RWC 2011: England v Scotland Post-Match Reaction

Well, that was tense. Scotland were brilliant for about 80% of that match but just couldn’t hang on at the end, whilst England started terribly but gradually improved to the point of Ashton’s try. Some interesting calls to be made on team selection, because right now they certainly do not seem as though they can win the Rugby World Cup. Meanwhile for Scotland, it’s time for the long flight home.

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50 thoughts on “RWC 2011: England v Scotland Post-Match Reaction

  1. Would change plenty of the England team for next weekend. Corbisiero, Hartley, Palmer and Easter all need to come into the pack, whilst in the backs someone must play instead of Tindall, either Flood or Hape.

    Highlights for England were Armitage, Foden and the excellent Tuilagi. Ashton stated how he was waiting out on the wing, so why the hell didn’t he get stuck in earlier on? Youngs was too slow at the breakdown, struggled under the pressure. England need more confidence and some leadership. Moody and Tindall too silent.

  2. The world seemed to be with Scotland all the way through the match, they deserved a win but couldn’t quite capitalise on the dominance they enjoyed first half. Just one of their two or three very close attempts at tries would have swung the match.

    Man of the match was Dan Parks but to be honest I’d have given it to Chris Paterson, he was incredible, and made Wilkinson look all the more struggling as a comparison.

    Massive shame for Scotland, undeserved win for England, and I’d stick with my starting bet of a quaterfinal exit unless France repeat their Tonga shock.

  3. Typical Scotland spare the gallant losers tag please.

    Ahead with 10 minutes to go against Argentina and England yet
    still contrive to lose.

    We being Scotland deserve to be on the early plane home having amassed the
    grand total of 2 tries .
    Grit , passion ,yes entertaining flowing rugby forget it.
    Mr Townsend attack coach youre having a laugh.

    Well done to England who have the knack of playing badly but winning.

    Looks like a New Zealand v ireland/Wales final.

  4. Sorry Tristan, I’ve never heard so much rubbish. Rugby is an 80-minute game; the score at half-time is irrelevant. The team that wins deserves to win. Scotland lost to Argentina, struggled against Romania,and couldn’t manage a try against Georgia! England have run in 18 to Scotland’s 4. If England playing badly can beat Scotland playing “magnificently” (not my word), it tells us all we need to know about Scotland. The best I can wish them is a pleasant flight home.


  6. Classic Eng Vs Scot… rubbish.

    The worry for England is at the set piece, our stongest point before this game. Think Corbisiero should come in as Stevens is a tight head really.

    Palmer must start. Also think Haskell had a poor game but i dont rate Easter so i’m not really sure.

    Agree with Ben on the performances of Foden, Armitage and Tuilagi.

    Surely Flood deserves the start next week?

  7. Sadly,it has now become obvious that Wilkinson is past his best.England need to start with Flood against the French.England can score more tries but they lack leadership and the right decision making.Kicking for goal from near the halfway line is a big mistake.England need to kick to the corners and trust the forwards to create try-scoring opportunities.These decisions will at some stage prove pivotal to the outcome of knock-out matches and we simply have to learn NOW! Johnson needs to get this whole area of the game exactly right.Youngs was poor today,he is too slow.I liked Simpson when he played.Keep Haskell in the side.Croft played well today.

  8. Why is it that we can’t match teams like Ire or Scot passion? Why also when we know these teams are going to throw the kitchen sink at us do we not prepare our game plan to combat that? Whenever teams disrupt our game we look completely lost. All that said the guys do deserve credit for the way they fought back and showed that if we can play with pace on the ball we are a real threat just need to believe in themselves more! Changes have to be made now though, Flood has to start (even if Wilko is fit) Corbs in stead of Stevens, Palmer instead of Deacon and Wood has to be in the 22. When on earth is Johnson going to bring out a replacement for Sheridan??? Might need one for Tindal as well now.

    Although we have been unimpressive, France are awful I just hope that they self implode this week even further. No reason now why we cant make the final but it is going to be agonising to watch!

    1. I’m worried because France are due a big performance. If they live up to their own cliche of blowing hot and cold they should definatley be blowing hot soon.

      1. Why not Frank? France have been awful and are beatable, Ireland have had two good performances in the last 15 months and Wales bottled it when then had the chance against SA.

        We have all been incedibly harsh on Eng but Arg & Scot are not easy opponents and we beat them playing badly.

        To be honest I will be very disappointed if we dint make the final! We are ranked higher than any of them and have beaten them all in the last 6 months!

