RWC Warm-Up: Scotland Player Ratings v Ireland

15. Chris Paterson 6/10
On good form once again, making some excellent catches. Very visible presence on the field, missed a kick, possibly because of the Mexican wave going around the stadium, and was substituted soon after. Will probably make the final squad, as he faces very little challenge in this position.

14. Nikki Walker 6/10
Another player with a desire to make an impact on the game, and certainly for the first quarter of the game he did attempt to do this. However he was taken off after receiving a knock on the head. Replaced by Jack Cuthbert.

13. Joe Ansbro 8/10
Fantastic last minute try, from the set piece, to seal the game for the home side. Like Chris Paterson, Ansbro was very present on the field and worked hard throughout the game whether on the attack or in defence. I do not think he has too much to worry about when it comes to being on the plane to New Zealand.

12. Graeme Morrison 7/10
I think that he was relishing being back from injury and playing for his country again. Not quite as dangerous as Ansbro or Lamont, but still posed a threat to the Irish defence. Hopefully we will see more of him in action against the Italians.

11. Sean Lamont 7/10
Always visible on the field thanks to those luminous boots! Helped to break through the Irish line, and was determined to make the most of every opportunity with the ball in hand. It would have been nice to see him go all the way and score a try as well. His style of play definitely makes him one to watch, and I think we will see him playing in the final squad.

10. Ruaridh Jackson 6/10
I would like to see Ruaridh Jackson take more responsibility for the kicking in future games as his accuracy and range are constantly improving. Successfully converted Ansbro’s try, and had great pace with the ball in hand. Still needs to work on his tactical kicking, as some did go awry, despite this I think he will make the final squad.

9. Rory Lawson 7/10
A level-headed performance from Rory Lawson, he certainly led by example as we saw a very calm and together team. Went looking for the ball, and was always there, ready at the back of the ruck. Had quick hands with his passing, however as the rain came down there were a few handling errors. Stiff competition in this position for places in the final squad, so we shall have to see how the players line up following the game against Italy.

1. Allan Jacobsen 7/10
Took a little time to get settled into the play, understandable I think after the time out. But once he did he attacked and played with his usual force and dedication. It is highly likely that we will see him in the number 1 shirt in New Zealand.

2. Ross Ford 7/10
Another player who was a little shaky at first, especially in the initial scrum, but again, once he had settled down to the game Ford’s performance was up to his usual high standards. Ford faces very little competition for the number 2 shirt, so I think he will be in the final squad.

3. Geoff Cross 8/10
Awarded Man of the Match, and this was a well-earned accolade. Geoff Cross worked incredibly hard throughout the game, adding his strength and bulk to the rucks.

4. Jim Hamilton 6/10
A fairly straightforward performance from Jim Hamilton. He got on the pitch and did what was required of him. A solid performance, if unstarry. If he starts against Italy I would expect more from him in order to secure a spot in the final squad.

5. Richie Gray 7/10
Typical Richie Gray performance. Identifiable on the pitch due to his blonde mop, you could see his hard work in the set pieces, in adding his strength on the attack, and neutralising any Irish attempts to gain ground. Fairly safe bet that he will be playing in the World Cup.

6. Alasdair Strokosch 6/10
Some excellent tackles from the Gloucester player; effectively shutting down the Irish attack, however as Scotland controlled a lot of the play this was a small contribution to the overall game.

7. Ross Rennie 7/10
After missing out on the 2007 World Cup due to injury, Ross Rennie certainly made the most of this game time to demonstrate why he should be in the final squad. Competition for places is high amongst the back row jerseys, and I think Rennie’s performance was to a standard that will make Andy Robinson’s decision a tough one.

8. Johnnie Beattie 6/10
I was expecting more from Johnnie Beattie in this game. As the only Killer B to make the 22 eyes were on him, and I feel that his Irish counterpart had the measure of him from very early on, meaning that he made small impact on the game.


16. Dougie Hall
Came on for Ross Ford 71mins in. I think this was more to do with resting Ford than anything else. The time he played he was solid, and would be a good second choice hooker in the 30 man squad.

17. Alasdair Dickson
Came on for Allan Jacobsen 58mins in. Not as strong as Jacobsen, but some good play in the 20 minutes he was on the pitch.

18. Alastair Kellock
In the 15-20 minutes that he was on the pitch, he demonstrated why he should have started. A real leader in the team, and a force in the lineout.

19. David Denton
Earning his first cap for Scotland replacing Johnnie Beattie 58mins in. A very quiet performance from Denton, nerves maybe. We will need to see a stronger showing from him, if he plays in the game against Italy, as I have already said how tough competition is in this area.

20. Greig Laidlaw
Came on for Rory Lawson 70mins in. Helped in the set piece that led to Ansbro’s try, which is a good impact to have in 10 minutes. Other than this a quiet performance. Hopefully he will get more game time against Italy.

21. Nick De Luca
Came on for Chris Paterson after 70mins. Ten minutes is enough time to make an impact on the game, and Nick De Luca did when he got in a well-timed pass to Ansbro, which was then run in over the line for a try.

22. Jack Cuthbert
Came on after Nikki Walker took a blow to the head, so probably got more game time than Andy Robinson had perhaps originally intended. Settled in very well, and this was a quiet but confident performance from the Bath player.

by Christine Lester