RWC Warm-Ups: England team to face Wales at the Millennium Stadium

England have made a whole host of changes to the side that defeated Wales at Twickenham last weekend, with only Alex Corbisiero and Mark Cueto the remaining players from last weekend’s match.

Some old combinations have been reunited, including the back three of Cueto, Chris Ashton and Ben Foden that played in the Six Nations, along with the centre pairing of Mike Tindall and Shontayne Hape. Meanwhile Richard Wigglesworth, Louis Deacon and Hendre Fourie will all be eager to impress as they appear to be on the fringes of the squad.

What are your thoughts on the side?

15. Foden, 14. Ashton, 13. Tindall, 12. Hape, 11. Cueto, 10. Flood, 9. Wigglesworth, 1. Corbisiero, 2. Thompson, 3. Cole, 4. Deacon, 5. Lawes, 6. Wood, 7. Fourie, 8. Easter


16. Mears, 17. Stevens, 18. Palmer, 19. Haskell, 20. Care, 21. Hodgson, 22. Banahan

21 thoughts on “RWC Warm-Ups: England team to face Wales at the Millennium Stadium

  1. So neither Monye or Robshaw will feature before the squad is cut to 30 on August 22nd…either they are definitely in, or more likely, definitely out.

    Same for a few others like Joe Simpson, Paul Doran-Jones and Tim Payne…

    Big chance for Wigglesworth on Saturday, with Youngs still recovering and Care not amazing last week.

  2. This selection leaves me a bit confused. I understand that all players need match fitness before the world cup but we all know what certain players offer. For example I can’t see what is gained by starting Cueto when it is important to see what sharples can offer at this level. The same logic should be applied to the bench where I don’t see the point in having players such as Haskell, banahan and care ready to come on when exciting talents like robshaw and Simpson yet to be seen and the potential to see a tindall tuilagi Partnership in the second half

  3. Wales vs England Teams

    15. Hook 15. Foden – draw
    14. North 14. Ashton – draw
    13. Roberts 13. Tindall – wales
    12. Henson 12. Hape – draw
    11. S Williams 11. Cueto – draw
    10. Priestland 10. Flood – england
    9. Phillips 9. Wigglesworth – draw
    1. P James 1. Corbisiero – england
    2. Bennett 2. Thompson – england
    3. A Jones 3. Cole – wales
    4. Charteris 4. Deacon – draw
    5. AW Jones 5. Lawes – england
    6. Lydiate 6. Wood – draw
    7. Warburton 7. Fourie – wales
    8. Faletau 8. Easter – draw

    Substitutes: – england
    16. Mears, 17. Stevens, 18. Palmer, 19. Haskell, 20. Care, 21. Hodgson, 22. Banahan
    16. Bennett 17. Bevington 18. Turnbull 19. Tipuric 20. Knoyle 21. Sc Williams 22. Brew

    Basically two very well matched teams. The only places where one team looks to have an advantage is in the tight five where England look more solid. Potential for greater flare in the Welsh centres, but it depends on which Henson turns up. Looks like a stronger bench for England if Johnson uses it correctly.

    Disappointed not to see Delve get a start for Wales, or to see Sharples given a go in place of Cueto for England.

    Home advantage enough to see the Welsh forwards front up a little better?

  4. Nathan, got to disagree with you

    15. Hook 15. Foden – England – hook is not a 15
    14. North 14. Ashton – England – close imo, but Ashton is more important to how England play
    13. Roberts 13. Tindall – wales – agreed, though roberts has never been that good when at 13
    12. Henson 12. Hape – draw – agreed, safest bet. Henson may not have played but Hape is average at best
    11. S Williams 11. Cueto – Wales – Williams comfortably the better player
    10. Priestland 10. Flood – Draw – Priestland was hugely impressive last week and has form. I lik flood, could be a good battle
    9. Phillips 9. Wigglesworth – Wales Sorry, but Wigglesworth is not an international 9 and Phillips was vastly improved last week
    1. P James 1. Corbisiero – draw
    2. Burns 2. Thompson – england
    3. Micthell 3. Cole – England
    4. Charteris 4. Deacon – England
    5. AW Jones 5. Lawes – Draw – a lot of people underestimate AWJ
    6. Lydiate 6. Wood – draw (may edge to wood, but not convinced)
    7. Warburton 7. Fourie – wales – warburton is developing into a legend
    8. Faletau 8. Easter – England – would have gone draw but Faletau fell apart last week whilst Easter is mr steady

  5. Alright guys,

    Just a few things,
    firstly i know there number is the same but i do think 11 should be compared with 14.
    that really isnt important though, the important bit for me is not to underestimate fourie, yes he may not be as fast as warburton (haskell must be feeling pretty bad bout that run) but his carrying can be literally amazing, to quote eddie butler “this is what fourie brings to englands game, wow he really DOES bring it to englands game” i do think fourie has potential to be really good, and hopefully his clearing out with be better than moody’s because that was englands weak point last week

  6. Absolutely outraged that Robshaw hasn’t even been given a chance. He was one of the top flankers in the Aviva Premiership last season and gets around the field so much for Harlequins. We’ve all seen what Haskell can do so why not at least give him a spot on the bench and have him run out for 30 minutes.

