RWC 2011: Scotland Player Ratings v Georgia

15. Rory Lamont 7
A definite contender for Man of the Match, Lamont got under the ball and was a force at full back. Made some excellent runs, and was determined to break through the Georgian line. Some poor decision making, and an apparent inability to pass helped turn the tide in Kelly Brown’s favour.

14. Max Evans 6
There were several moments when Max Evans looked dangerous, however any Evans breaks were swiftly neutralised by several Georgian players, and he found himself isolated too many times. Not his best overall performance in a Scotland jersey, but still spirited.

13. Nick De Luca 6
Another player not enjoying his best performance in a Scotland shirt. Nick De Luca was incredibly hard working, he went looking for the ball and tried to create opportunity, but failed to capitalise and did become scrappy. Much better in defence however, with some excellent tackles made.

12. Graeme Morrison 5
There is not a lot that I can say about Graeme Morrison’s performance, he turned up and played for 80minutes, seems to sum it up succinctly. The only moment he attracted any real attention was his handbags moment, early on the first half, calmed down by Kelly Brown.

11. Sean Lamont 5
This was an uncharacteristic bad game for Sean Lamont, poor decisions, not passing and sloppy handling errors were all too common for him in the 80minutes.

10. Dan Parks 6
Taking the kicking out of the equation there was some excellent rugby on display from Dan Parks. Including the kicking in the equation, it lacked strategy and it was a bit one-dimensional. Made 4 out of 7 kicks and made a drop goal.

9. Rory Lawson (capt) 6
A solid, if not outstanding performance from the captain. Played well at the breakdown, and made the most of the ball he had.

1. Allan Jacobsen 6
Much better today from the loose head prop. He was solid in the scrum, and we saw more of him with the ball. Made some great tackles and was very much part of a front row team that committed to the physicality of the game

2. Ross Ford 6
Coming into the starting line up a few hours before kick off, thanks to Scott Lawson having a tight calf. Ross Ford was much better in the scrum, which stood up well to the Georgian force. Also committed to the tackles, and provided support when needed.

3. Euan Murray 7
Came through for his team in this game. A little bit shaky at first, however soon settled into things. The Scottish pack faced down the Georgians well, and did not allow the opposition to take them apart like they have in the last 2 games. Euan Murray was another player who got stuck in at the breakdown. Scotland could feel his absences in Sunday games if he continues to play at this level for them.

4. Nathan Hines 5
This was a solid performance from Nathan Hines. He came on he put his head and slogged out the 80 minutes of onslaught from Georgians.

5. Jim Hamilton 7
Apparently taking a leaf out of the Courtney Lawes “How To Tackle” guide, he was a human wrecking ball. Several Georgian players appeared to just bounce right off of him. Not fantastic in the line outs, would have preferred to see more accurate handling of the ball as opposed to the slap dash approach, literally!

6. Alasdair Strokosch 6
Another player who got his head down and got on with things. Ally Strokosch was there when needed, adding his bulk to the breakdown.

7. Ross Rennie 7
A good debut for the Edinburgh player, looking strong in contact, and dynamic in his attack. Made an excellent double tackle with Ross Ford early on in the game, and played a big part in the resistance to Georgia’s pack.

8. Kelly Brown 8
An inspired performance from Kelly Brown, and a well earned Man of the Match accolade. He put pressure on the Georgian Number 8, Dimitri Basilaia, and forced the errors gaining Scotland the chance to gain points. Posed a viable threat to the Georgian line at several points, and was instrumental in defence.


19. Richie Gray
Brought on for Nathan Hines after 71 minutes. Leaving him less than 10 minutes to impact upon a slow game. Had time to get in a few tackles and take part in a line out, but was neither a help nor a hindrance to the Scottish cause.

22. Chris Paterson
Brought on for Rory Lamont after 71minutes. Similar to Richie Gray, he had little time to impact upon the game, and with Dan Parks taking responsibility for the kicking, Chris Paterson saw little action.

by Christine Lester