RWC 2011 Ireland Player Ratings v Russia

Donnacha Ryan

15. Rob Kearney– 7.5
Was keen to be involved, and performed well when he was.

14. Fergus McFadden – 7
Got the try scoring going, but was probably our biggest culprit among those responsible for the tries we conceded as the second happened on his wing from deep. His strength after the tackle was there when he had the chance to show it but would have been more evident if he wore 12 or 13.

13. Keith Earls – 7.5
Two strong finishes means whatever his critics say he’ll probably start on the wing against Italy. Still don’t agree with Kidney he’s the front runner to inheriting Brian O’Driscoll’s 13 jersey, though.

12. Paddy Wallace – 7
Put in a great shift in his first full World Cup outing. But not enough to warrant any further involvement barring injuries in the squad. Does his best on defence but still got run over once or twice.

11. Andrew Trimble – 7.5
Only so many times you can say he should be starting ahead of Earls. The coach doesn’t agree so I’m delighted he at least got a try for himself as reward for another fine outing in green.

10. Ronan O’Gara – 8.5
Man of the Match officially, and with place kicking causing so many problems for others, only fluffed one of many chances. Was his usual impressive self kicking from the hand as well, though the Russians gave him all the time he needed to do so.

9. Isaac Boss – 8
Much like Trimble, I’m delighted he got a try for an accomplished performance. But also much like Paddy Wallace, it seems he’s too far down Kidney’s pecking order to play any further part in the tournament.

1. Cian Healy – 7
Was never going to match the previous week’s outing, but had some good carries and most importantly stayed injury free.

2. Sean Cronin – 5.5
His poor darts were always going to stand out a mile in a match like this. Had a few good carries but that will always make him no better than a bench player at this level if he doesn’t improve his set pieces.

3. Tony Buckley – 5
And he gets a generous half a point for his try albeit against a knackered Russian defence at the end. Proved that if Ireland want to have any hope of winning this thing they need to get three props unscathed through four massive tests.

4. Donncha O’Callaghan – 6
Not his usual self, but was hardly a liability. Missed his usual second row buddy, methinks.

5. Leo Cullen – 6
The post-match statistics gave him one pinched line out but I really expected him to dominate the Russian darts. I really don’t think he and O’Callaghan work well together.

6. Donnacha Ryan – 7
Yet another fringe player who seemed to want to stand out. Likely to stay on the bench against Italy.

7. Sean O’Brien – 8.5
Doesn’t matter who the opposition is – if Sean is picked, he’s pumped. The Russians hadn’t a clue what to be doing with him.

8. Jamie Heaslip – 6.5
Getting into the habit of falling asleep at the wrong moment and was punished when Artimyev smoked him for his try. The scoreboard reading 43-0 at the time can be a mitigating factor, though. Did the basics well around the pitch mostly.

16. Rory Best 
Did not play and rightly so.

17. Mike Ross – 7
Shouldn’t have been there in the first place, and seemed to stay well clear of the ball in the loose when on, so he gets a positive score for managing that.

18. Denis Leamy – 6.5
Played with his usual aggression, with more than one good carry accompanied by more than one senseless penalty conceded.

19. Shane Jennings – 7
Delighted he got a try and he was another in green who played like they wanted to make it count. Likely to sit out the rest of the tournament, though.

20. Eoin Reddan – 7
Despite his Leinster team-mate’s good showing Reddan did enough towards the end to remind us he should start against Italy.

21. Jonathan Sexton – 6.5
Certainly didn’t help his cause by throwing a shocker first pass in his own 22 after coming on, and helped it less missing a last minute conversion. Showed good combinations in last two tries, though.

22. Geordan Murphy – 6
Caught out of position for the second Russian try although he was part of an Irish back line combination at the time that will probably never be seen again.

By JL Pagano

2 thoughts on “RWC 2011 Ireland Player Ratings v Russia

  1. Buckley should have a rating of 3
    1 for his try.
    1 for turning up.
    1 for leaving munster to ”play” his rugby in sale.
    He has such huge potential it makes it even more infuriating to watch him give away lazy penalties and then walk around the pitch hitting most ruck’s just to get a rest, we should never see him in a green jersey again.

    1. Sorry Alan, Buckley does not have huge potential. He’s got huge, yes, but not so much potential. He and Tom Court are the two worst players in the RWC squad, which is pretty worrying if a front-rower goes down. Think Kidney was mad to play Healy at the weekend, and there was a moment of terror when it looked like he got injured. All ok though. Italy could be a bruiser though.

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