RBS Six Nations fixtures announced for 2014 and 2015

trophyThe Six Nations fixtures for the 2014 & 2015 Championships were announced today and see Wales kick off their title defence against Italy in Cardiff in the first match of the 2014 Championship.

Both championships are set to feature Friday night games again, with Wales hosting France at 8pm on Friday 21st February 2014, and the Wales v England game kicking off the 2015 tournament in Cardiff at 8.05pm on Friday 6th February. With 2015 being a World Cup year, and England and Wales set to face each other in the same pool, that fixture could be huge – no doubt throwing up huge logistical questions once again regarding travel on a Friday night.

2014’s Super Saturday sees Italy face England, Wales welcome Scotland and France entertain Ireland. The Six Nations tournaments have been so close over the past few years that it is impossible to speculate now about which game the winner is likely to come from.

Both years take the tried format of two weeks on, one week off, one week on, one week off and finally two weeks on, meaning the tournaments take seven weeks in total. 2014 sees Wales, Italy and France with three home fixtures, and the other three teams with the same arrangement in 2015.

For a full list of the 2014 and 2015 fixtures, click here.

16 thoughts on “RBS Six Nations fixtures announced for 2014 and 2015

  1. Wales finish the Six Nations at home for the 10th time in the last 11 years.

    Totally random and not biased, sure.

    1. We also seem to the only team other than France who get lumbered with Fri night kick offs.

      Of course, the only reason we’ve one all of those Grand Slams is because we finish the season at home. It just makes it all so easy to win every other match we play knowing we play our last match at home. In fact let’s stop playing the tournament and just give it to us when we have our last fixture at home…

    2. Steve, envy is an ugly thing. You really are getting desperate for some sort of title if your now blaming the draw for Wales constantly Grand Slamming. I’m luvin your anguish. Boooom.

  2. Check some of the fixtures for 2014, Ireland don’t seem to be playing in two of the rounds!!!

  3. Friday nights suck – out of interest has there ever been a 6N Fri night game that didn’t involve Wales? I’m lucky I live in Cardiff so can attend and still have a remote chance of getting home to the burbs but the place is total carnage after a Fri night match. I now officially hate the BBC.

  4. Count yourself lucky with all those final round games in Cardiff. Far more influential than the occasional friday night game.

    It’s a disgrace.

    1. You’ll be saying we cheat in the scrum next……. O Rountree already has.lol
      Friday night games are as sunday games pointless, what’s wrong with the traditional Saturday.

  5. It is odd that wales have this regularity of finishing the Tournament at home. Having said that of course, the tournament is won over five games, so I am not sure it really makes too much difference.

    Cardiff is a great place to watch Rugby, but is an absolute joke in getting away in the evening. Even for late afternoon games it is a nightmare afterwards.

    These evening fixtures really do show a startling disregard for travelling fans – even “travelling” home fans. It may only be 70-odd thousand – as opposed to millions watching on TV – but these people pay a lot of money for the privelege, and deserve to be cared for.

  6. Wales Vs England 04/02/11 was not easy to get to. 5 hours to do a 2 hour journey. Think it may have been compounded by the threat of a rail strike, but given how the M4 jams up on a Friday evening anyway this is horrible scheduling.

    1. Probably not a rail strike – more the ridiculous rail company policy which boils down to “we can’t cope with that many passengers that late on a Fri night so we are going to shut early as then at least people know up front they can’t get a train…”.

  7. I m getting fed up of watching Wales in Melbourne, Dunedin and Hamilton; and the Welsh and British Lions in Perth and Brisbane I think I ll fly the 10,000 miles to watch Wales v France on a friday night at Cardiff Arms Park, the only problem is that I would miss the last train home to Treorchy due to inane planning by the six nations commitee, whoever they are. Smacks of ineptness at a party in a brewing establishment

  8. Perth Pirate the WRU know they could sell out Wales v England if they held it at 3 am on Christmas morning hence they are happy to take their pieces of silver from the BBC and stuff the transport carnage and any regard for those that actually go . Roger Lewis will spin it as some trendy initiative as he’s up for the credit for anything these days .

    I don’t know about 10,000 miles to get to the game last time they did this I had enough trouble getting to the stadium from work and I was based in Whitchurch at the time so ended up legging it which wasn’t feasible to get back home post match .

    Stuff them I’ll think I’ll miss my first Wales V England game for 20 years they’ll not be bothered though as the ticket will probably go to some corporate sap .

  9. The stadium at Cardiff fills up with fat Welsh women usually pissed and with stupid hats on alongside blokes who are frankly the same. They troop back and forth to the bar and the bog and when they are in their seats only watch the TV screens at either end of the pitch to see if they are on TV.
    Nah – I’ll stick to watching the matches in the pub thanks and keep visiting the matches in Ireland where rugby sense still prevails

  10. As an Englishman, I really don’t think we can blame the rugby organisers for the k.o. times and venues. We can and should, however, take issue with the bone idle train service organisers who do nothing to help their fare-paying public! I must be really naïve to think that a company willingly bites the hand that feeds it – surely the be-all and end-all for any company is to make a profit? Closing down in the face of an opportunity like this should surely mean the sacking of the Board of Directors for mis-management?

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