RWC 2011 Post-Match Reaction: Ireland 10 Wales 22

So it is Wales who will head through to the knockout stage to face France in the semi-final, after producing one of the best performances of the tournament. Their fitness and defence was absolutely exceptional, whilst all three of their tries were brilliantly taken.

As for Ireland, crashing out of this tournament marks the end of many brilliant international careers, with Brian O’Driscoll, Paul O’Connell, Ronan O’Gara and Gordon D’Arcy all likely to have made their last Rugby World Cup performances.

What did you make of the game? Let us know.

26 thoughts on “RWC 2011 Post-Match Reaction: Ireland 10 Wales 22

  1. What a Ding Dong!

    Should a – would a – could a…………….
    If my auntie had a dick she would be my uncle.

    Wales – great game plan – well executed – well done.
    Hope you go all the way.
    From a proud Irish man.

  2. Epic performance from Wales. Something like 143 tackles. Speechless masterclass of rugby defending.
    It’s Wales that had the tactical nous. O’Gara should have kicked the 3 penalties. If he’d got them, it would have been 12-10 going in at the break and could have been a very different game. Wales were able to be very effective in the breakdown and in penalties because we didn’t kick for goal to punish them. They could kept conceding penalties as we couldn’t do anything with them, O’Gara should have shown more respect for this epic Welsh defense. As an Irishman, I’m glad the cocky Ronan got put in his place. Disrespectfullness should be punished. I truly hope he finally retires now, and we’re finally rid of him. Bring forth the era of the Sextmeister.

  3. Thanks Ding Dong .

    Amazing defence and rapier attacks about sums it up. O’Driscoll was a bit down on his teams performance which I thought was harsh as they played well but met a Welsh team with the force behind them.

    On the game itself I thought it was a bit strange to pick O’Gara and not go for those kicks in the first half ?

    Priestland seems calm beyond his years and is officially named the sexiest man in Wales today according to the Western Mail,With Halfpenny sealing the fullback position with a perfect game looks like more bench warming for Hook and no way back for Stephen Jones .Outside half factory back in production !

    1. “On the game itself I thought it was a bit strange to pick O’Gara and not go for those kicks in the first half ?”
      Well said. I truly hope he retires now. He has failed us in the big time matches every time. Can we be rid of him once and for all?? You have to admit, if he showed the Welsh defense the respect they deserved, he would have kicked the penalties – the only bloody thing he’s good for and didn’t do it………
      Then it could have been 12-10 at half time, and Wales would be more insecure in themselves that they were conceding penalties. They might have been more unsettled at the gain line then, but alas. Wales delivered and were the better team. Best of luck to them. I would have fully supported Wales against England but France, I’ll just say let the best team win. I’m neutral on that one.

  4. What a match! Both teams turned up but Wales turned it up to 11.

    A bad day on the tips for me, the big lesson has been that a clean sheet in the pools means nothing in the knockout stage.

  5. A quality match, probably joint best with the Aus v Ireland game. Wales really performed. Best defensive effort i have seen in a long time. A big game from every welsh player, Rhys Priestland was superb, and Leigh Halfpenny was outstanding. Ireland were good, but just simply not good enough. O’Gara is experianced enough to know when he should kick. Well worth the early morning wake up.

    As a wounded englishmen all i can say is GO WALES, think i might buy myself a red jersey.

    1. Hi Chris E – those T-shirts weren’t colourfast (bit like our teams!?!) I can dye one red for you!

      Your friend
      Ding Dong

    2. “O’Gara is experianced enough to know when he should kick.”
      On today’s evidence he isn’t. Great player but his time has come and gone now.
      The magic hindsight ball says Sexton should have started.

      1. I totally agree epicness, he made life difficult for Ireland. Am looking forward to seeing Sexton play without living in the shadow of O’Gara.

        Ding Dong, I think i will have one of those shirts and put Leigh Halfpenny on the back, cos he was quality today. Go Wales!

        Yours sincerely,


  6. Wales were fantastic from 1 to 15. Hope they go all the way. this was Irelands last chance saloon and we fluffed it. Wales were better.

