RWC 2011: New Zealand v Australia Post-Match Reaction

So New Zealand are through to the final, where the will face France in a repeat of the 1987 final. Incredibly dominant at the breakdown, with huge performances from their forward pack and Piri Weepu, they were in charge from start to finish. Will they be champions in a week’s time?

25 thoughts on “RWC 2011: New Zealand v Australia Post-Match Reaction

  1. All credit to the darkness. We were outplayed from the kick off.

    A deserved win to the All Blacks. We’ll see Wales next week and the rest of you boys in four years!

    Poor old Pocock was a bit like Robinson Crusoe today. Cooper’s brain exploded with regularity.

    Enjoy the ride NZ! All the best for the final.

    1. Another world class performance from Pocock and another terrible performance from Cooper. I feel for the poor bloke – as he was about to kick off I was thinking that there was no way that the amount of noise coming from the crowd couldn’t have affected you as a player, and he had to have the first touch of the ball.

      He may come right eventually (it did take O’Conner a season or 2 with the Wallabies to reach the level of composure he has now) but at the moment Genia needs someone else outside him. Personally O’Conner would be my choice at 10.

      Will be interesting how the 3rd vs 4th playoff goes. I have a feeling that it could be a preview of the final in 4 years time. Aussie have so many young but battle hardened players now who should be around in 4 years time. Just need to bolster up the pack with a bit more mongrel…someone in the mould of Owen Finegan would do nicely I reckon.

      For this particular encounter though I have a feeling Wales will want 3rd place more, and Warburton will want to rectify the decision against him on Saturday. Hopefully both teams turn up switched on and make a great game of it.

  2. A terribly panicky first 25 mins from Quade Cooper did a lot. Always tough to come back from the situation they were in. That said, the All Blacks really should have scored at least another try or two. Can’t see France beating them, but you never know. Here’s hoping!

    1. Don’t think you are giving Aussie enough credit for the defensive effort they put it.
      Its always hard to score tries against them and Quade having a shaky start isn’t going to really mean the All Blacks should be scoring 2 or 3 tries.
      The Aussies are better than that.

  3. The All Blacks’ most complete and dominant performance in a while. Loved every moment of it. But all credit to ref Craig Joubert for an equally awesome refereeing performance.

  4. well deserved victory ! Forwards were awesome ! They actually stepped up to the plate for there first real test in this world cup….beware the french… shame its not the final everyone wanted but hey thats sport….

  5. where are you tana ! i hope you are drunk as a skunk…well deserved…come on the sheep shaggers…from a disappointed taffy.

    1. Hey John, funnily enough I was drunker the night before while cheering on Wales as I could watch the game from right next to the bar :-). A 45 minute walk to Eden Park and then being too nervous/excited to leave my seat for alcohol or toilet stops for the whole game meant that I was pretty sober. Mind you, the win gave me as warm and tingly a feel as a few drams of Jamesons would have, and I certainly don’t have much of a voice left today!!

      Anyway, I have learnt from painful experience not to write the French off so I will save some drunkeness for the possible celebrations next weekend :-).

      Real shame it isn’t a red and black final but we will just have to represent the sheep lovers farmers on your behalf.

  6. Must admit to being slightly happy that the Aussie media has been proved so wrong. Prior to the game here one ‘expert’ literally went thru the teams man for man and only had the two kiwi props in a combined side. Other than that every Aussie player was better than his opponent! Laughably myopic.

    Cooper is not an international fly half at this moment (just ask Tim Horan who said as much after the game), Israel Dagg the best full back in the world and Robbie Deans the best coach for having got this average Aussie side so far. But I think France will be a different prospect for NZ next week. They will slow the game up, compete much better up front than Australia did (particularly at the break down) and will be much more shrewd in the way they move the ball through their backs and around the field.They have a much better kicking game than the Aussies. France to win a close one by two or three points!

