RBS Six Nations 2012: Scotland Player Ratings v France

15. Stuart Hogg – 8

There was no doubt this time that Hogg scored a try. 7minutes in he powered over the line for Scotland’s first points. A solid first start, he was good under the high ball, and responded well to the pressure that the French put him under.

14. Rory Lamont – 6

Came off the worse in a collision with Louis Picamoles, landing awkwardly on his leg. He will undergo a full assessment, but all reports from the Scotland camp so far indicate a broken leg.

13. Sean Lamont – 6

Moved to the wing when his brother was injured. Still had a few passing issues, which comes down to on-field decision making. However he definitely stepped up his game from the previous two.

12. Graeme Morrison – 7

An excellent performance from Morrison, and one that should encourage Scottish fans. Morrison was committed completely to a team win, and not about individual glory. A definite contender for Man of the Match in my opinion.

11. Lee Jones – 8

Scored Scotland’s second try of the match in a fantastic 55th minute run. Seemed much more comfortable on the wing in this match.

10. Greig Laidlaw – 7

Missed his first attempt at goal, as it fell just short. Controlled Scotland’s game well, especially during the first half where Scotland were dominant in attack.

9. Mike Blair – 6

Made a positive contribution to the thirty minutes of the game that he played.

1. Allan Jacobsen – 6

Another performance full of Jacobsen’s usual character. He did contribute to Scotland’s error count though.

2. Ross Ford – 7

Aside from an issue or two with his line out throws, Ford was excellent in the loose, and made a fantastic charge down the pitch to almost score a try himself.

3. Geoff Cross – 6

Resisted the French scrum to the best of his ability, and assisted well in the breakdown.

4. Richie Gray – 6

Whilst not having the same presence in this game that he has had in others for Scotland. Gray is maturing into a strong team player, visible in the lineout and good with the ball in hand.

5. Jim Hamilton – 6

A head down, on with the game style of play from Hamilton today. Like Gray he was a visible presence in the lineout, and cleared several rucks very well.

6. John Barclay – 7

A welcome return to the fold for John Barclay, who demonstrated strength in the lineouts and in the loose. A committed performance.

7. Ross Rennie – 8

Man of the Match. And a well deserved accolade. Rennie continued his strong form from the previous games, giving the French as good as they gave him.

8. David Denton – 6

Working exceptionally well with Rennie, although Denton did not have the same level of impact upon this game that he has had. I think that the French neutralised him to an extent.


16. Scott Lawson (Ford, 69mins) usually a solid replacement for Cross, however he did not bring anything new to the scrum, which was being dominated by the French.

17. Ed Kalman (Cross, 62mins) sadly the scrum lost some of its strength with this substitution. Kalman infringed almost immediately after coming onto the field.

18. Alastair Kellock (Hamilton, 69mins) knocked on when Scotland were building up a momentum.

19. Richie Vernon (Denton, 52mins) set up Lee Jones for the second try.

20. Chris Cusiter (Blair, 30mins) an earlier than normal start for Cusiter, replacing Mike Blair who was taken off with a dead leg. Harassed his counterpart, especially at the scrum.

21. Duncan Weir (Laidlaw, 48mins) scored his first points for Scotland less than 10minutes after coming on. Shows promise, and will probably feature in the rest of the competition.

22. Nick De Luca (R. Lamont, 30mins) came on earlier than he perhaps expected. Took the negatives from the past few weeks and turned them into a very solid showing.

by Christine Lester