    1. Yep. It’s an anti-climax for the men in green. They’ve got a real slap in the face. To win the group and lose to Wales. The Welsh were better.
      If I could pick one player from any country in the world who could have helped win us that game, I know who it would be – a player that shakes things up with deft kicks in behind the defense to breach the gain line. A player that’s quick and creative, and makes nice dummy runs, works well with backs, good in the tackle and will kick the pens when he’s supposed to. Someone who’ll stand up and be counted when it matters most, the player Declan didn’t pick. That’s the fine lines we’re talking about here. Kidney must go!

  7. The big question is, where does irish rugby go from here?, do we get rid of the O’Garas and bring in new blood to prepare for the next world cup or do we continue to splutter along winning the odd six nations title and the occasional autumn international.

    Do we bring in a southerm hemisphere manager or do we stay with a local manager?

    In my opinion we need to bleed some new talent for the six nations regardless of results and bring in a forward thinking boss who will develop the game within all four provinces

    Oh well, back to the Rabodirect

    1. Do we deserve another good manager. Ireland used to be the minnows of the 5 nations (as it was then), routinely being beaten by cricket scores by England. Indeed Ireland were managed by an Englishman (who could never have any belief or respect for Irish players) before Gatland came in 98, and he just gave up after 6 months I think. We did badly in the 1999 rugby world cup by our modern standards but really, we did very well considering how bad we were before – narrowly losing 26-24 to Argentina in a playoff for the QF. Gatland changed everything. Ireland went from poor to good. We won 3 of our 5 nations games in 2000 and 4 of the 6 nations in 2001. We also came very close to beating the AB’s that year. Then, corruption within the IRFU tricked Ireland into sacking him. They were getting better and better, but dark forces intervened to see that Eddie O’Sullivan took the reigns. There was a false rumor spread that O’Sullivan was the brains behind Gatland. Of course he wasn’t. Gatland was fired and now Wales have him. Just imagine having Gatland all the way to the 2003 world cup, or even the 2007 one. Things could have been very different. Alas, we got Kidney – a copy of O’Sullivan who was a copy of Gatland. It all got watered down in the end. SH coaching is vastly superior to NH. You should always keep those guys employed if u can. They can bring creativity and belief to an otherwise downtrodden team. Only SH technicians can do it. Every top NH team (except Italy) have an SH defense coach. Ireland have Les Kiss. But Wales have an SH manager and defense coach.

      1. Shaun Edwards is English. But yes Gatland is priceless. I think Wales should comfortably beat France, France didn’t win because they were particularly great, England were just very bad.

  8. i think kidney got his calls right we just did not make it happen to day wales out foxed us today what good is it to start sexton when he cant kick and is only an average 10 he cost u us games in the 6 nations last season

  9. So far so good, Iv’e a near 100% prediction record only getting France Tonga wrong! This world cup is shaping up cannot wait for boks v aussies tomorrow and the first real test for New Zealand without Carter.

    We probably won’t find out just how much of a loss Carter really is until the Semi’s but I’m gonna tip Australia to beat SA tomorrow. Just. Think this really will go to the wire. Wales France? I see Wales coming through that reasonably comfortably. I don’t think this French team will have the questions to ask of Wales and will struggle to contain our backs.

    Welsh performance was the most polished I have ever seen. I thought there was another gear or two left in that performance. Considering the age and experience of both teams today, Ireland seemed to be the ones making inexperienced decisions. I was rubbing my hands together when, three time O’Gara opted for the corner.

    There were a few worrying areas of the game though, kicking conditions were difficult and Wales have to stop giving away penalties which may lead to a man in the bin and potentially game over. The discipline was incredible against South Africa, they will need that if they do get to the final. Hopefully, against anyone bar New Zealand Carter or not.

    1. France will have to be as good as they were against England for the 80 instead of just 40 to beat Wales. Gatland will have a decisive plan to beat France. I’ve no question of that that but France will do their homework against Wales. Another one that I wouldn’t hazard a guess at predicting, unless there’s a crisis in either camp or a spate of injuries which I don’t see.

