Rory Best: “Our experience of knockout rugby is exceptional.”

Courtesy of Bushmills, Rory Best provides an update on his personal fitness, and the mood in the Irish camp ahead of facing Wales this weekend.

Thanks for all your messages of support.

I am delighted to have been named in the team for the quarter final.

I had a fitness test on my shoulder this morning which involved tackling, rucking and throwing (with a little help from Shane Jennings, Geordan Murphy and Fergus McFadden). It went really well and it is now just a case of waiting to see how it reacts over the next 12 hours or so. It really has responded fantastically over the last few days – the pain on Sunday was pretty extreme.

Our physio Brian Green has been brilliant in just letting it settle, then icing it 6-7 times a day for the first 24-36 hours. Then while the rest of the squad did line-outs on Tuesday, Brian, Eanna Falvey our team doctor and I did a drill to get it moving and to get confidence back into the shoulder joint. We did some resisted multi-directional movements and a few controlled falls on it and finished with simulated scrums and throwing drills. Everyone has been great within the squad this week. Whenever anyone gets an injury the squad is really good at rallying round in support, mainly because you never know who will be next!

I am still rooming with my mate and fellow friend of BUSHMILLS, Denis Leamy. It is great because coming back from injuries you have so many highs and lows, even from day to day. It is good to be rooming with someone that you know really well so you can relax and chat about things.

Looking ahead to Saturday’s game, we are playing a team in Wales that we know so well. We know that the margin for error in the game is going to be so fine that any mistakes could bring a massive swing in momentum of the match and therefore the end result. Once you reach the knock out stages of this tournament you have a good chance of winning it. The good thing about this squad is that the experience of knockout rugby is exceptional, but come Saturday that will count for nothing if we don’t perform.

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2 thoughts on “Rory Best: “Our experience of knockout rugby is exceptional.”

  1. Great to hear Best should be at his best. I’m sure Cronin will be warmed up and ready if we need him. I still believe we should win it. But he’s right, we can’t afford many mistakes against that Welsh side. North is a class player. Plenty of class in that team. The Magners (Rabo Direct Pro 12) league is a high caliber league. That the top 3 finishing teams in this league were all Irish sides gives me confidence that we can get the job done, but there’s no question that the Welsh are on the way up. I think they could be 6 nations champions within the next 2 years. Hope we can take’em.

  2. Fair do’s the medics/physios are earning their corn this World Cup- Lydiate/Shane having gone through the same experience .

    Lydiate’s parents actually came home because they thought Dan would be back in Wales shortly behind them .

    Good that both sides can pick from strength being usually a bit shorter of playing resources than the bigger countries the Celts need everyone on board if we are to get a first finalist be it Wales or Ireland.

    The knockout rugby point is interesting and I don’t blame Best for making it but without opening old wounds it doesn’t seem to have had much effect in previous World Cups. The truth is that it is only the here and now that counts and with both teams in form heres to a cracker .

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