RWC 2011 Post-Match Reaction: Wales 18 Australia 21

Wonderful finish from Wales, but to be honest they were too scrappy during the rest of the match to deserve that win. Australia worked hard all game at the breakdown and in defence, and came through without Quade Cooper and Kurtley Beale.

What did you make of the match?

31 thoughts on “RWC 2011 Post-Match Reaction: Wales 18 Australia 21

  1. And he wins the office tipping comp!!

    Travelling this morning, so could only follow by update. Looking forward to watching on sky plus tonight.

  2. Well done Australia. Commiserations Wales.

    But to be blunt, what’s the point of this game other than to make money for the IRB and RWC. Cooper out for 6 months – for what? Who can remember who came third in each RWC – who cares!

    Having said that, I’m sure the players on the pitch care when they are playing, but wouldn’t they rather be going back to their clubs and families once their World Cup dream is over?

    1. Have to agree with you. As mentioned elsewhere, the game would be better served by having a ‘plate’ tournament for the teams who came third in the pool stage.

      This time around, third place is a consolation prize for a team who under performed throughout the competition.

      Last time, third place was a statement by Argentina, which has put them into the four nations. So I guess there is a relevance from that perspective.

      1. Remember the loser of the that game goes into the pool of death with the winner of the RWC next time it comes around so there is something to play for.
        Wales wouldnt have coped with the AB’S in the final judging from that game, one of the tries was a result of a blatant forward pass which means they were not that close to Aussie as the score board suggested.

        1. yeah, they’re still not up to it against top opposition. Psychologically, they aren’t winners against the best. They’re good party spoilers though, or is it Rolland whose the party spoiler – both of them!!

      1. But Australia play it better. Same as Wales V Ireland. Shitty weather suited the Welsh and enabled them to put in 143 tackles. I WOULD have supported Wales in the final if they took their kicks against France. All the back-breaking work done by their forwards so Hook (who I normally like) and Jones (pff…) could miss every opportunity – bottlers..
        Beale and Cooper, and countless others injured and Welsh forwards front up again, and ..same as v France – Hook, and Jones miss their kicks. I admit the card should have been yellow but that’s no excuse for missing kick after kick. Wales have some great forwards and backs but lack creativity in attack. They’re a bit one-dimensional, so I suppose it’s firring that they missed their kicks as it would have made them look better than they are. Their lack of depth and experience has been exposed. They are now behind Ireland and Argentina in the rankings, where they belong…
        Why is that Wales can never beat SH teams, when they’re there for the taking.

    1. The short answer: no.

      The longer one…

      Assuming that in the usual situation the semi finals will be played between teams that have a realistic chance of winning the tourney then this game will tend to be played by 2 teams who would still be getting over the disappointment of not being in the final and hence isn’t going to create much of a spectacle.

      A parallel knockout tournament for the 3rd and 4th placed teams in the pool seems like a much better idea as it gives the nations with less resources a chance to achieve something outside of getting a big scalp. It also gives the rugby minnows a chance to build a stronger national squad by keeping their key players together for longer. I think this is pretty important in an era where a lot of good players from smaller nations have to play overseas in order to earn a living from professional rugby.

      My 2c

  3. hook had a shocker again, he`s not a 10 never was a 10 and never will be 10.
    when hook plays 10 wales play panic rugby
    jones was wales first choice 10 before the world cup, injury gave preisland an opertunity
    preisland gets injured and we pick hook …..why?

  4. yes to bronze medal games ive enjoyed the wam up for tomorows game
    although i would like both games on the same day

  5. I like the plate competition idea. Gives those teams something to go for and they really would relish it (with the exception of Scotland who might (or might not) feel that the upcoming 6 nations is more important). Has certainly been a success in sevens as far as I can tell.

    Cramps does have a point about Argentina cementing their place at top table with a third place last time round, but I think that this is the exception that proves the rule, that ultimately no one cares. Argentina probably would have got to the Tri/four nations table any way as a result of long term performance, not just by getting to the semis last time.

  6. Just saw that Barnes got man of the match. Dingo is going to come under pressure for not selecting him earlier.

    1. Have to say (as a pom, I am entirely neutral in my view of this!) that I’ve been saying since the pool stages that Barnes should be on for Cooper. Great player when he’s on his game but has been seriously below par in this tournament. Another example of stubborn management and reputation over form.

