RWC 2011: Wales v Samoa & England v Georgia Post-Match Reaction

Two wins for the Home Nations this morning, with two very differing performances. Wales worked hard for their win against a tough Samoa side which puts them back in a good position in their pool. Meanwhile England in Dunedin struggled in the first half, but managed to run in four tries in the second half as Georgia tired.

Let us know what you made of the games. How far can these sides really go in the tournament?

12 thoughts on “RWC 2011: Wales v Samoa & England v Georgia Post-Match Reaction

  1. Why do we have to be so negative when England play sport? Of course it wasn’t going to be champagne rugby against Georgia, a very physical side who gave Scotland a good game (15:6 to Scotland). We have a very physical team as well, and up until the last 10 minutes, our players seemed to be a lot more durable than the Argies and the Georgians. It’s such an attritional game now I can see why Johnno likes having Bannahan and Hape to bring in for these games. Armitage and Ashton have thrust and take chances but their offloads can’t always go to hand. Fair enough, try things! Unfortunately the players who create beautiful rugby like Simpson Daniel and Tate get smashed up more often so you can’t have it both ways!
    The discipline was an issue for Matt Stevens and Dillon Hartley in particular and they will probably pay the price. But England will not get the rub of the green sometimes because we are England (think Eurovision!), so we have to factor than in on some days.
    Lastly, I’m a big fan of Tom Palmer and really believe he is such a good athlete, has deft hands, is very precise and makes big hits. While Simon Shaw made some good runs today I think it is Palmer that makes the lineout crisp and has the game to make the forwards tick.
    A good win today lads, some mistakes yes but we must be more positive and shake that media monkey off our backs! Have a beer!

    1. I agree (sort of) But am happy to hear the post match interviews with Haskell and Johnno, Its nice that they aren’t happy with that performance. These penalties will cost us dearly against a better opposition. In terms of discipline what Haskell said is bang on, behind closed doors the coaches and players need to point fingers to sort out the penalty count. But looking positively tries for Ashton, Manu, good scrummaging, good line out, we CAN do well at this world cup but things have to be tweaked.

  2. This was a good result to beat Samoa after playing well against SA but ultimately losing. If the team can remain confident Wales could do very well in this World Cup.
    Hopefully Hook injury is not too bad and he can continue to play.

  3. Better, but not great.

    Hartley did enough to confirm himself as the number 2 hooker, Thompson was much better when he came on.

    Shaw and Palmer were both good – both better options to start against Lawes for me. I’d go with Palmer, Shaw to bring some impact.

    Backrow lacks some serious breakdown nous, but having left Fourie at home, what can you do? Croft, Moody and Haskell works for me.

    Youngs and Flood combination is our best i think. With a pretty handy replacement.

    I still like Tindall and Tuilagi….

    Good to see Ashton getting back to some try scoring ways.

    Armitage deserves a go at full back in my opinion.

    Will be good to have Cueto back.


  4. Apart from the high penalty count, I think the major problem England have at the moment is getting hold of the ball. In the Argentina game, and again in the Georgian game, we really struggled to get the ball back from the opposition. Our loose forwards need to work a bit harder to force turnovers and speed up our ruck ball. I am still not convinced with the line up narrow and drift defensive system, as I think we might come unstuck against tri-nations opposition. But I think England’s attacking performance was much better, we looked a lot more direct and had better and more effective running lines. Sure we made a few mistakes and pushed a few passes, but at least we were looking dangerous. I think we have stuff to work on, but so do all the teams, and that we have things that are improving.

  5. Other than the massive penalty count which is a huge concern, the other incredibly worrying problem was our clearing out and basic breakdown nouse. How many times were we turned over? It’s a critical part of the game and one we have forgotten how to do (or can’t with the people selected). If you look at the possesion stats we didn’t have the ball for large parts of either game. f we give away that many penalties or can’t keep hold of the ball for more than 2 mins against one of the big boys we will be heading for a big defeat.

    On a slightly unrelated point do we know who MJ is bringing out to replace Sheridan?

  6. Work at the breakdown is crucial to England. Thats where we can’t slow down opposition ball, can’t provide ourselves with quick ball and give away so many penalties. Apart from that I didn’t think England were too bad. Certainly not perfect and unlikely to win the tournament but I think media and public are being a bit harsh on the team, particularly as the Georgian’s played a good game and although they won’t set the world on fire (yet!), they’re no mugs on the International scene. Let’s see how Argentina cope with them and then judge.

  7. Agree Matt, that Flood is a better option for me at fly half. Because he run and passes that split second quicker, it means the back three get the ball more. Bring JW on with 25 to go to seal the win once he has his kicking boots back on!
    I disagree with Francois Pinaar saying we should always be picking the best team from now. I think the winner of this world cup may turn out to be the country with the best squad and the least crucial injuries. France are good at rotating the squad…

  8. Agreed Staggy, the breakdown is a worry, especially when, if England try to compete for the ball they pinged for a penalty! It’s as if they have decided to step back and let them have the ball quite often.

  9. The penalties were ridiculous, especially with the ref telling them several times before blowing on many occasions. They ruined the first half, and we were lucky to be in front at half time – they could have had many penalties and a try by then. Second half was much improved; better lines run, quicker ball and better handling.
    I’d like to see Simpson get a start, and really any of the squad who has not had a start should do so against Romania.
    As per some of the comments above, the back row is the biggest weakness; only Woods and at times Haskell have shown really well so far. It is a travesty that Fourie is at home, but even then we would still be second best to so many teams in that department.
    What a pity the Samoans were not allowed to play without the handicap of a midweek game; it renders the Welsh victory somewhat less than glorious and less than convincing.

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