    1. France will be better up front than the Aussies, but they wont have the same hunger or desperation the All Blacks will bring.
      They have showen nothing in the tournement that will worry the AB’S, although they wont be taken lightly I cant see them doing it.

  7. As an England supporter who has a son that is eligible for Eng, Ire, Wales, NZ and the Moari team I am a neutral over the outcomeof last nights game. The ABs deserved to win. They were the better team. What did piss me off was the fact that Joubert gave too many decisions in favour of the ABs. Justin Marshall who was commenting on the game in NZ even said on three occassions the penalty decisions were harsh. Please translate this to the ref was wrong.The penalty count seemed to favour the ABs early in the match and at the latter stages swing back to the Australians when it was done and dusted.

    1. I agree there were a couple of calls that went the way of the AB’S that shouldnt have, but they were not turned into points.
      The Aussies had the share of calls as well but couldnt capitalize as they were shut out.
      No one is done and dusted when there is still 40 minutes to go and only 5 points in it, especially the Aussies.

  8. The ABs had a wicked game I was on the edge of my seat the entire 80 mins and my heart was pounding before kick-off – definitely a well-deserved victory and what heart and stamina they showed – can’t wait to see the ABs kick some bum next week against France will be an epic pay-back for the devastation in France four years ago – I don’t see France having a chance with a less than convinving one-point win over the Welsh team who only had 14 players especially with a sea of black behind the ABs all the way!

    Kia Kaha ALL BLACKS!

  9. AB’s deserved to win, by far the better team, and will give the frogs a tonking in the final.

    Only got two comments. The first is one I made after the quarter final – Barnes for Cooper. Deans got it wrong. Form over reputation.

    Secondly, how did the AB’s get away with so many infringements at the breakdown. If England had come in from the side of that many rucks, as well as other transgressions, we’d have been pinged constantly and had a man sinbinned. Watch the tape again if you want to disagree. It may well be that the AB’s play at such pace (compared to lumbering England) that the refs just can’t keep up and miss the infringements, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t take place.

    However, having said all of that, they will be worthy winners if they put their demons to rest next week. Amazing forward performance and threatening back line.

  10. Agreed on the breakdown – it was going from both sides but Joubert seemed to spot the Aussie infringements more often

    At almost every ruck, the ABs came in from the back and the side and flopped off their feet and over the ball, sealing it off from Pocock and the Aussies. I remember they got called on it the once but it was happening almost every time

    Joubert didn’t seem overly fussed about the off-side line either, whether at the breakdown or when the ball was kicked. Again, he pulled it up for some glaring example but both sides were off-side with regularity

    BTW, for those commentators (mainly Brighty) who were going on about these quarter-finals representing the death of tournament rugby (as played by SA and Eng) and the birth of a new type of exciting rugby – well, you really couldn’t have been more wrong.

    Even if the red card hadn’t been awarded, the Wales France game would have been all about the French defence. And in the Kiwi Aus game, the Kiwi game plan was straight out of the Saffa play book. Stifling defence, hit the rucks hard, hoist the ball high and chase it to put the pressure on

    1. Agreed – style of play – Knockout rugby style – make sure you win, and it doesn’t matter how! The beauty parade is over – only results count.

  11. It might be a bit nervy but it’s still a final featuring 2 teams known for flair in their game. If France play well, it could be a really special final. Neither France or the AB’s were really forced to play top class rugby in their semis but the final could be more of a pendulum. My eyes will be on Ma’a Nonu, Cory Jane and Sonny Bill Williams to take the trophy back to New Zealand where it belongs. France will have other ideas. Can’t wait.

    1. I’m not sure what France were playing in the second half. Tackle practice? Top draw rugby it wasn’t. I disagree with the AB’s though, I thought they played some superb rugby in their semi.

      I do agree that France may well put in that special performance and the AB’s may choke under the pressure, but personally I can’t see the planets aligning that much. I think that the American Football at Wembley is going to give more drama than this final. When have the French ever turned up for a final?

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