RBS Six Nations 2013: Round 2 SuperBru Predictions

An absolute belter of an opening weekend leaves round two of the RBS Six Nations with a lot to live up to. We’ve made our SuperBru picks; now it’s your turn. Don’t forget to join our pool and post yours in the comments section.

Jamie: superbru

Scotland vs Italy: Scotland by 5
France vs Wales: France by 12
Ireland vs England: Ireland by 3


Scotland vs Italy: Scotland by 5
France vs Wales: France by 10
Ireland vs England: England by 5


Scotland vs Italy: Scotland by 2
France vs Wales: Wales by 1
Ireland vs England: England by 3


Scotland vs Italy: Scotland by 8
France vs Wales: France by 12
Ireland vs England: Ireland by 2


Scotland vs Italy: Scotland by 6
France vs Wales: France by 5
Ireland vs England: England by 3

All the details needed to join our SuperBru pool can be found here: http://www.therugbyblog.com/fantasy-six-nations-and-superbru-leagues-2013. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “RBS Six Nations 2013: Round 2 SuperBru Predictions

  1. Ireland by a small margin, or England to smack them out the park.

    France to put Wales to the Sword

    Could go either way with Italy/Scotland

    1. Going by your haphazard predictions, a good bet may be thus:

      England to win narrowly or be smacked out of the park by Ireland;
      Wales to win, maybe not put France to the sword though;
      The Italy Scotland game will be a one sided affair, but for whom?

      1. That’s the thing about people like R120. They make such outlandish predictions with no citation to back it up, that it becomes glaringly obvious that they are absolutely wrong. And then u just have to flip the bits and you can get close to reality.

        England won narrowly, Wales won, and the Scotland Italy game was a one sided affair in favour of Scotland.


  2. I’ve got Scotland by 3. It looks like it’s going to be wet and cold so that will play into the hosts hands I reckon.

    Then France by 8. I can see a huge backlash following last weekend’s defeat and I don’t think the Welsh will be able to contain the likes of Basteraud bursting through players with Fofana taking advantage of the gaps left.

    Finally, England by 4. I don’t think it will be a clinical and perfect match for England but I believe that the choke tackle technique will be countered by committing men to the tackle. Also, I think Tuilagi will come on and have a huge impact on tired legs. The last quarter is so important in test matches and he is the type of player who has the ability to change games (not saying that Ireland don’t have that!)

  3. So who had Scotland by 24 and Wales by 10???! I love six nations. To cap a crazy weekend I’m going for a draw tomorrow

  4. I was expecting the Scotland match to be closer. Could not have been further from the truth.

    Silly me for relying on some kind of pattern in French rugby! Somehow they’ve managed to become inconsistent at being inconsistent. Still clawed my way up the league though!

  5. No matter how much discussion on individual matches rugby will
    never rival soccer as an international sport whilst the game itself is
    so flawed. The fact that the ball is in play for less than a quarter
    of match time speaks for itself. There are far too many petty
    regulations which constantly impede flow of play for reasons which the
    crowd invariably cannot see or understand, and which so often mean the
    game is won on negative scoring (penalties) rather than through tries.
    The outcome often therefore depends simply on whichever team has the
    best goal kicker. Let’s find a way to stop scrum collapses, and get rid of all the petty regulations (especially the accidental knock-on, which time and again stops a promising flow of play because of an inconsequential fumble which usually disadvantages the attacker anyway). It’s time for influential commentators and journalists to take the wider view and start campaigning against entrenched views.

    1. Good. I don’t want rugby to be as popular as soccer, as that would attract the lower echelons of society and lead to segregation of fans et al.

      1. Well you know the old saying – rugby is a game for hooligans played by gentlemen, soccer is a game for gentlemen played by hooligans.

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