Rugby World Cup 2011 Predictions: Round 7

It’s the final round of pool matches this weekend, and there are a few potential banana skins for teams that ought to qualify.

That said, I’m not predicting any upsets, and I think England, Wales and Ireland will all come through their respective challenges. I don’t think I’m underestimating Scotland, who always find an extra gear to play England (doesn’t everyone?), but this England side should have enough in the armoury.

Before the tournament, I would have picked Fiji to beat Wales, but the Welsh have come through two brutal encounters exceptionally well, and Fiji disappointed in their match with Samoa.

Here are my picks for the weekend – what do you think?

Australia v Russia: Australia by 73
France v Tonga: France by 29
England v Scotland: England by 13
Argentina v Georgia: Argentina by 23
New Zealand v Canada: New Zealand by 49
Wales v Fiji: Wales by 13
Ireland v Italy: Ireland by 18

7 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2011 Predictions: Round 7

      1. Pigs are flying as we speak. If Ireland don’t beat Italy, the cheating, and overrated English might get Wales or Italy in the SF – that can’t happen! :)

        1. England are only overrated by other supporters. Most English supporters while hoping for the best are expecting the wheels to come off at some stage and personally I think this will be against Ireland who have found their form at the right time. I think Scotland England will be much closer – Scots have nothing to lose really (well, except for a RWC quarter final – but you know what I mean!)

          Can’t see Italy winning myself.

  1. Come on Italy, France, Argentina!
    Scotland vs. England is very hard to call. Somehow I see England losing by a very small margin, maybe even a couple points. This way England will have 15 points, Argentina 15 (I think they will beat Georgia and get 5 points), and Scotland with 14…not enough to progress, but with their heads held high.
    Tonga game was so frustrating…Especially at the end with those million scrums in the dying seconds xD
    This is a great world cup though…seriously, it seems like a lot of teams have a good chance of making it to the finals.
    My prediction though is that with NZ in their current form, also being hosts, they will win the cup.

  2. Blimey, your predictions were pro England and anti Celtic.
    Whilst you were right about the Eng v Scot result, Eng should have lost.
    As for Ireland and particularly Wales, didn’t the games against Australia and. South Africa influence your predictions at all?
    I just hope that England get what they deserve, I.e. a defeat if they don’t deserve to win and a victory only if they outpost their opposition.

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