RWC 2011: Scotland Player Ratings v England

15. Chris Paterson 6
In the some elements of his game he was the safe, predictable player that he always is; good catches, solid kicks. However we also saw glimpses of the player he used to be; attacking the line, making breaks and darts down the field, unfortunately with little result.

14. Max Evans 6
Out of the team Max Evans, was one of two players most likely player to have scored a try. He attempted to make the most of the moments he had the ball in hand, gaining Scotland ground and troubling the English defence. However was replaced by Nick De Luca at half time, supposedly because of injury, but no further information to be had at this point.

13. Joe Ansbro 6
Did not have the same impact upon this game that he normally has. He made some good tackles and attempted to break through the English line. I think that the English were wary of Joe Ansbro, and so focused on nullifying his threat.

12. Sean Lamont 6
Was moved to inside centre to do a job; quash the threat from English centre Manu Tuilagi. He did this well; marking his man and making the tackles where needed. In the rest of his game, his inability to pass the ball when running the line scuppered what could have been some good chances for Scotland.

11. Simon Danielli 7
The second player who I felt was most likely to have scored a try, and Simon Danielli nearly did, were it not for some heroic defending from English fullback Ben Foden, forcing Danielli to pass to his teammate Nick De Luca, the outcome of the game could have been very different.

10. Ruaridh Jackson —
I very much feel that this would have been Ruaridh Jackson’s game, however a hamstring injury 4 minutes into the match saw him leaving the field in tears, without any chance to influence. Replaced by Dan Parks.

9. Mike Blair 6
A spirited effort from Mike Blair. From the word go, he was determined, and tried to inject pace into the Scottish game. Definitely had a better game than his English counterpart Ben Youngs.

1. Allan Jacobsen 7
This was a good performance from Allan Jacobsen. He faced down Dan Cole well and caused him a few problems in the scrum. In the loose he was supportive and strong.

2. Ross Ford 7
Another good performance from Ross Ford, as well. Like Jacobsen, he withstood the pressure from the English front row in the scrums. Ford was also very strong in the lineouts: Scotland only lost one.

3. Euan Murray 7
Part of a front row that performed very well. Like his two teammates, Murray did well in the scrum, giving Matt Stevens real trouble in that area.

4. Richie Gray 7
Will no doubt be kicking himself for not being that tiny bit faster, after being denied a try thanks to an athletic display from Tom Croft, Richie Gray got there a split second after, which is a shame because it would have been a brilliant score for the second row. In all other areas he was back to his best; strong in the lineouts, supportive in the scrums, and all over the field in the loose.

5. Alastair Kellock 6
Came out of the tunnel looking ready to kill someone; and certainly his first half performance matched up to the formidable facial expression. He kept his team inspired, and put in the work himself too.

6. Alasdair Strokosch 6
A relatively quiet performance from Alasdair Strokosch, but one where did put in the work. He made several big tackles, which were the moments of note, but the rest of his game was discreet but solid.

7. John Barclay 6
The pressure was on John Barclay in the lead up to this game. I think he handled it well. Managed to cause some trouble at the breakdown for England, but not in the same way as he did back in March.

8. Richie Vernon 6
Speedy and determined Richie Vernon played well. He was visible on the pitch; at the breakdowns and in the loose. He lacks the same presence in the game as Kelly Brown, but hopefully this is something that will come with more experience.


16. Scott Lawson
Not used.

17. Alasdair Dickinson
Came on for Allan Jacobsen after 67mins. Was strong in the scrum, but did not have the same impact upon the game that Jacobsen did.

18. Nathan Hines
Came on for Alasdair Strokosch after 63mins. Continued where his counterpart left off with a team focused performance.

19. Ross Rennie
Came on for John Barclay after 63mins. Had adequate time to make a positive contribution to the game, but failed to inject anything new.

20. Chris Cusiter
Came on for Mike Blair after 71mins. The frustration was clearly written on his face. Kept the pace of the Scottish game up, but did not really have enough time to make the impact on the game that many expected.

21. Dan Parks
Came on for Ruaridh Jackson after 5mins. I do not think that Dan Parks was expecting to have come onto the field this early on in the game. Despite this he kicked well, and gave a much better showing than he did against Argentina, however I cannot help but feel that the game would have been very different had Jackson not been injured.

22. Nick De Luca
Came on for Max Evans at half time. Sloppy hands meant that he fumbled Scotland’s first real trying scoring opportunity, something that he will no doubt be berating himself for. Other than this he failed to really impact upon the game, which is bad because he had the entire second half on the field.

by Christine Lester

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  1. if scotland where their for 800 mins they still wouldnt score a try… why did parks kick the garryowen when scotland where in control of the ball in the last 10 mins?

    1. All comes down to decision making. Parks tends to kick whenever he has the opportunity it is his style, whereas Jackson probably would have run with the ball.

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