RBS Six Nations 2012: Wales Player Ratings v Scotland

15. Leigh Halfpenny – 8

Great game from the full-back. Took both tries very well and was near-perfect from the kicking tee as he assumed kicking duties from Rhys Priestland after a poor display last week. A superb tackle on Sean Lamont prevented a certain try in the first half.

14. Alex Cuthbert – 8

Fantastic turnaround for the wing – from the ignominy of being replaced at half-time last week to a starring role today. Looked extremely threatening with ball in hand and easily brushed off Greig Laidlow for his try. Contribution for Halfpenny’s first was also key.

13. Jon Davies – 7

Didn’t match his try scoring exploits of last week but Davies continued to make inroads through the Scottish defence all game. He tackled excellently and only slight imperfections robbed him of a try on a couple of occasions.

12. Jamie Roberts – 8

His one missed tackle came after a break from the fleet-footed Stuart Hogg but aside from that Roberts was imperious in defence. Regularly used by Wales when they needed to generate quick ball and was as reliable as ever as he continued to rack up the yards all game.

11. George North – 6

Was beginning to run to the same devastating effect to which fans have grown accustomed before an accidental collision with Jon Davies forced him off in the first half.

10. Rhys Priestland – 6

Another decidedly mixed afternoon for the Scarlets fly-half. At times he dictated play excellently but too often his kicking from hand was sloppy. Was lucky his missed tackle on Lamont didn’t lead to a Scottish try.

9. Mike Phillips – 6

Clearly so integral to the Welsh game, Phillips still litters his game with small errors. The rest of his play more than makes up for it, and his size was used to great effect a couple of times when Scotland’s David Denton broke from the base.

1. Gethin Jenkins – 7

Warren Gatland will have been very happy with Jenkins’ input on his return from injury. Won two fine turnovers and stood up well in the scrum. Collected a yellow late on as he began to tire, he’ll only improve between now and the next game.

2. Huw Bennett – 5

Line-out continued to falter but a cut to his head meant he missed part of the first half before being replaced at half-time.

3. Adam Jones – 6

Another good game from the tighthead who held up well against the Scottish scrum.

4. Ryan Jones – 7

This was Jones’ record-equalling 28th game as captain as he stood in for the injured Sam Warburton. He rose to the occasion and slotted in seamlessly to the second row. With Wales’ strength in the back row, this may be where Jones will pick up most of his future caps.

5. Ian Evans – 6

Forming a good partnership alongside Ryan Jones in the second row. Although, even when their numbers were down, Scotland caused Wales’ some problems at attacking breakdowns and this may be something they’ll need to collectively work on.

6. Dan Lydiate – 8

Fine game from another player returning from injury. Stoic in defence and tireless around the pitch, Lydiate is another who will only get better as he recovers from injury.

7. Aaron Shingler – 7

Called in as a late replacement for Warburton, Shingler performed manfully on his debut. Ran fantastic support lines throughout and looks as though he will become Wales’ third top rate openside.

8. Toby Faletau – 8

Faletau is proving to be consistently reliable at the base of the Welsh scrum, whether going forwards or retreating. Another fine game where he contributed both in the loose and tight. Topped his side’s tackle count and won some crucial turnovers.


Ken Owens was an initial blood replacement for Huw Bennett before fully replacing him at half-time. Had a solid game in the loose, but Wales’ significant improvement in the line-out coincided with his appearance and may make Gatland consider starting him against England. James Hook had another 40 minutes from the bench at full-back but was not given a chance to stand out. Wales used their full complement of replacements but the rest had little time to impress.

14 thoughts on “RBS Six Nations 2012: Wales Player Ratings v Scotland

  1. I think Phillips was pretty lucky to get a six especially if you’re giving the same to Adam Jones. Phillips does often get things going for Wales but imagine what their backline could do with a quicker nine that would give them even more space.

  2. i would agree withl those marks .

    Lydiate was official man of the match good to see some normally unsung work being recognised.

    Halfpenny would have been up for that award too with his 22 points and an otherwise pretty flawless display , in fact his game is usually error free which is not a bad attribute for a full back to have . His childhood hero was one J Wilkinson and he even emulates him by practising his kicking on Christmas day .

