RWC 2011: Scotland Player Ratings v Argentina

15. Chris Paterson 5
This competition has certainly done some damage to Chris Paterson’s kicking stats; he made only one of three kicks in this game. Not as reliable as usual, he did make some good catches, tackles and attempted to attack, however was more noticeable for the errors, including the glaring missed tackle that led to Argentina’s try.

14. Max Evans 6
There were several moments when Evans looked incredibly dangerous in attack; he has a knack for always breaking through the first tackle. But too often found himself isolated, lacking the support needed to finish off the breaks he was making. Very quiet in defence, and will also another one kicking himself for missing a tackle on Lucas Amorosino in the lead up to his try.

13. Nick De Luca 5
Visible in the first half thanks to errors. Was penalised twice in the first twenty minutes for not releasing. And made little impact to Scotland’s game in the second half. He was definitely targeted by the Argentinians; they watched him closely and neutralised any move from the Edinburgh player.

12. Graeme Morrison 5
Good defensive work from Graeme Morrison, using his strength effectively to shut down Argentinian attacks. Not so strong in the attack though.

11. Sean Lamont 5
Some good moments from Lamont, demonstrating his speed both in defence and attack. He did not look as dangerous as Max Evans though. And he had some lapses in judgement that did Scotland no favours.

10. Ruaridh Jackson 7
The pressure was on Ruaridh Jackson going into this game, and he handled it well. Nailed an excellent penalty on the stroke of half time, and displayed tenacity in his play. Still some work to do on tactical kicking, but did earn his Man of the Match award.

9. Rory Lawson 6
Captained his team well, driving them on to come from behind at the beginning, and continued to drive until he was replaced by Mike Blair. You could see his frustration with the slower ball, but worked hard throughout.

1. Allan Jacobsen 6
Held his own well in the scrums, you could see frustration with the resets, but kept his cool. Supportive in the loose where he could.

2. Ross Ford 6
Strong as ever from Ross Ford. He is fast becoming the safe option in the number 2 shirt. Much better scrummaging from Scotland in this game, and Ford worked hard in the loose too.

3. Geoff Cross 6
Penalised at the scrum for coming off of his feet, which was perhaps a touch unfair, given that the conditions that they were playing in were making everything slippery. Part of a good front row that stood up well to their counterparts, a few binding issues which saw penalties conceded. Again though, unfortunate for Cross to be pinged when his opponent was making it increasingly difficult for him to bind. Handled himself well during the rest of the game.

4. Richie Gray 6
Not a performance full of the usual vigour that we see from Gray. That being said he still worked incredibly hard in the lineouts, and open play. Hopefully we will see him back to his best next week.

5. Jim Hamilton 5
He was determined and it showed in his play; he scored an excellent turnover ball, and provided strength at the breakdown, but he was no better in this game then he has been so far. Another player who we shall hopefully see step it up next week.

6. Alasdair Strokosch 6
A battering ram showing from Alasdair Strokosch. He was constantly testing the Argentinian line, which was great to see. Put the effort in in defence as well.

7. John Barclay 6
I think that John Barclay came into this game determined to prove a point to his coaches and critics. He battled through the game well, not as strong a showing as Kelly Brown, but they worked hard and well together. The disappointment was really visible on his face when the final whistle went.

8. Kelly Brown 7
A spirited effort from Kelly Brown, until he was forced off looking somewhat concussed. Good under the ball and in the contact


16. Dougie Hall
Brought on for Ross Ford after 70 mins.

17. Alasdair Dickinson
Brought on for Allan Jacobsen after 61 mins.

18. Nathan Hines
Brought on for Richie Gray after 57 mins. Was solid, and performed well in defence.

19. Richie Vernon
Brought on, right at the end for injured Kelly Brown. Attempted to break the Argentinian line twice in the frantic last-ditch effort from Scotland.

20. Mike Blair
Brought on for Rory Lawson after 61 mins. Another player who missed the tackle on Amorosino before his try. Also got frustrated with the slow ball, but kept on going anyway.

21. Dan Parks
Brought on for Jackson after 70 mins. Immediately made his mark on the game with a great kick, gaining plenty of territory for Scotland. Took them six points clear of the Argentinians thanks to his boot. Missed the last attempt at a drop goal, after being forced onto his weaker foot by Felipe Contepomi. (I shall leave the was he/was he not offside debate out of it.)

22. Simon Danielli
Not used

by Christine Lester