Rugby World Cup: 100 Days to Go

Rugby World CupThe 1st June marks 100 days to go until Rugby World Cup 2011, and we’re getting very excited at this end. It’s also the 4th anniversary of The Rugby Blog, but more on that later.

I’ve booked my trip to what is going to be the biggest rugby party of all time, where a whole nation will put down whatever it was doing to celebrate the greatest game on earth, non-stop for 7 weeks. If you can, get yourself over there and we’ll catch up for a Heineken or two.

Remember this video we showed you previously? Take another look and tell me you aren’t looking forward to it:


What is more, The Rugby Blog’s sponsor Thomas Cook Sport is offering heavily discounted packages now that the fixtures have been moved from Christchurch. There are hotel and ticket options, for fans that wish to organise their own flights, from just £176 for Wales and £196 for England.

There is up to 20 per cent off some packages, including England’s fixture with Scotland and Wales’ clash with Fiji, as well as quarter, semi and final options, starting at just £3,226. The tour operator has also reduced its Tuatara package so that Wales fans can follow the team all the way through each of the team’s fixtures from the pool games, all the way to the final for £7,878, a reduction of more than £2,300.

Danny Talbot, Managing Director of Thomas Cook Sport, said: “With the Rugby World Cup just around the corner, fans should ensure they secure their travel and ticket arrangements now so they don’t miss out. To celebrate the start of the countdown to the tournament, we wanted to offer fans the chance to see their country in one of the sporting world’s must-see tournaments, set in New Zealand’s amazing South Island at a reduced cost.”

Here are some example packages:

Pine Tours (Wales vs Fiji & Wellington QF)
Price from: £3,226.00 WAS £3,999
This is based on twin share and includes Cat B Tickets for Wales vs Fiji and Cat D Tickets for the Wellington QF’s
Kaka Tour (England vs Scotland & Auckland QF)
Price from: £3,305.50 WAS £3,999
This is based on twin share and includes Cat B Tickets for England vs Scotland and Cat D Tickets for the Auckland QF’s
Manuka Tour (Wellington QF, Semi-Final and Final)
Price from: £5,613.00 WAS £6,999
This is based on twin share and includes Cat D Tickets for all games
Silver Fern Tour (Semi-Final & Final)
Price from: £4,002.50 WAS £4,999
This is based on twin share and includes Cat D Tickets for all games
NOW £7,878 WAS £10,200 including all Welsh pool games, through to the final (9 match tickets).
45 nights B&B ?Return International Flights (Also includes internal flights and coach tansfers)

Hotel & ticket package examples:
Wales vs South Africa – from £471.00 including Cat D Tickets
Wales vs Samoa – from £272.00 including Cat B Tickets
Wales vs Namibia – from £176.00 including Cat D Tickets
Wales vs Fiji – from £198.00 including Cat B Tickets
England vs Romania – from £196.00 including Cat D Tickets
England vs Scotland – from £411.00 including Cat B Tickets
Wellington Quarter-Finals – from £623.00 including Cat D Tickets (to both QF’s)
Auckland Quarter-Finals – from £472.00 including Cat D Tickets (to both QF’s)

For more information on packages for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, visit or call the sales team on 020 8739 2360.

Let me know who is going, and where you’ll be, and we’ll try to catch up for a beer.

10 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup: 100 Days to Go

  1. can anyone shout me a trip over there+a few beers?am a new father and bought a house so lacking funds presently.

    i can offer v good chat, excellent knowledge of rugby , v good chat and have been to NZ before.

    It would be well worth while someone sponsoring me (heineken?im open to offers) as I would raise the tone of any brand and i think raise the tone of NZ by being there.

    plus i would help as a wingman to the rugby blog lads who i think apart from hutch are single and because of my v good chat (see above) am likely to attract ladies to chat with.

    Plus i have some very good ideas for fantasy XV teams which i will only share over a Tui while watching a game.

    Other sponsors id consider would be: Ferrari, Rolex, Apple and any drinks brand.


      1. No matt,its been tried and failed.
        hes a 10!
        barritt is my shout for 12
        13 will be tindall i think.

  2. I’d love to see england try this line up at some point in the warm up games
    1 Corbisiero
    2 Hartley (C)
    3 Cole
    4 Lawes
    5 Palmer
    6 Croft
    7 Wood
    8 Waldrom
    9 Dickson/Simpson (youngs has been poor)
    10 Flood/Farell
    11 Sharples
    12 Barrit
    13 Tuilagi
    14 Ashton
    15 Foden

    16 Thompson
    17 Stevens
    18 Deacon
    19 Easter
    20 Simpson/Dickson
    21 Flood/Farell
    22 Sinbad

    1. looks tasty will!
      Id like stevens in the starting front 3, in preference to Corbs.
      Back row lacks 1 ball carrier perhaps?

      i like the 10/12/13 combo of farrell / barritt / tuilagi

      I know farrell isnt suddenly Wilko 2 because of one good season, but he plays a bit like dan carter, loads of time on the ball and has a really good tactical kicking game which floody seems to lack.

      1. hes certainly the futures. Thats why i put Waldrom in there for hes ball carrying. but i think that team could do alot

  3. I don’t remember it being tried and failed..?

    Sheridan must start, for me.

    Moody must start as captain.

    Easter over Waldrom

    Youngs and Flood combo to be retained.

    Wilkinson in at 12 (can’t be worse than Hape…. can’t throw Barrit in this close to world cup)

    Tindall at 13 i guess – but only for the leadership and defense. Tuialagi to come on for the last 20 when chasing games.

    Same back 3 as always.

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