Rugby and the Cheltenham Festival

Despite the fact that this website is clearly and unashamedly focused on rugby (our name is fairly unambiguous), we have received plenty of emails about the Cheltenham Festival taking place this week.

Apparently there is a belief that the grass-roots rugby audience of The Rugby Blog are exactly the sort of people to have a little flutter at big race events – and they don’t come much bigger or more-celebrated than Cheltenham.

Starting tomorrow and culminating on Friday with the famous Cheltenham Gold Cup, there are plenty of opportunities to fritter away your money in the hope that you might just get lucky.

Alternatively, if you know anything about horse racing (which is more than I do), apparently you can do pretty well.

Prolific contributor ‘Fakey’ has been preparing his tips for the big race at his site, The Sporting Laugh, so rather than impart any of my non-wisdom about who will win, I suggest you head over there.

Once you’ve picked your dead-cert winner, open an online account with Paddy Power (worth going with an Irish bookie apparently, because everyone knows how much the Irish love Cheltenham Week and they give you plenty of free bets) and put your 50p where your mouth is.

2 thoughts on “Rugby and the Cheltenham Festival

  1. The Wales V Ireland 2005 Grand Slam match took place in Festival week (I think St Patrick’s day may have been going on as well ) cue a lot of Irish fans turning up in Cardiff even more worse for wear than usual.One Irish supporter in front of me slept through the whole game .Even the climax when I thought the stand was going to collapse with the noise didn’t shift him ,I gamble conservatively lets say but Cheltenham is a damn good day out.

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