Rugby awaits IOC decision on Olympic Sevens

The IOC will decide this morning whether to include Rugby as an Olympic sport from 2016 onwards, and a positive vote could provide an enormous boost to the sport around the world.

IRB chief executive Mike Miller said this week, “This is right up there with the inception of the Rugby World Cup and the game going open. We have 116 members of the IRB, but there are 205 nations involved in the Olympics and I have already been approached by a number of countries who have said that if sevens is included, they will be interested in investing in rugby.”

The vote takes place at 10.30am this morning, in which IOC members will evaluate the merits of both Rugby and Golf to decide what they could bring to the Olympic Games – it’s not a choice between them though, since both are hopeful of being included in Rio in 2016.

We’ll bring you news of the results as soon as they are announced.

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