Rugby World Cup referees: the 10 to be announced

The IRB is set to announce the 10 referees to take charge at this year’s Rugby World Cup.

The South Africans are up in arms over the absence of Mark Lawrence and Marius Jonker whilst everyone’s favourite touch judge, Stuart Dickinson, is also absent.

Meanwhile, Steve Walsh appears on the list, which is something of a surprise given that whenever we read about him, he tends to have ‘discredited’ before any mention of his name.

Here is the list as reported on

Wayne Barnes and Dave Pearson (England), Romain Poite (France), Nigel Owens (Wales), Alain Rolland and George Clancy (Ireland), Steve Walsh (Australia), Bryce Lawrence (New Zealand), Craig Joubert and Jonathan Kaplan (both SA).

Jerome Garces (France), Chris Pollock and Vinny Munro (New Zealand), Simon McDowell (Ireland), Stuart Terheege (England), Tim Hayes (Wales) and Carlo Damasco (Italy) are set to be touch judges.

What are your thoughts? Are these the band of men that will referee Richie McCaw out of the World Cup?

11 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup referees: the 10 to be announced

  1. Isn’t Steve Walsh a Kiwi? Either way, he’s still useless.

    I rate Nigel Owens and Dave Pearson as probably the best out of that bunch, with Walsh at the lower end of that scale. Clancy is pretty bad too.


  2. I cant believe Romain Poite is in there. He destroys every game he referees and impossible to communicate with if you are captain just ask Paul O Connell. The rest of the list is fine though an argument could be made for the extension of the list to 12 to allow for Marius Jonker and Mark Lawerence which would give an equal hemisphere breakdown which could be important given the differing refereeing styles between North and South. Disapointed not to see Alan Lewis not include as touch judge but that shows the influence of Graham Henry on the IRB!

  3. The All Blacks have never had a loss at a RWC under a SH referee. Is this the latest attempt to undermine the Kiwis? There is a 75% chance at each of their games to get an unfit and less competent referee! SH referees are fitter and more competent. This is not surprising as they referee the best players most weeks.
    The IRB history includes just a few, end of 2-3-2 scrum, making penalties worth relatively less when the Kiwis had dominant kickers, rule changes at the breakdown to overcome their wonderful list of No’s 7, Ed Morrison, Wayne Barnes et al.

    Is it not time that we had a truly representative IRB not one based on representation by racist criteria?

    How does M. Poirot get a guernsey? His performance at Twickenham in November, revealed a total lack of knowledge about the scrum.

  4. Total crap that Walsh is there. Suspended TWICE for bad reffing and he’s one of the top guys? Utter rubbish. There are plenty more far better notably Mark Lawrence who has a great rapport with the players. IRB are a bunch of plonkers.

  5. Seriously dissapointed that Mark Lawrence is not included. He does have the best rapport with the players and is well versed with the S. Hemisphere game. Bloody useless IRB

  6. Jocky,

    Kiwis have to much say and influence in this,we saw this in the voting of the country to host the cup to start,mind you ,they do have the biggest mouths.

  7. how the hell can the irb allow bryce lawrence to blow international games. this man knows less about rugby than my 12 year old son> why is it that when referees blows a game as bad as bryce did, you dont ever hear any form of penalty or suspension given to the ass holding the wistle. I truly feel that referees like players should be sited for poor play, and the results for their poor performance should me made public, like when a player gets sited

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