    North took a nasty bang to the jaw which affected him for most of the first half it looked accidental but one suspects he may well be targeted from here on in .He seemed to be getting over it when his ankle took a knock he is probably sitting in that mobile cryogenic chamber at the Vale of Glamorgan at this minute !

  3. No coincidence for me that the 15 most effective minutes of Wales (start of second half) came when Phillips had his best spell of the game. He made mistakes, but he was by far the best of the 4 starting scrum halves we saw this weekend. Dickson vs Phillips could be a critical battle next time up (assuming they both play)

  4. Dave – that’s fair. He didn’t have the best first half (mistake led to Rory Best’s try) and wasn’t aware of he took a bang to the head. My mistake.

    Nick – It would be interesting, but Phillips is so important to the Welsh game and I think his pros outweigh his cons in the end. Was a bit of a sloppy game yesterday – but he had some very good moments which is why I thought a 5 would have been too harsh.

    1. Ye its true his infuriatingly slow parts/bad decisions have no doubt clouded my judgement from the good bits of play that he contributed like his offload for the 1/2p try.

  5. Hmmm, it’s hard to take these marks that seriously when Owen Farrell at midfield for an England team that have not scored a single try from attacking play gets an 8 and Priestland, who has unleashed our backs for 6 tries so far this season only gets a 6. I agree Priestland’s kicking did get a bit erratic, but at least he did some good stuff. Farrell did nothing in attack so giving him 8 just for knocking kicks over seems generous in comparison? Similarly, if Farrell is 8 for his kicks then Halfpenny must be 9 for the same nerveless kicking display but with added rugby playing? I guess it sounds churlish to care what the England marks were when Wales gave such a fine display, but it’s confusing to try and understand it all in the context of the weekend.

    1. Great points brighty. I’ve been making these comments about Farrell on the England threads. To give 1/2p and Farrell equal scores is ridiculous, but i dont think they were given by the same person.

        1. Brighty – As Nick said: all these ratings are given by different people. I’d be torturing myself for hours if I checked all the other ratings (and how far back would I go?) to see if the rating I gave was fair. I might, in this instance, look at Gethin Jenkins score and think ‘he should get higher than Adam Jones for this performance’ but any other comparison is difficult as it can’t take anything into account with regard to the context of the game. Can understand where you’re coming from though.

          I’m a big fan of Priestland & love his attacking play but his kicking from hand was generally poor throughout. It didn’t prove costly in the end, and maybe I was a touch harsh on his rating, but I wouldn’t go higher than 7.

          1. Ben & Tom. fair enough … I understand the reason but my brain won’t let it go. Blame my scientific profession, but this lack of correlation keeps niggling at me and I end up writing notes like I did. I’ll have to keep my OCD under wraps and avoid comparing the different scores.

            I guess it’s also not helped by my disagreement in general with the England scores. A win is a win, I totally agree. Away from home, tough conditions, etc. But to me if I saw a player score an 8 without having seen the game then I’d expect to see something exciting when I watched the replay. Farrell kicks poorly out of hand (in the Eng games, I don’t watch the Premiership) and offers little in attack (in a team full of people that offer little, so he’s not the weak link). That doesn’t add up to an 8 to me no matter how flawless his kicking but it’s all subjective so I’m not demanding you explain the 8, just saying that I disagree.

  6. For what it’s worth, I picked a Team of the Week on my blog. Wales were represented by Adam Jones, Dan Lydiate, Mike Phillips, Rhys Priestland, Jamie Roberts, Alex Cuthbert and Leigh Halfpenny

    I think if you click on my name it should take you straight to the full side (7 Welsh, 4 Scots and 4 Englishmen for what it’s worth)

  7. Thank goodness someone else thinks the same about Phillips. He has everything a scrum half should have, except a quick pass! (Most important necessity?) He stands up, looks around, often turns to avoid his weaker left side. Worse of all he often runs towards the fly half before passing to him. All things you would coach out of a youngster. There are several young scrum halves in Wales who would get the ball away quicker and still offer their own attacking threat. If not one of them what has Peel done wrong? Who has he upset? Still looking good in a poor Premiership team.

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