RWC 2011: South Africa v Wales Post-Match Reaction

By far the game of the tournament so far. What were your thoughts on the match?

Are Wales real contenders for this World Cup? And where do South Africa go from here in terms of selection? Let us know below.

15 thoughts on “RWC 2011: South Africa v Wales Post-Match Reaction

  1. So many stand out performers for Wales. Faletau had a dodgy first half but then produced the best forty minutes I’ve seen him play. Warburton easily deserved his man of the match award. Good control from Priestland. Morné Steyn will never want to see Jamie Roberts again.

  2. Dear Wales.

    My apologies, but now you feel like NZ did at the last world cup, and have experienced the curse of Wayne Barnes.

    Slightly disappointed that the better team lost. Wales dominated, but too many one-off ball carriers to really threaten early – when they got back-up to the ball carrier, they made some good ground. And the Wellington wind is not good for kickers not used to it. It can be blowing in different directions in different parts of the stadium at the same time.

  3. So yeah have to agree with Chris. I am a South African, and yes the better team of the day lost. I do not however think it was the ref, the just couldn’t round off what they have started. Bad handling on a few occasions, and the one or two penalties, one cannot give away penalties with kickers like Morne and Frans Steyn.

    All in all South Africa was Pathetic. Only once the “OLD” lads went off things turned slightly better for us.

    So lets hope our over payed coach realises this and make better choices next time around.

  4. Heroes in every position for Wales, they really took it to the ‘boks despite the early try.

    I agree with Andre Venter on where Wales went wrong. However, I wish we had the TMO judgement on Hookies disallowed kick.

    South Africa should never be given chances, as we saw on the two try scoring occasions.

    On the upside for Wales, they are starting to have some really talented players, who are young as well, come through. They are not finalists in this cup but they will do well so long as they don’t lose heart, stick to the basics and take it to the opppsition. Watch this team over the next few years as well. Plenty of promise here and I can’t wait.

    1. If the TMO had been put to use you may have been awarded the kick but the try which was a result of a forward pass would have never been given so its just one of those things.
      I thought the welsh played really well i just wish the officials did there jobs better and if you have the technology and are not a hundred per cent surewhy don’t they use it?

  5. Great game to watch, Warburton was out-standing and the best performance of any player this world cup in my opinion. And George North is improving with every match, a real talent for the future, Halfpenny is gonna be struggling to get his place back.

    Wales showed real promise but we’re let down by two defensive lapses (I don’t think the ref was a factor really). Williams and Hook should have buried Steyn into touch, and although there has been a lot of talk around Wales’ fitness it was laziness around the breakdown that allowed Hougaard to score. I thought that Adam Jones and Paul James particularly were laboured in defence in the second half.

    But a very promising start for Wales, leading the way for the Northern Hemisphere sides so far!

  6. I’m South African and have to agree with comments above that Wales deserved to win. Well done Wales… better luck next time.

  7. I support south Africa all the way but yeah Wales should have won this one with all that territory and possession. For all their talk about fitness I thought the boks finished the game stronger, perhaps gatland should have used his bench more with the likes of Andy Powell coming in to counter alberts..all in all this game proved that at this level the team that takes all its chances wins as the welsh left a lot of points out there and the boks took all the chances they created..
    Gud luck to whoever plays Wales in the quarter-finals, they are going to need it

  8. Looking at how the two team played, it would really be exciting to see how they’ll play against their opponents this weekend. I bet the SA vs FIJI match would be a thriller…. since they last met at the (Quarter finals) 2007 rwc in France.

  9. were wales the better team?

    as far as i could see, they were poor in SA 22 with ball in hand.SA werent brilliant buit that early score was class.

    Also, not sure about Hook at full back.

    i watched the game again last night and Hooks tackle on steyn….really didnt look like he was up for it.

    Hook is classy good under high ball but dont think hes got the minerals defensively @ full back.

  10. The reason Wales lost is that coming close to a win against one of the big nations is applauded almost as much as a win.

    South Africa always had the belief they would win and even though they were not playing well they always stayed in touch. I think the early try hindered South Africa and gave Wales the kick they needed.

    I think Warburton was outstanding and if he was not playing South Africa would have easily romped home. Hook was very average and cost Wales the game – his kicking and defense was poor – Frans Steyn’s try should never have been a try…

    I’m doubtful Wales will make it out the group and South Africa will need to improve 200% if they expect to get past the quarter finals.

  11. You have to give it to South Africa. Under the cosh for most of the game but they found the points clinically on two occasions. Best game of the tournament. I would love to see Wales and South Africa in the final!!!! What a grudge match that would be.

    I think for Wales, two opportunities demonstrate that they don’t quite know how to create a match winning opportunity or points when you have possession. Firstly, just before half time. Wales were awarded a free kick. Excellent time to have a go at the South African team and go through the phases patiently and either break down the defence and score a try, or at the very least, create an opportunity for Rhys Priestland to drop a goal.

    Wales half heartedly had a go at this but it looked and felt as though they just wanted the changing room. Thats killer instinct if you ask me. Its the ability to see an opportunity for points, (and a nice half time psychological boost) and execute the necessary procedure.

    Just needed to be a bit more patient and show a bit more composure.

    A similiar opportunity presented itself in the second half and again, Wales didn’t execute properly and the drop goal for Rhys Priestland was a difficult opportunity. You really have to suck them in and give your 10 a reasonable chance.

    Going forward, if Wales can win their next three games and come through with no injuries, they can beat Australia.

    Personally, I think Rhys Priestland is a fantastic talent. Even more so than Hook. But in this tournament I would be playing Hook at 10 purely for his experience and better defencise ability. Maybe bring Priestland on later in a game along with Tavis Knoyle.

    No. 15? Lee Byrne. He’ll find form and his defence is solid.

    Congratulations to the boys and good luck going forwards

  12. Yet again Wayne Barnes has been allowed to get away with a howler of a decision. Is his incompetence ever going to be addressed. The Referring Unions have closed ranks to protect him yet again. It is closed shop despite the fact that it is quite clear that he has a problem with Welsh teams. If a Welsh referee had made that decision in an English, Irish or Southern Hemisphere match he would have been hung, drawn and quartered.
    He lives a very charmed life????

    1. Can;t say I agree with you there. Surely the best people to judge it are the touch judges, and if they say no, then Wayne Barnes should really go from what they said.

      Other than that he was one of the better referrees from the weekend, he let the game flow and was quick to play advantage. I know that the kick DID look like it was over, but other camera angles have suggested otherwise, the IRB have backed his decision, and I think we should all do what Jonathan Davies says…”It is pointless talking about it…”

  13. Barnes did nothing wrong. Both his touch judges were in line with the kick and in the perfect position

    He was entirely right to put his trust in them

    If anything he was too lax on off-sides and people off their feet at the breakdown – but on the plus side he did let the game flow

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