      Gatland should get coach of the tournament for how he has gone about team selection (although possibly Hook at 10 might be an error), although if AB’s win on Sunday there will be only one name in the frame and it will be a different kiwi!

      1. Having said that, Deans has got the Aussies this far with what is a pretty limited pack – so he hasn’t done badly!

      2. I’d give it to Gatland. He’s a great manager. Hook and Jones are as bad as each other so you can’t really blame him there.
        Jones is a microcosm of Wales, never delivers against SH teams, or in big games generally. He’s the same guy that missed the kick that would have denied Ireland the 6 nations in 2009 – bottler. Hook – good player but drevilc is bang on – he’s just not a #10. Priestland is the future for them.
        Wales imo, were made to look better than they are in this tournament thanks to the miracle work of Gatland. They would never have gotten to the semis I think, except that Ireland bent over for them…and possible weather in the Ireland game stifled Ireland’s attacking game enough, coupled with el donko D’Arcy’s defense. In the end, they didn’t win their group, they didn’t beat SA, they didn’t beat France, and they didn’t beat Aus. They got crap luck with the ref in the France game (should have been yellow) but they fluffed their chances as usual and should have at least taken the lead ahead of France in that game. All they did was deny a team to the semis that actually “”might”” have done something with the opportunity……

  7. Tonga, Scotland, Italy and Samoa for a plate competition. There’d be some good games there – not for the faint hearted though!!

    1. Good shout. Morath was huge for Tonga. Parisse was huge for Italy. Tiulagi and others for Samoa, and Parks for Scotland. They’re very evenly matched indeed. You could add Canada to that list too. Good all round hard team to break down and still better than the USA for my money.

      1. Canada, Georgia, USA and Fiji were the fourth placed teams – they all had their moments. Maybe it should be 3rd and 4th place teams to contest the world cup plate tournament for what we might patronisingly call the second tier nations?!

        Would give them more experience of knockout rugby on the big stage, which might help them if they make it through in future years. However got to remember that many of the players are amateurs and have jobs to go back to!

  8. Unfortuanately Wales saved their worst performance of the whole WC for this match, too many unforced errors, poor in the scrummage (sure missed Adam Jones) and in general a lack lustre display, the best team won today no doubt :( .

    I thought it was a half hearted performance tbh and it was only when the game was lost that they started to play, somewaht ironic that they still would have won with those missed kicks ( though they didn’t deserve it), it seems that Hook has not got the temperament for the very top occasions and was probably the worse performer on the Welsh side.

    As I said in earlier posts I believed this WC was a step too far for this young team, it does however bode well for the future, a couple of years down the line I believe they will give any team a run for their money :).

    As Vinny says ‘it’s been emotional’ !.

    1. In polite form, they “bottled it” as they always do against these teams. And both tries were dubious – blatant forward pass for the first one.

      1. and lets put some honest perspective into this in terms of test rugby. Wales only managed to beat an under-par Ireland in wet conditions, having made 143 tackles. Beaten by SA, FRA, AUS. Ireland: Beat AUS, beaten by wal …..

      2. i am an aus .there was no forward pass before the try.the ball left the player backwards. just becouse he was stopped soon after he passed the ball it looked forward.

  9. well said balon,
    best place for unpredictable hook is unpredictable france.
    and just to throw a curve ball………..has anyone noticed how some players have opted to move abroad???? says to me the senior player dont see gatland in wales post world cup, being as gatts has a play in wales to play for wales policy….dilema keep coaches loose players???? or keep players loose coaches????

  10. Yet again the spineless Stephen Jones didn’t step into the pocket for the drop goal and Shane Williams had to try instead. Jones should never play for Wales again. In fact the coward should never play rugby again. He didn’t step up to the plate when a drop goal was on to win the match against France. I’m Irish and cheered for Wales but that gobshite shoud be ashamed of himself for not trying at least. He’s a charlatan, a Lions scrum half with no bottle. I can’t understand why Gatland had him on the bench against Australia, His epitaph will probably be along the lines of “Here lies a spinless coward”.

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