    Additionally, Hape and Tindall in midfield again!? Why? We all know what they can (or more importantly can’t) do, how about mixing it up a bit? Give Tuilagi a bit more game time with the likes of Foden and Ashton running some nice lines off him?

    And what is the point in starting Cueto? He is almost certainly going to be on the plane (barring injury) so why not see what Sharples can do with 80 minutes?

    This screams to me that Johnson has already worked out his starting 15 and is being far too stubborn and proud to allow creativity in selection. Grrrr!!!!

  7. Looks as though Robshaw, Monye, PDJ, Simpson and perhaps Botha or Shaw know their time is up.

    The selections of Corbisiero and Cueto for a second time are for two very different reasons; Sheridan isn’t fit so Corbs must play, and Cueto clearly needs to convince management he’s worth taking, plus needs game time after his ban at the end of the season. Banahan’s place on the bench is a pointless selection, Monye or Sharples should be there to impress.

  8. What is Johnno doing brining Tindal in I really want to see Tuliagi get more game time at 13 and why not bring in Mr Wilkinson in as the other centre at 12 with Flood as number 10. This would show some attacking adventure and scare the pants off the opposition as they would not what to do against that set up. Forget defence lets attack, you only win by scoring more points than the other team. I am English through and through but after the fight back by the Welsh last week and that they are on home turf I just feel that Tindall and Hape are to weak in attack and that is the only way to beat the Wesh especially at home, remember the last 20 minutes last week?, no England attack just Welsh attack.

  9. Yes Nick W, likely Robshaw exclusion is depressing (even more so because it’s not a surprise). I think we need a rethink on how to use the warm up games, and maybe the preceding 6N. Feels to me like we are going into the RWC totally unprepared. The more experimental side last week, then the more typical group of Johnno favorites this week. Presumably the Ireland game will be predominantly the latter (front row seems an exception) with a small number of the former blended in. So that team will show up in NZ with very little experience and lots of unanswered questions. And many of them won’t be match fit. Great.

  10. Sheridan, hartley, cole, lawes, botha, croft, wood, haskell.
    Youngs, wilkinson, hape, tuilagi, sharples, ashton, foden

    1. Tindall moody cueto palmer wigglesworth have peaked and are not the best in that squad in their positions ne more why is johnson so scared not to make someone like hartley croft or lawes captain they have a long english future ahead of them

      1. Completely agree with either Lawes or Hartley as captain. You want your skipper to be the first name on the team sheet and have no doubt whatsoever that he is the best man in that position. I don’t think Moody or Tindall are.

        We need to stop thinking short term and install a young captain who will be around for years to create some stability, a lot like Rowell did with Carling in the 90s.

  11. Wow Martin Johnson really should be taken out and shot… he’s ignored Robshaw AGAIN! What more does he need to do prove himself, he got MoM at Thomand Park (as close to a test match enviorment as you’re likley to get) fgs. He’s been the form english flanker for the last 3 seasons. Grrr It’s angering. On the bright side, comparing the two sides I’m actually confident we can win this :) (even though after last weekeend I’d taken us losing in Cardiff for granted)

  12. Basically agree with everything everyone’s already said.

    For me, Tuilagi needed to start every game at 13 to get test match fit and get used to test match rugby etc.

    Sharples needed a full 80.

    Robshaw deserved some time.

    Deacon is sh*t.


    Still enough in this team to beat Wales however.

  13. Decent team. except for the centres… again!
    Tuilagi definately needs more game time and would love to see 12trees in the squad for the next 6N.
    Backrow looks good. will be interesting to see how it fires

  14. Deacon is not int quality but will do a job.
    glad to see thommo in there, will provide more go forward and hopefully will last the 80 mins.
    my only real gripe is no sharples.

    i can accept having defensive, bashing centres (tindall, hape) but i can not accept having blunt attacking options out wide.

    Cueto will not win you world cups (remember 2007?) and doesnt look up to it.

    This is going to be close, wales could edge this one and perhaps it will expose us in areas we need to be exposed.

    We have a very solid pack , and wont be bullied by anyone come world cup.

  15. Of course, it may be that Sharples has already impressed enough in training as a hungry, fast, new talent to have booked his place and that, actually, this is the last chance saloon for the slow, defensively suspect, old-stager Cueto….

    And if that’s right, the Wales game will also be opened by a squadron of low-flying mammals of the porcine variety

  16. I can’t believe Tuilagi is not even on the bench Jimmy – what the hell do we need to learn about Banahan? We know everything we need to – ie. he’s a poor attempt at cloning our very own SBW

    The same goes for Haskell, Palmer and Care on the bench – we know what they can offer. What do you lose by going with Robshaw, Botha and Simpson instead?

    What on earth is the point of these games if its not to try out new players in a test match atmosphere before the crunch time of the World Cup?

    Can anyone explain the thinking of the english management??

    1. why does MJ love banners so much?
      Austin healy reckons that Cuetos 2nd game means he is in the spotlight…….

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