  9. How refreshing to read a supporter who is realistic and doesn’t make excuses, Stuart. I wish some of the English posters in other blogs could follow your example. I’m fed up of reading ‘ a win is a win’ and ‘I’d rather we got there playing ugly than be knocked out playing champagne rugby’, as if you can’t win by playing creatively. The All Blacks seem to manage it.

    If a team like England get to the final, won’t it show there’s something wrong with the sport?

    1. Griff, although I love to watch open, attacking rugby, that is why it is such a great game. I would love England to be more ambitious, but lets face it, they are the best around at grinding out results when playing poorly. I thought today Scotland were the more negative. They unashamedly came with the idea of causing ‘mayhem and chaos’ I think I heard them say. England wanted to play more rugby, but just weren’t good enough to combat the Scottish tactics. Next week, and maybe the week afterwards, they will be playing teams that genuinely believe they can beat England, and that will suit the Englaish better.

    2. Surely it would be unwise to play open, imaginative rugby in those conditions. And for some of the backs that was the biggest game of their career to date so they might feel uncomfortable throwing it about willy nillly. They also thought they could combat Scotland best upfront so that is where they tried to keep the ball. I also completely disagree with you saying that there is something wrong with the sport if a team who tries to win it with the pack instead of the backs gets to the final. They are simply playing to their strengths.

  10. I’m sorry but tell me honestly, who really cares how you get through the group? Form changes game to game. Just before the wc didn’t England dominate Ireland at aviva.? I didn’t read much into that,
    same as I read nothing in today. Really depends what you’ve got on the day. Only the all blacks look decent to be honest.

    1. Yes England dominated Ireland before the wc. I wouldn’t bet on them doing it in the wc. England showed up for a test match while I reckon Ireland showed up for a wc warm up match. Look at the competitive stats for the last few years. Ireland have had little problems dismissing England.

      1. Frank – would that be the same warm-up game that the entire Irish management staff and all interviewed players, past and present, described as “must-win”??

        Amazing how a one-off victory against the Aussies changes the tune of the Irish supporter.

        Here’s a prediction – Ireland will struggle to beat Italy and then will be beaten by the Welsh

  11. England played scintillating, hesitant, toothless rugby. Awful stuff. It sets them up for a showdown next week with France (another crap team). The winnwer of the Wales and Ireland match will be terrified by what they’ve seen from both England and France. Quaking in their boots!!!!

  12. To frank – I hear you. I don’t rate england stats against Ireland but what are Ireland’s against France? Get my point? To be honest, anyone out of france, Wales, England, Ireland could beat each other on the day. I hope England meet Ireland in the semis. England will need to improve on today’s showing though, but I think they have that annoying stubbornness to do it.

  13. I think people need to stop idolizing SH rugby. Australia have lost to two NH teams in the last year and so have South Africa. And New Zealand proved that they are not invincible during the tri nations. Any team can loose, and although i would bet on NZ making the final, it would be a hard bet on who will meet them, and i honestly think it will be England!

    1. Big loss for NZ with Carter out!! They tend not to perform too well without him. Saffas will be overjoyed

      1. I am gutted for Carter. This was his world cup, not sure how old he is but this was his best opportunity to stamp his name on rugby history. The tournament wont be the same.

  14. It’s all in the team selection and for as long as Martin Johnson continues with his current starting line up and ignores Corbuisero, Stefon Armitage, Wigglesworth, Flood and Cueto, we will struggle. Three of them came on for the last 10 minutes and changed the game: think what they could have done if they had started!

  15. I’d rather face Ireland than Wales if we get to the semis. But I wouldn’t bet on England in either case. Wouldn’t bet on us beating the frogs either, that one’s a coin toss.

    Just watching the game again and we are awful. All this stuff I keep reading about how we are winning without playing well…as far as I can see we are just poor and I can’t see any miracle turnaround. Just so bad at the basics. Scrums a mess for most of the match. Disorganized. No leadership (Thommo is one of the few that sets the right tone out there). Johnny is in bad form and should not have started, Waldrom should be on at 8, Wood should be in, and Tindall is an absolute joke.

  16. Yet again we stutter along dicing with defeat and find we have won. Self belief is a glorious thing and every Nation needs a little luck,ask NZ their lucky rabbit’s foot just broke down, let’s see how the main untried link works.As for the remaining Celts, they can bust each other up before the Semi-final and even playing poorly ENGLAND will be feared.

    1. I dont think England has done anything to make the Welsh or the Irish worry let alone the SH teams.
      I went to this match and Scotland lost it to be honest, it was boring to watch and the atmosphere was crap, the English didnt make any noise until the 78 minute.
      I think the Celts would find your comment about England being feared laughable.

