Jennings put in some good work in his 18 minutes or so, and McFadden had time to round off the win with Ireland’s 4th try. Court and McCarthy had too little time to make an impact.

by Mark Bonsall

14 thoughts on “RBS Six Nations 2012: Ireland Player Ratings v Scotland

  1. Agree with majority of these – big fan of Heaslip but seems to be in shadow of O’Brien previously and now Ferris. Unfair to just rely on stats, I know but Ferris has already made 20 more tackles than him this championship. Also D’arcy’s stats so far are almost identical to Barritts which surprised me.

  2. Your comment about Sexton echoed what I’ve been saying for a couple of years! However, all the chaps I watch rugby with think it’s because I’m an ROG fan (which I am) but I still think Sexton has a lot to prove when wearing green.

  3. Liz – Please don’t forget that the same was said about O’Gara for the majority of his Irish Career and he openly said one time that the Munster Jersey meant more to him. O’Gara is a great player with an outstanding career but he is not a team player and Sexton for this reason (along with his size) will far out shadow him with his career only in its infancy

  4. Sexton isn’t all that. He seems to go missing when a world class 7 is rampaging around the park. Ireland team needs to click.

  5. There are some pretty interesting match-ups next week… Farrell vs Sexton, back row, Healy vs Cole…. I had Ireland to beat England at the start of the 6 Nations, not so sure now though. It will be a cracking game though I think.

    1. As far as the battle between Cole and Healy goes has Cole actually made any yardage in the loose? Healy seems to go ape everytime he gets his mits on the ball. Cole is great in the tight but I don’t see him putting in a more effective 80 mins.

      1. It’s the scrum battle I’m looking forward to. Their roles in the loose are very different, with Healy being more of a carrier obviously as you point out, while Cole does more of a fourth back row role in defence for me, as England have enough ball carriers.

        Really looking forward to all three games next week.

  6. i think darcy has to go he is not up to it anymore and is fast turning into a liability maybe dk has finally figured this out as he subed him straight after he knocked the ball on

    1. Who would you replace him with though?

      McFadden was shown up comprehensively by George North. Would he be any different when faced with Tuilagi?

      1. Shhhhhhhhhhh……………Keep this conversation to yourselves lads – if DK hears it he will bring in Paddy “The Dynamo” Wallace!

  7. I am tired of the ratings Irish players are getting for good performances. If you look at the scottish player ratings for the same match overall they got nearly as high ratings even though clearly the weaker team.

    1. I stand by the ratings, and I did give a 9.5 and a 9 last week, which are pretty high! I also got slammed for severely overmarking Healy last week with an 8.

      The thing is, I rate the Irish players and Christine did the Scottish players. There is no discussion between us, they are merely an indication of what I saw and considered the Irish performances to be worth.

      Yes I could have gone up 1 mark on a few players, or even down 1 in certain cases, but I don’t think there’s much controversial there, I really don’t.

    2. Stop whining. Ireland were hardly that good against tone of the most woeful defensive performances I’ve ever seen from Scotland.

  8. I agree with most of the ratings here and apologize as I thought you had written the Scotland ratings aswell. The point of my argument was meant to be that Scotland were rated too highly.

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