  10. what a great game of rugby. ireland played well, but wales were exceptional. they look like a really dangerous team as we reach the final stages of the world cup. it is a real shame for some of the great players of this era, and as a nuetral I will miss bod, poc and rog. sexton will continue to improve though.

    wales were great. the back row,for me has been one of the biggest suprises. as a unit I think the welsh back row are now right up there with the best in the world.

    gutted by the england result yesterday. but I will now certainly be supporting wales. they have deserved it.

  11. And Gordon D’Arcy. A typically classic, vintage campaign for him. Brilliant against Italy, and caught ball watching for the 2nd Welsh try. Only he could have done it. lol, I can’t be too hard on them as they were inconsistent as usual, and wales capitalized. The Welsh would have probably won it anyway.

  12. Tactical game obviously letting the irish lads down, if they were as focused on running as they seemed Sexton should have been starting (common sense). Some people are calling for players to retire but i dont feel it the case with this irish team O’Connel is currently playing as one of the best locks in the world D’Arcy is playing some of the best rugby in his career. O’Gara prehaps the only exeption as he is getting old and ireland have Sexton waiting. Ireland will be 6 nations champs next year :P

    1. You need 2 fly halves at this level. So we need to say goodbye to O’Gara, to find a backup or replacement/backup for Sexton. We need a new captain, so we need to let go of O’Driscoll too. We need to get used to the fact that he won’t be there, and I can’t see another leader in the team. Maybe Ferris could. O’Connell is playing great and maybe we should keep him, but we need more presence in the lineout, so we need to gradually phase him out I think. D’Arcy could be kept around for another season or 2 but I think he’s had his last world cup too. His inconsistency is a microcosm of Ireland’s. Kearney, Earls, Heaslip, Sexton and O’Brien are the only players I would bet on being around in 4 years time as they’re all still young, but I think Ferris will be there for us too. Trimble and Bowe will be replaced by Carr, and Zebo most probably if they live up their hype.

      1. And of course Cian Healy should be around in 4 years too. What I really want is Leinsters Joe Schmidt to take over the national side. He seems to know what he’s doing and would put an end to the bickering about which Leinster and Munster players being selected. Schmidt wouldn’t have favoritism even though he manages Leinster. He’d pick the best team. There’s no question in my mind now that Sexton should have started, and that’s something coaches need to know. He’s exactly the player we needed to shake up that Welsh defense. He’s renound for little grubber kicks, to get in behind the defensive line. Kidney failed us big time and has been found out in this game. He had no answer to Gatlands challenge, named his team way too early, and disrespected a resolute Welsh defense, not even half an answer. As an Irish person though it was nice to see all these fake and smug Irish fans (who are only there for the good times) get let down. For the loyal fans, it’s a tough deal. I feel most sorry for Ferris, O’Connell, Best, and Kearney, as they hardly put a foot wrong and have to put up with these chokers. I’m also sorry for Trimble who didn’t get a chance really.

    2. Yes I embrace positivity … “you have to lose one to win one” …. was anybody really thinking that the RWC is easy to win … just look at New Zealand and the difficulty they have had in their attempts to win it ,, Onwards & upwards and lets give Wales a hot reception in Dublin in the springtime ….

  13. The Welsh team are playing the best rugby that I have ever seen them play. Sometimes in the past they have been a bit guilty of talking the talk but not walking the walk so to speak but this RWC they are more than capable of lifting the Webb Ellis Trophy. The most important thing from here on (and I hope that includes 2 games) is that they don’t stop to pat themselves on the back for doing so well. They’ve got to stay focussed till the bitter end. Then let the beer flow :-).

    Good win Wales and may you make your own good luck for the rest of the tourney!

    1. i agree tana and thanks ! lets keep our feet on the ground………………French could still spoil the party but……under rated,under the radar,underdogs….love it…can we take the pressure now,do not know !….but the refreshing way these kids are playing…maybe….cymru am byth !

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