      1. As an Irishman, I’d way prefer England in the QF’s than Wales. Wales are lookin like the best NH team right now for my money, but we can take them if we play like we did against Italy, and some luck goes our way. Argentina are a shadow of the team they used to be and they would have been the preferred QF opposition. Still though, it will be interesting to see how they do against the AB’s. Carter will be missed only in the semi-final stage.

      2. England will not be taken for granted but feared? I don’t think so. They are just not good. One dimensional brute force rugby. And they are cheats!! Switching the ball for Johnny. No honour in that.

        1. Frank,

          Firstly congrats to Ireland they played a brilliant game. However irelands weakness is going to be coping with the pressure of being favourites which we all know they don’t do very well at all!

          To label Eng cheats for not using the same ball is insulting, every team bends the laws in far more serious ways than this to think they don’t is just ignorant!

          Plus I hope the Irish are all as arrogant as you as it will be the undoing of them if they were to meet Eng in a semi!

          1. To Ben

            They didnt bend the laws theyBROKE them.
            No other side in the world cup has blatanly CHEATED like that.
            What are youm talking about, every team has bent the laws in a more serious way are you joking?
            You have the cheek to call Frank arrogant, mate you want to wake up to yourself and have the balls to admit the English management stuffed up and got caught instead of living in denial.

  17. To be honest, if englands scrum turns up ireland will struggle. Tuilagi shut down BOD last time they met and d’arcy is hardly the attacking force he once was. Jonny at ten and floody at 12 would give england the chance to use tuilagi to his full potential and bring the back three in more. As long as they don’t let heaslip and o’brien run riot, england could easily shut the irish out, especially considering our defensive record for the tournament. Yeah, the irish did beat the aussies, but england demolished them home and away. The welsh are starting to suffer from injuries, but as long as warburton is fit they have a chance, he is truly world class. I admire tommy bowes tenacious attacking as well. This could go anyway, there is no point writing teams off already. Just to prove a point, england have beaten ireland, france and wales this year, that hasn’t stopped wales and ireland producing some great performances. If england come out firing on all cylinders like they were at the start of the six nations or the autumn tests, they are one of the best teams in the world, no denying that.

  18. What’s this? the England adoration society? I am now arrogant just because I don’t think England are world beaters and consider the type of game being played as a sad apology for the game of rugby. Stop looking at the English team through red rose tinted glasses. In truth Martin Johnson could have picked a more creative team but chose to go with brute force instead. I do admire the fact that the english still consider themselves world beaters even when they have a crap team. The self delusional arrogance has to be admired. I should add that not only do england consider themselves world beaters with a crap team but somehow can manage to win ugly with crap teams playing one dimensional crap rugby. One can only admire that confidence. I wish the Irish had the same arrogance and belief all the time just like the English. It has to be admired. It’s a pity the Irish normally only seem to have the belief when they see the red rose in a competitive match such as last March and the six nations over the last few years. That’s enough to motivate them. Let’s hope the team has turned a corner and can reach the same motivation against other sides. I would like to see the English do a job on France as I would have to fancy Ireland to deal with England as they have done fairly consistently in recent years (august warm up game aside).

    1. Talk about arrogance, read your own post. You arrogantly assume that Ireland will get past Wales. Good Luck with that…

      1. Apologies. I don’t presume that Ireland will get past Wales. If you look at my earlier posts I wrote “The winner of the Wales and Ireland match will be terrified by what they’ve seen from both England and France. Quaking in their boots!!!!” Wales are a good side and on form so I expect an epic match next weekend. I wasn’t being arrogant above just expressing the view that Ireland would prefer to meet England in the SF (that is if we make it). I guess the Welsh would prefer to play England also?

  19. Did someone say Wigglesworth should be starting ahead of youngs or did i misread something? Youngsy didn’t have a great game – but he’s far and away our best option at 9.

  20. I’m really enjoying the petty comments from some fans that obviously haven’t watched a lot of rugby or just don’t have any rugby knowledge. I wouldn’t consider ireland to be flash or play with flair but I admit they are a good team with an outstanding backrow. The welsh have showed the most flair out of any NH team so far, but no one has stated that. Its rather childish speaking about the great game in this way and labelling teams cheats ect. It may have been a genuine accident that they tried to switch the ball, did anyone think about that? I’ve seen my fair share of eye gouging and cheap shots and I would consider that far more detrimental to the game than trying to switch a ball for a kick. On the comment of the england admiration, no one has blatantly insulted the other teams except you and your childish comments. Every team plays their own game and plays to their strengths, that is something you will have to come to terms with or maybe you should give up on rugby and start watching football? Those sorts of ignorant, uninformed comments are welcome there. I love rugby as a game, i support england but I admire the way every other team plays, even namibia were enjoyable to watch. Englands game plan is to dominate upfront and then unleash the backs with pace and tempo to put opposition on the back foot. They have yet to execute this to its full potential which has made for some very disjointed play, but when it clicks it will work. Again, look at how terrible the irish and welsh were prior to the world cup and look at the performances they have put in. I would love a NH vs SH final. Great to see so many passionate fans, but let’s leave the petty arguments to football and get some good banter going again, after all isn’t that a massive part of rugby anyway?

