Rugby is an Olympic Sport

The IOC have just voted to include Rugby Sevens in the Olympic Programme from 2016 onwards!

Members of the International Olympic Committee listened to presentations led by Bernard Lapasset and including Agustin Pichot and Jonah Lomu, and were convinced that the sport would bring something special to the Olympic party.

81 of the 93 members voted to include the sport.

Great news. Let’s all go to Rio…

4 thoughts on “Rugby is an Olympic Sport

  1. I’m quite excited too, although the whole two votes thing is a bit odd. I wonder whether this will lead to top players joining the sevens circuit in an Olympic year. Could make the six nations a bit quiet… also the Tri Nations is normally on at a similar time to the Olympics isn’t it. That’ll have to move, surely.

  2. It will certainly be interesting to see the effect. I wonder how many 15s players would make a national 7s team ahead of the 7s specialists that play on the tour every year?

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