RWC 2011: England v Argentina – LIVE!

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12 thoughts on “RWC 2011: England v Argentina – LIVE!

    1. you obviously dont Know the Laws yourself this was ther worst peice of refereeing I have ever seen he should be taken off the international board today

  1. Armatidge is physically the most useless rugby player I have ever seen…I think football players are more physical that him…reminded me of when Jacques Fourie of South Africa bumped him off twice in one run to a try…Armatidge is a Rugby waste…

  2. armitage was performing well in that game with that crunching tackle , england were not at top performance till the last 10 minutes as the forwards started to get the balll to the backs quicker out of the rucks , well done ben youngs . what was Cole doing in that maul grabbings legs as he sat on the floor , well done England :D

  3. Once again we see world cup rugby being decided by biased referee’s. How come southern hemisphere refs only penalise one side and lets the other side get away with anything they like.
    This world cup as others have been is now a farce, not suprising when the head of the IRB is Paddy O’Brian one of the biggest cheats of all time

  4. I thought the game was a disgrace. A bunch of english thugs more interested in breaking bones than scoring points. clean up the act and play like new zealands opening match, clean, fast and hungry for points. No one likes to see players tornaments and careers ended by over zealous tackles. were all in it for the game.

  5. Some real surprises on here, refereeing is a joke (this is rugby, games are decided by the refs, always has been) (not a southern hemisphere thing, just general incompetence by using an inadequate system),
    English thuggery is definitely nothing new and lets be honest both teams were not exactly playing great rugby now were they.
    I’m really surprised by Arimitage comments, I thought he did well given the absence of any decent ball or space and what’s the alternative, another one of Jono’s old mates given another cap? The real problem is the lack of depth in English rugby. We have more registered rugby players than there are people in NZ but we just seem to have a flare for team sports. -)
    What is driving me crazy (already on day 3) is the less than useless live commentary by the ITV bunch, have these guys ever actually played the game? I know they are mentioning their past glory’s as scrumhalves on a regular basis but I just can’t believe these fellas have a clue. They’re making Stuart Barnes sound credible (which is crime onto itself).

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