Ryan reads riot act to Worcester


Worcester Warriors head coach Dean Ryan has laid into certain members of his squad, outlining his frustration at the way certain individuals conduct themselves, with the club almost resigned to relegation.

The Warriors’ 24-12 loss at home to Sale at the weekend sees them 12 points adrift at the bottom of the Premiership, and staring relegation square in the face with only seven rounds of fixtures left to save their top flight status.

“There are individuals here who frustrate me, but now is not the time for talking about them. There are individuals who don’t conduct themselves in a way I would deem is right,” Ryan told Worcester News.

“Everyone in this club is aware of my frustrations and we have had pretty open, frank discussions this week. I’ve also discussed some of my thoughts with them as I am pretty fed up of carrying that from week to week trying to get a performance only for it to drop again.

“We understand what things look like for next season and have been trying our best to get from week to week, but it hasn’t worked. We are leaving people under no illusions as to what we think – that either creates a response or things become very clear. The other way wasn’t working and it was creating a huge burden on the coaching team.

“It was becoming hugely wearing trying to get from week to week knowing we weren’t happy with some of the things going on. It’s been a pretty open couple of days and we’ve actually worked pretty well off the back of it.

“After last weekend’s performance, I felt it was time to be a little bit more transparent with the players, which allows us to move forward. A lot of things needed clearing up and we’ve done that, but much contributes to what happens – the number of people who train, when they train and what for.

“It is more important there is clarity, those who want to get on are rewarded and everyone understands what it will take to stay at this club. We’ve done everything – we have a very good senior player group who are involved and we’ve listened to that, but it still hasn’t worked.

“Now it is just about being open and people conducting themselves in a way they want to be remembered by. You get remembered for all sorts of things and some of the things that happened against Sale at the weekend I am not particularly keen on being associated with.

“We’ve drawn a line under that and are going to fight like mad against Quins and try to get the group in the right space again.”

Photo by: Patrick Khachfe / Onside Images

3 thoughts on “Ryan reads riot act to Worcester

  1. I’ve read that twice now and am still unable to distill any sense from it. I think he’s given up and hit the bottle??

  2. He’s spent the whole season telling everybody that the players he has aren’t good enough to compete in the prem (although most of them did for parts or all of last season). Then he wonders why people don’t perform. He’s hardly filled anyone with positivity and a fighting spirit.

    1. Completely agree with this, where is the siege mentality, we-can-beat-the-odds attitude?

      All I’ve heard is someone distancing themselves (because he didn’t build the squad) from the problems. At the start of the season he even had an aversion to using the word ‘we’.

      Very good analyst, not a great leader of people.

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