  21. Yes. Switching the ball was cheating. Of course players bend the rules during a game like using hands in a ruck or going offside if they can get away with it. Yes they bend the rules a little. Alred and Stridgeon did not make a mistake “in the heat of the game” as Johnson claimed. What happened? Did they happen to have non conforming balls lying around which they mistakenly gave to Johnny. They did in my arse. They knew exactly what they were doing. Premeditated!!!!!! Just like Bloodgate where the first reaction of Dean Richards et al. was to say it wasn’t cheating because all the other teams in the premiership were doing it. If you are someone who doesn’t consider the ball changing issue cheating then you are probably the type of golfer who thinks it’s ok to mark your ball and then give it a better lie when placing it again or kick it out of the rough when nobody is looking so as to make the next shot easier.It appears to me that the game has been demeaned by english men without honour.England cheated and it’s not ok!!!!!!!! Martin Johnson demeans the game further by simply claiming that it was a mistake and “We move on”. Cheats!!!!!

  22. Both Ireland and Wales would dominate England in the back row. And if Easter plays it will be even worse.

  23. To James

    How can you say that it may have been a mistake when they did it numerous times?
    Man up you guys and admit that the coaching staff CHEATED and got caught.
    I would be the first to denounce the AB’s if we ever stooped that low, and even go as far as to say we wouldnt be deserving of the world cup if we get that far through nefarious means.
    Wheres your honour?

  24. alright fellas…. onto France aye?


    1. Corbs
    2. Thompson
    3. Cole
    4. Palmer
    5. Lawes
    6. Croft
    7. Moody
    8. Haskell
    9. Youngs
    10. Flood
    11. Cueto
    12. Hape
    13. Tuilagi
    14. Ashton
    15. Foden.

  25. I don’t know, because surprisingly i’m not part of the england coaching staff. At the end of the day the ball didn’t get switched for either kick and it didn’t affect the outcome of the game. So can we please end this pointless argument?
    My team would be:

    1: Corbs

    1. Pointless argument. So you presume England wouldn’t cheat in a more competitive match if they hadn’t been caught? My arse. So it wasn’t cheating because it was against a lesser team. Strange morals there!!!!!!!

  26. Frank. Chill out mate. Look, we all love our teams but what are you saying? If you wish to continue finding any reason to bash England, then knock yourself out and continue on. As much as you feel previous form has so much impact on the outcome of the qtrs please just look at the previous world cups knock out stages for the answer that I can’t be bothered to give you. France beating NZ in 99 and 07, England beating aussies in 07, Fiji etc etc list goes on and on….honestly, I’d like Wales, Ireland or England to do it. And its a toss of the coin , trust me. Each with own styles can do it. Deal with it. As for cheating? You wanna call England players cheats then carry on. Bored of your comments at this stage. How about just enjoying the rugby ? Remember that? Nuff said.

  27. Ok Frank have it your way. England are the bad boys and always cheat and are a disgrace to human nature and should all be shot. Yep we all agree with you mate. Well done for your insightful comments. Shame no one cares.

  28. I didn’t say England always cheat just that the premeditated switching of balls was completely out of order. What seperates rugby from soccer is the honour in the game. Soccer is played by overpaid cheating numbsculls without honour who try to get opponents sent off by feigning injury etc etc. Rugby on the other hand is a game of honour Rugby is being dragged down by incidents like bloodgate and the recent ball switching. There in no honour in those sort of shady dealings. Playing offside and having hands in the ruck is pushing the limits in the heat of battle and to be expected. The ball issue was premeditated cheating nothing less!!! Check out the page 14 of the IRB LAWS OF THE GAME RUGBY UNION – Integrity is central to the fabric of the Game
    and is generated through honesty & fair play.

  29. Frank I coach rugby and see far worse go on, premeditated or not. Just put it to bed mate. You are the only one that cares. If I recall, both incidents you refer to were dealt with and punishments given, so why you keep going on about it beggars belief. Just focus in supporting your team on Saturday and leave the moral blah blah to folk that care…good luck on sat.

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