Referees announced for the knock-out stages of the Rugby World Cup

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Today the IRB announced the 10 referees who will take part in the final stages of this year’s Rugby World Cup, as well as who will referee each quarter-final this weekend.

Wayne Barnes (England), George Clancy (Ireland), Craig Joubert (South Africa), Jonathan Kaplan (South Africa), Bryce Lawrence (New Zealand), Nigel Owens (Wales), Dave Pearson (England), Romain Poite (France), Alain Rolland (Ireland) and Steve Walsh (Australia) will take on the referee and assistant roles for the remainder of the tournament, while Giulio De Santis (Italy) and Shaun Veldsman (South Africa) have been selected as the television match officials.

For the quarter-finals in the Northern Hemisphere side of the draw, South Africa’s Craig Joubert will be the man in charge of the all Celt affair between Ireland and Wales in Wellington on Saturday. New Zealand’s ARU registered referee, Steve Walsh, will take on England v France in Auckland on the same day.

The all Tri-Nations affair between South Africa and Australia in Wellington on Sunday will be refereed by New Zealand’s Bryce Lawrence. The final quarter-final between New Zealand and Argentina will be managed by the only Northern Hemisphere referee in this stage of the tournament: Wales’ Nigel Owens.

So what do you think about the referee choices for the quarter-finals? Let us know in the comments.

By Rachel Simmonite

6 thoughts on “Referees announced for the knock-out stages of the Rugby World Cup

  1. Total crap. Walsh is the worst ref in existence, Lawrence isn’t far behind and if Craig Joubert had his way the scrum would have been abolished completely. At wht int did free kicks become awarded for everything like in eng v scot.

  2. What actually disgusts me is Steve Walsh. The man was banned for an altercation with an England coach, then verbally abusing Horgan for the Lions and subsequently sacked all together. The fact that he ever got an international match again was shocking, The fact that he now referees England in a world cup 1/4 final is worse.

    Glad to see Pearson, Owens and Poite retained though. I think those three guys communicate well with the players and tend to be consistent. They also act well as assistant referees and actually seem to communicate properly with assistants to get a full picture of incidents and scrums

  3. Very happy with choice of referee for the Ireland Wales match. Joubert has really become a good referee over the last few years.
    Disagree totally with previous contributor about Romain Poiite. He deos not communicate with players and if you try to talk to him he will take exception to it and punish you as he has with Munster and Ireland.

  4. Depends largely on how you talk to him. Really speaking, you don’t talk to the ref, he talks to you, but what I’ve noticed with Poite is if you’re doing something wrong, he’ll let you know. Too many referees will penalise you at the scrum without really telling you what you did (I suspect because a lot of them have done ippy dippy). Rolland seems to do this in French, but not English, which is very confusing. Barnes does it but is usually wrong, I think Nigel Owens and Dave Pearson are possibly the two better refs out of that lot.

    Speaking as an English fan, I’d certainly rather have Poite than Walsh. I suspect the Irish feel the same way

  5. Here we go again, the IRB are determined to undermine Englands games.
    What was all rubbish about a gum shield. lets hope they don’t have logos on their underpants. the IRB will get you!
    If a high tackle takes place it should be delt with at the time yellow or red card , not after the match. There are enough officials to check during the game. Wales may well have had the game won if the ref had gone to the TV ref. what a shambles. The TV ref was used last weekend for a similar incident.
    What about the eye gouging incident, did that go unpunished.
    Once again we have Walsh so we now play against 16, may be 19 if we include the TV ref.
    Don’t get me wrong England do some silly tricks, ball changing, how stupid can they get!.

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